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Student Treats Cashback Giveaway

Student Treats
That’s right TopCashbackers, it’s back! You honestly didn’t think we’d leave you hanging did you?! There is no better way to get back into the swing of school, college and work than with an extra special treat from us and our friends at Microsoft. Be sure to head over to the website and pick up some student treats to be in with a chance of winning a prize bundle worth £1,500!Read more
Posted on 20 Aug 2018  |  Posted in  Games & Toys

Enjoy an 8% payout bonus with Xbox

Enjoy an 8% payout bonus with Xbox
Enjoy an 8% payout bonus with Xbox and get gaming for less!Read more
Posted on 20 Aug 2018  |  Posted in  Tips & Updates, Gaming, Student Hub, Games & Toys

Valentine’s Treats Cashback Giveaway

Our Valentine’s Treats Cashback Giveaway kicks off today and brings the return of your favourite little flying friends. Catch our elusive little hummingbirds, and you could win one of over 14,000 instant-win cash prizes worth up to £100, or our top prize of £1,000 cash. So, there’s plenty of treats up for grabs this month as we spread the love. Read more
Posted on 26 Jan 2018  |  Posted in  Games & Toys

E3 Wrap-up - here's the best of the Expo - Sponsored by Argos

It's the final review of everything E3
Throughout this week we’ve been taking a detailed look at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. The Los Angeles super show saw the reveal of a new console and myriad new games, with the line-up for the rest of 2017, and much of 2018, now set. It’s impossible to narrow down such a strong field to one overall winner, but there are reasons to celebrate whichever your home machine of choice. Below are the highlights of the biggest show on the gaming calendar.Read more
Posted on 15 Jun 2017  |  Posted in  Games & Toys

E3 Day Three Round-up - Sponsored by Argos

E3 Day Three Round-up
On Sunday, Microsoft claimed its spoils. Monday was owned by Sony. But Tuesday at E3 – the biggest gaming show of the year – was all about Nintendo. Resurgent since the Pokemon Go craze of last summer and March release of its new Switch console, this was the Japanese publisher’s most anticipated conference in a decade, and it lived up to fan hopes. More Mario, more Zelda, more Pikachu, and more surprises to come: here’s your daily E3 update, most of it deservedly Nintendo-flavoured.Read more
Posted on 14 Jun 2017  |  Posted in  Games & Toys

E3 Day Two Round-up - Sponsored by Argos

Day Two of the E3 Announcements
E3, the biggest show on the gaming calendar, is currently taking place in Los Angeles – and it got off to a monster start over the weekend as Microsoft announced new console the Xbox One X. Monday naturally couldn’t offer any similarly stratospheric hardware reveals, but what it did have was exciting new games – particularly at the evening’s Sony conference. These are all the key stories to emerge overnight from California’s big show…Read more
Posted on 13 Jun 2017  |  Posted in  Games & Toys

E3 Day One Round-up - Sponsored by Argos

E3 Day One Round-up
The biggest show on the gaming calendar is finally underway in Los Angeles, and delivered a blockbuster weekend – just as we predicted last week. E3’s opening press conferences covered publishers Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and Bethesda, and all three had treats up their sleeves: most notably a new Xbox. Here’s the most exciting news from Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017’s opening weekend.Read more
Posted on 12 Jun 2017  |  Posted in  Games & Toys

E3 Preview - Sponsored By Argos

E3 Preview Blog sponsored by Argos
The biggest show in videogames takes place next week – here’s what you can expect from E3, including a new Xbox!Read more
Posted on 08 Jun 2017  |  Posted in  Deals & Competitions, Games & Toys

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