Spring Treats Cashback Giveaway 2020

Posted on 23 Mar 2020 Posted in  Games & Toys, TopCashback Tips & Updates
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Thanks to all who took part in our Spring Treats Giveaway! We hope it's been entertaining and fun in these strange times. Over the course of 16 days we've given away £16,000 in prizes, including our £1,000 mega prize, congratulations to all our winners.

Mega Prize Winner 

Laura M

£100 Instant Winners

Klaudia K

Monika N

Catherine R

Ashley K

Jd S

T4revor15 July 2020, 13:42 Hi Betsyboo59
Summer Treats is running now!.....Started on 13th July
We are missing your comments & Tips!!!!!
Betsyboo592 July 2020, 09:37 Thanks Phil but if you mean Facebook, Twitter etc not all of us use those. We, and a lot of our friends don't so unless we actually log on to Topcashback site we would miss it! Would it be too much to ask for you to put it out on email? You certainly send other notifications out this way. And when are you going to run another game please?????

I will pass your feedback on and as soon as the hummingbirds are ready to come out we will post to let members know

Best wishes

Betsyboo5929 June 2020, 16:19 Well hi Top_Frances. Glad you're ok. Wondered why you weren't contributing to the posts on the Spring Treats, how did you come to miss it?? Yes I too was wondering when we were going to have another. Know I grumble sometimes when playing and not finding birds but this lockdown is going on forever and the Spring Treats kept us occupied for a while. It would be lovely if Topcashback put another one on. Must also say it would be helpful if Topcashback put out an alert on say an email when another game due to start. I just keep checking from time to time but would be better if we were told a game was about to begin. Anyway glad you're ok and look forward to your input at the next game. Take care.

I will pass your feedback on and would mention that we would post on all social media channels about the game if the hummingbirds are ready to be let out

Best wishes

Top_Frances26 June 2020, 10:46 @Betsyboo59 Hello, I am ok. :O) Thank you very much for your kind words. I was wondering just now if Top Cashback had ceased to run the treats. Happy to see Spring Treats ran even if I missed it completely!
MissCH13 April 2020, 17:34 Congratulations to the Mega Prize Winner and the £100 Instant Winners! Thanks to TopCashback for giving away £16,000 in prizes.
The_GrayMan11 April 2020, 10:18 Well done winners. We're all winners in our own way...Keep safe..Won't be long x
Queenlaura110 April 2020, 09:53 Hi there, can I just check am I the winner of the £1000.00 i'm super excited! Kind regards Laura Macdonald

The winner of the grand prize would have been emailed by our team. If you have not received an email then unfortunatley you have not won this time

Best wishes

Roxy699 April 2020, 21:20 I only needed one more for £10 but always get prize draw entries which aren’T great and you don’T get to see the prize draw. The most i’Ve won is 40p I think or 30p. But been so close to winning decent but won’T happen ‼️
Nicolas Masquerade9 April 2020, 20:33 Win 0.30£, And I need only one lamb and tree :(
hatıce9 April 2020, 20:01 Well done laura ı Won 30 peni 😓
Opsec19 April 2020, 13:19 Congratulations Laura m 🥳
dillon239 April 2020, 11:26 I got 10p whopeee
TeddyKoKo9 April 2020, 00:19 Well i’M rich by an extra 30p! Slightly annoyed as found a bird but every time I click to open it an error message comes up 🙄
T4revor9 April 2020, 00:12 Got a hummingbird at around 5 to midnight............Clicked on it, but just got a buffering symbol & A grey screen...........What a dilemma!!!! Got frustrated & Clicked the refresh symbol & Lost the hummingbird.....Only needed one more plant pot for £20...........Guess i'll never know
Betsyboo598 April 2020, 20:13 Been on quite a bit again today and only found one bird so you are not alone hliulfc. Finishes tonight so think whatever we have now is all we're going to get. Been fun though if somewhat frustrating. Thanks Topcashback for helping with our lockdown. Keep safe everyone and congratulations if you got anything more than £5.
HiLFC8 April 2020, 19:17 Ok who nicked all the birds? Didn't help me goin back to work today so didn't have time to come on, only found two PDEs that includes the daily clue :(
billtrev8 April 2020, 17:02 I think probably that my last Hummingbird is the final one that I find this time around.
I have accumulated 403 pde's and won 10p !!
Bit of fun to break the boredom though.
Good luck in the prize draw everyone :)
cups1288 April 2020, 16:26 Try dunelm got a bird whopee
SusieAsp8 April 2020, 15:59 I won 30p almost immediately and since then one away from all the prizes, far more pde's this time. My husband got my final lamb I needed, not that it did him any good. Ah well... I have gained rsi in my index finger though!😃
Betsyboo598 April 2020, 15:20 Good grief and I thought i'd got a lot of pde's!!!!! Yes i've spent hours on here too. Would be nice for us to to win something substantial.
janepwr8 April 2020, 14:35 262 pde's 20p + 10p and that's the lot clicked every day for hours on end only need 1 lamb 1 flower 2 plant pots 1 tree and it not going to happen, you done better Betsyboo59
Betsyboo598 April 2020, 13:37 Nothing doing again, just had another couple of hours looking. Ah well looks like £1.10 is my lot.
Missed Top_Frances this time, no posts from that member. Hope all is ok.
Betsyboo598 April 2020, 11:27 Good to tell we're getting near the end of the comp. Very few hummingbirds and on the very rare occasion now that you drop on one it's just a pde. Is there a prize for the most pde's? 160 thus far. Anybody got any more than that???
lesleyrunner8 April 2020, 11:27 It’S The Royal Mint not Royal Mint I had problems getting bird at first as well.
awright20008 April 2020, 11:12 Make sure you type in just the words royal mint
carla988 April 2020, 10:51 Monsoon - pde
Amycrompton1238 April 2020, 09:36 The bird didn't show up for the royal mint :(
lvbmusic28 April 2020, 08:23 Royal mint, extremely slow loading, no hummingbird arrived at all:(
EmilyGrace68 April 2020, 06:18 The Royal Mint - got an Easter basket 10p
domiev8 April 2020, 02:29 Thanks Helenski.
domiev8 April 2020, 02:22 Finally - got pde on The Royal Mint - at last!
The hummingbird must be getting tired, was very slow arriving.
Helenski8 April 2020, 01:22 It's just Royal Mint: no Bullion.
domiev8 April 2020, 00:47 Thanks lesleyrunner for lands'end - pde for me there.
But still no bird showing for me on Royal Mint !!! 🤔🤔🤔
domiev8 April 2020, 00:35 Could someone help me out? Is today's answer The Royal Mint Bullion ??
Cos been hanging about on the site thinking I was correct + I waiting for the bird, refreshed page, left + Checked on another browser but no bird🤔🤔

paulofcroydon8 April 2020, 00:07 The Royal Mint - 08/04/2020
Betsyboo598 April 2020, 00:03 The royal mint but just another pde!!!
Lors0147 April 2020, 22:14 Best Western Hotels for a Pde... Every little helps at this stage!! :)
HiLFC7 April 2020, 21:59 Well another day taken out of me went through b-d lists only a few pde …. Cant even remember the names!!
jacq677 April 2020, 19:11 Yankee candle just gave me a plant pot
lesleyrunner7 April 2020, 18:46 Landsend
paulofcroydon7 April 2020, 16:39 Betsyboo59 - Must be on Lockdown too
m_omran537 April 2020, 15:07
Betsyboo59, No way other than clicking
Betsyboo597 April 2020, 14:52 Well that's a few more hours spent clicking away today and nothing! Where have they all flown off to? Anybody any last minute suggestions, i'm out of ideas and time is running out. Anybody found anything recently? All suggestions gratefully received. Thanks.
Opsec17 April 2020, 13:36 Prize Draw Entry
domiev7 April 2020, 12:39 Zoom had pre
Amycrompton1237 April 2020, 12:00 What does pde stand for lol
Prize Draw Entry :)

Best wishes,
Jaden17 April 2020, 09:25 Took ages for hummingbird to arrive for boss then a pde there's been nothing but pde pde pde pde 😂😭 Last two days need one more each for 50p £1 £5 £10 will I win any of them no! Its the same every time you play.
paulofcroydon7 April 2020, 00:01 Hugo Boss - 07/04/2020
carla986 April 2020, 22:29 Pde at BigDug
Lynseywilliamson6 April 2020, 22:11 Won £20 today after having only pde’S for a couple days
evilmaz6 April 2020, 20:33 One find away on many prizes but only getting pde's today, 4 so far!!!
HiLFC6 April 2020, 20:27 Well thats my day I cant get back..... Been thtrough a list and only one pde aa
AdminMember000016 April 2020, 19:36 Zavvi. 1 x Lamb
AdminMember000016 April 2020, 19:33 365games.co.uk 1 x pde
Betsyboo596 April 2020, 17:11 Thanks Mike, that's what i've been doing. Lolls thanks for the tip but already got a pde on Dermacare. Have tried again but nothing. I've got three trees, there is no way they are going to let me find another! That would be £100 and i've played this game each time and i've never known anyone post that they've won more than £5. My best has been £1.30. At £1.10 this time. Bit of fun but don't expect to win big, you won't.
MIKE JAGGAR6 April 2020, 16:47 Betsy - yes

Find a Kingfisher, clear cookies, wait 20 mins and try again
Butterfly7866 April 2020, 16:18 Hi just tried Benefits cosmetics if that helps....
Claire449946 April 2020, 15:16 Got a lamb at Boots
lolls6 April 2020, 15:01 Betsy I found a tree on dermacare hope you do to
cups1286 April 2020, 06:50 Dont know who wins these

We do announce winners on our social media channels and on the game page when the games have ended

Best wishes

Radoz6 April 2020, 00:20 Talk Talk Broadband.Got a pde.Lol
paulofcroydon6 April 2020, 00:03 TalkTalk Broadband - 06/04/2020
Betsyboo595 April 2020, 23:11 Doh!!! Ignore my last post, getting very tired looking for these hummingbirds. Thought you meant the site was lynsgarden then realised once i'd made the post that was the other member who had given you advice about your missed hummingbird. Been looking for hours now and nothing. Like I say very tired. Sorry lynsgarden.
Betsyboo595 April 2020, 22:41 Lynsgarden???? Can't find a site with that name.
Betsyboo595 April 2020, 22:36 Brill - Shame it wasn't the last tree!!!!! Still looking for mine. Well done, don't spend it all at once (lol).
HiLFC5 April 2020, 21:40 Lynsgarden, Betsyboo59: I got the bird back and won 10p :)
Betsyboo595 April 2020, 19:52 And that hliulfc might have been the one! That's what I always think when I miss one. Keep trying the page from time to time, it might reappear. Good luck.
lynsgarden5 April 2020, 19:26 Try again, I have found that the birds appear again if you miss them! Maybe not the first try, but eventually..
HiLFC5 April 2020, 15:20 Gutted missed one hummingbird, I saw it flying across the screen and I accidently clicked on to something else, went back and it had gone :(
awright20005 April 2020, 14:27 Yes Betsyboo, i've had two more pde on sites I have been on before.
Betsyboo595 April 2020, 12:59 Hey Mike are you logging off and clearing your sites after finding each bird? And then waiting 20 mins or so before logging back on. I always do this but not sure whether it's necessary or not. Thanks.
MIKE JAGGAR5 April 2020, 11:51 As betsy said earlier, go through all the "winning" websites again - i've just re-clicked on these :-

Iceland Froz Foods gave me a Plant Pot
Card Factory gave a pde
Rac uk gave a pde
Nasty Gal gave a pde
U Switch gave a pde

Hopefully my pde's might your winners !!!
Networth5 April 2020, 09:38 Yeah angel ,we will go crazy if we don't stand together and support each other through this rough time, thanks for your reply x and today's answer is Oxbridge home learning folk's x🌈🌈🌈
Betsyboo595 April 2020, 08:43 From the 13 daily clues I have two prizes and the rest pde's. For everyone's information in the last game I asked the question if you had already got a prize/Pde on a site could you or could you not get another if you clicked again on that site at another time - and I mean sites other than those used for the daily clues . Nobody could answer. Well I can tell you, you can. I have three sites where I have clicked on more than one occasion and got something. Keep searching.
jacq675 April 2020, 02:44 2 hours 39 mins after daily clue posted and it's a pde ! Any other time I have done the humming bird promotion in previous games the daily clue was always an icon !
paulofcroydon5 April 2020, 00:09 Oxbridge Home Learning - 05/04/2020
Betsyboo595 April 2020, 00:05 Oxbridge
estelle_silverb4 April 2020, 20:40 I've lost my spring treats, how do I get it back?

If you could please drop our team a support ticket, they can take a closer look to help

Best wishes

Angel22124 April 2020, 13:52 What a nice poem Networth! Definitely put a smile on my face, on this lovely gloomy day indoors...Again =P

And a fyi I am not moaning but simple stating a fact

And I agree, yes it is a bit of fun!
Misscee4 April 2020, 10:38 Hi everyone, just got Hummingbirds on Dermacare and Hotel Chocolate! Have a fab day, despite staying indoors. ❤
HiLFC4 April 2020, 10:04 Betsyboo59 - I wish you hadnt said that cos im also on my last tree like probably everyone else (well most) dont think it will turn up.....But if it does do let me know :)
Izzyal14 April 2020, 09:12 Betfair just gave me a bee....Nice one !! Thanks for the heads up angel
3 days of continuous pdes.... Patients.... Was definately at a premium🤞😋
Betsyboo594 April 2020, 08:23 Don't know what the problem was last night but tried to load Michael Kors immediately it came up as the daily clue but wouldn't load. Topcashback was really struggling to load. Had to give up and go to bed!!! Got a pde this morning, who knows if it had loaded last night might have got the last tree I need for £100!!

We would advise to keep cookies clear as this can help with the running of the game :)

Best of luck for the rest of the game

Best wishes

paulofcroydon4 April 2020, 00:11 Michael Kors - 04/04/2020
sammywoof3 April 2020, 20:04 I can’T believe all the moaners out there... Sometimes I win on these games like this time 10p, 20p, 50p yay!!! But sometimes I don’T, like in the last lot, It’S a bit of fun not life and death... Lighten up!
Angel22123 April 2020, 17:25 Bet fair, create & Craft, ted baker for me...All pde's

Oh well...The search continues...
Betsyboo593 April 2020, 17:12 Got a butterfly on Nature's Best today. I am no longer the winner of 10p ------ I am now the winner of £1.10. Hurray!!!!!
SusieAsp3 April 2020, 16:22 Ted Baker
Nanna surname3 April 2020, 15:25 Got a plant pot off go compare.
Ps you can only get 1 every 30 mins if seen on fb
Lors0143 April 2020, 14:50 Virgin broadband and Ted Baker gave me pde's today... Haven't had anything but them for days now!
Betsyboo593 April 2020, 11:33 Try ........ Create and craft, Ancestry, Thompson and Morgan. All pde's (suprise, suprise) for me but you might be lucky.
Jaden13 April 2020, 10:40 Congratulations geoff kitson on your 10p win. 😀
GEOFF KITSON3 April 2020, 06:49 Todays is Debenhams and it gave me my 1st win (10p)
Betsyboo593 April 2020, 00:03 Debenhams and yet another pde! Don't think i've had a prize with any of the daily clues.
paulofcroydon3 April 2020, 00:01 Debenhams - 03/04/2020
Lors0142 April 2020, 22:32 Every single one a pde today... What's the point 😒
Betsyboo592 April 2020, 19:39 That stinks!!!!!! Come on Topcashback play the game. We all are and are making you loads of dosh!!! It's hard enough to find the birds, really helps when other members list suggestions.

We do put the game out as a thankyou to members and should be seen as a little bit of fun.

The prizes and hummingbirds show at random except the daily clue prizes and it would just be down to luck

Best wishes

GEOFF KITSON2 April 2020, 17:11 Uswitch, monsoon, mobiles.co.Uk, sheilas wheels, tails.Com, iceland froz food, snow & Rock, 20 cogs, card factory,
Sunday times wine club, tyres.Net, phillips, savage vines, made.Com, rac, hotel chocolat
MIKE JAGGAR2 April 2020, 17:03 Yes, the TCB moderator removed my long list of "winning" websites for you guys and girls to try !!!

Not happy - wasting my time posting the list only for TCB to remove it !!!
Hey Mike

I am unable to see any removal of posts as we do value members opinion.

We do remind members that hummigbirds do appear at random on random retailer offer pages except the daily clue answers.

Best wishes

Betsyboo592 April 2020, 15:15 I think they've even blocked us helping each other out now with tips. None of the sites mentioned by other members recently have worked for me. And I agree with Mike would rather have a £5 win anyday than all these pde's cos unlikely to win big prize and I have never known the winner actually confirm on this blog that they have been lucky and won the big prize.

I am sorry you may think this. We try to make the game as fair as possible which is why the prizes are given out at random. We beleive the Prize draw is a great chance to win a huge prize and I am sorry you do feel the same.

Please keep trying and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game

Best wishes

HiLFC2 April 2020, 15:09 Dr martens is trending like mad but ive clicked several times but getting nothing. Maybe I try later.
Good luck guys
HiLFC2 April 2020, 14:47 Lookfantastic
Butterfly7862 April 2020, 14:21 So close yet so far ! 💛
Butterfly7862 April 2020, 14:12 So close yet so far ! 💛
domiev2 April 2020, 12:33 SavageVines
Gifts n Ideas

MIKE JAGGAR2 April 2020, 11:31 In reply to Diana2305, as far as I am concerned (and it's my opinion) that p.D.E's (prize draw entries) are worthless.

I liken them to a Euro millions Lotto ticket, you might win, but statistically it's highly unlikely !!!

I'd happily swap all my p.D.E's for a £5 cash win
SYLVIA KITSON2 April 2020, 10:48 Just found a bee at Iceland Foods, which makes a 20p win for me.
Anastasiya24072 April 2020, 10:31 I, too, all I get is +1((((
MIKE JAGGAR2 April 2020, 10:17 Team betsy (new members always welcome, especially if you list other flying Kingfisher locations)

Try these : -

20cogs, experian, moonpig, uswitch, aviva, iceland, waterstones, Early Learning Centre, Ethical Superstore, Monsoon, Brand Alley, Clarks, Gourmet Society, Mobiles.co.Uk, Snow & Rock, Dunelm, Virgin Media, hp,
Harvey Nichols, Victoria Plumbing, Look Fantastic, Tails.Com,
Sunday Times Wine, John Lewis, Superdrug, Pretty Little Thing, card factory, muscle food, rac uk, BooHoo, Very,
Hotel Chocolat, Samsung, Create & Craft, Lightinthebox, Nasty Gal, TopGiftCard, AliExpress, Easyjet, Flowercard,
Ee mobile, Ted Baker, Tyres.Net,

Big thanks to BetsyBoo, myself (Mike) and others too numerous to mention

Betsyboo592 April 2020, 09:56 Well here we are day 10. I have been playing since the very start of when this was posted. Hours and hours! And my reward ???? 10p and 106 pde's. It has, however, helped with the having to stay at home. Don't know what I will do to fill the time when this finishes if we still have weeks of lockdown to go. House has been cleaned from top to bottom, gardening done (in-between playing Spring Treats). You'll have to put another one on Topcashback to keep us all occupied. Still don't understand why some players get birds on sites and others can't. Been trying Topgiftcards for days and nothing. Ah well, keep on searching!!!!
dollysinha2 April 2020, 09:44 Try OptimalPrint
ginag13122 April 2020, 09:06 I got treats on very m&M direct Rac and boohoo.
domiev2 April 2020, 07:39 Direct line car insurance
domiev2 April 2020, 07:30 TopGiftCards
diana23052 April 2020, 07:00 Mike jaggar you obviously don't understand pde's, they are not worthless they are entries into the larger prize, the more you get of them the more chances you have of winning the big prize!!!

Just don't get all of you who say they are worthless.
MIKE JAGGAR2 April 2020, 06:40 A " v e r y " tricky clue today
Jacq922 April 2020, 04:57 Thank you to everyone for letting me know you can find a few boxes per day I always thought it was only one prize box per 24hrs i've only gothe 2 more plant pots to get to win £20 and i've won 10th and countless pde so thanks again will keep you posted if I win anything bignore jacq x
rooneal2 April 2020, 02:04 Kate spade
rooneal2 April 2020, 01:54 Experian Free Account
TeddyKoKo2 April 2020, 00:34 Just had a pde from boohoo and very.
paulofcroydon2 April 2020, 00:01 Very - 02/04/2020
Jaden11 April 2020, 23:28 Pde's everyone today only managed 20p so far, thanks for all your tips today. Better luck tomorrow one more flower and i'd be happy with that or two trees and that's asking alot. 😁
HiLFC1 April 2020, 21:25 Member978429187853: thank you for the tip :) I got pde for Waterstone, I clicked many times this morning but didn't get anything but this evening it worked :)
HiLFC1 April 2020, 21:10 Betsyboo59- thanks for the boots tip :)
Its been a slow day only a few PDEs all day!!
TeddyKoKo1 April 2020, 21:05 Try waterstone books, just had a butterfly from them.
Millburnfarm1 April 2020, 19:45 I'm glad it's back; a bit of fun and even a few pennies makes it more fun; I look forward to the humming bird
Terrypriest1 April 2020, 19:23 Just got aflower at Zavvi
HiLFC1 April 2020, 19:08 I finally got pde from Nastygal !!
Been a painful day only 2 PDEs all day! Shocking.
TeddyKoKo1 April 2020, 18:13 Well i’Ve won 10p and 14 prize draw entries. I’M not that lucky either but hoping as the competition ends the exact time I was born. Would be a great birthday present......Although extremely unlikely! Try direct line, uswitch and Sunday times wine club. I’Ve had luck with those ones today. Good luck everyone.
IamSal1 April 2020, 17:39 I get plenty of hummingbirds just never manage to get the right amount of items for any cash, not even a 10p. It’S an ongoing joke between me and my sister (who to date had 60p wow). It’S still a bit of free fun so i’M not complaining.
SamSme1 April 2020, 15:38 Just got a bunny at uSwitch!
MIKE JAGGAR1 April 2020, 14:55 Well, well, well the missing Kingfisher has returned

Iceland Froz Foods gave me a Butterfly

Crocs gave me a p.D.E
MIKE JAGGAR1 April 2020, 14:49 I think the flying Kingfisher has been grounded today !!!

Either that or he's gone a.W.O.L
Lors0141 April 2020, 14:22 Pde means Prize Draw Entry :)
Member4873014403541 April 2020, 13:45 Can someone tell me what pde means? I see a lot of others mention it and I have no clue what it means?

Pde would mean a prize draw entry to our grand prize :)

Best wishes

dillon231 April 2020, 12:29 Last four days just getting prize draw entries
Member3726680094471 April 2020, 12:10 Daily Clues for 1 April 2020
SYLVIA KITSON1 April 2020, 11:46 Havent won anything yet. Somewhat disappointed
Keep trying Sylvia and we hope you get better luck for the rest of the game

Best wishes

Betsyboo591 April 2020, 11:14 Yes hliulfc me too. I got a prize from rac at the start of the competition and a pde today for today's clue. Just got a rabbit on Boots and another pde on so. Still only on 10p though!
HiLFC1 April 2020, 10:32 Mike jaggar - I only got the 2 bees so 20p, nothing else. Most are PDEs
Lots of clicking today. Strangly I got something from rac the other day but it was also in todays daily clues, 37 enteries.
Betsyboo591 April 2020, 10:22 And........ Still on 10p win.
Next pde will see me on 100!!!!
Betsyboo591 April 2020, 09:47 Hi Mike thanks for your earlier tips for me. I did reply to you but yet again it didn't post on here. I said in my earlier post that out of your tips I had already got pde's for muscle food and flowercard (this tip had been posted earlier by another member), that I never get anything from card factory. Tried it in last comp loads of times when others were getting prizes without success and same again this time. I had tried Nasty gal numerous times the previous day and that day and nothing. I then tried it again and got a pde, that's why I put my further post on not knowing that my original one to you had not listed. Anyway that left ee and guess what - I got a flower from that tip from you, so thanks. Only one more flower for £5 - i'm not holding my breath!!! I then went on to post you done tips, hope they were useful. Good luck and thanks again.
MIKE JAGGAR1 April 2020, 08:48 Question for everybody reading this and /Or contributing to this..................................

How many of you good people have an individual prizes of £1 or more ??

All I seem to get is worthless Prize Draw Entries
paulofcroydon1 April 2020, 00:04 Rac - 01/04/2020
Betsyboo591 April 2020, 00:03 Rac today
mariebridgwater31 March 2020, 17:39 All pde’S today
Betsyboo5931 March 2020, 17:26 Ted Baker, Tyres.Net, Sunday Times wine club, Samsung, Tails.Com, Snow and Rock, Samsung, Sheila's Wheels. These are all some i've found previously but really slowed down last few days. Not finding any really other than the daily clue. Happy hunting!
HiLFC31 March 2020, 16:18 Still nothing from Nastygal but I got something from rac
Betsyboo5931 March 2020, 14:57 Hold that blog........ In the words of Victor Meldrew - I don't believe it!! Just tried Nasty gal again and got a pde!!!!!!
MIKE JAGGAR31 March 2020, 13:41 Hey Betsy

Got some more for you to try :-
(All pde's for me)

Ee Mobile
Card Factory
Nasty Gal
Muscle Food

If anybody has got anymore to try - please list them on here
Timmsp31 March 2020, 11:39 Thank you. I now have the £5.00. 😁
ipdouglas31 March 2020, 11:23 Yes, thousands of clicks and mainly draw opportunities
HiLFC31 March 2020, 10:39 I'm going to end up with rsi with all these clicking, 40mins and only found one pde
Betsyboo5931 March 2020, 10:28 Well that's another two and a half hours of clicking and apart from the daily clue - nothing. I have been playing more or less constantly since day one and am still in the wonderful position of having won 10p. Congratulations to those who have won more but how you've managed it I don't know. I am going round in circles and getting somewhat frustrated now. I have tried sites others have mentioned and nothing for me on them but please keep giving your suggestions and I will keep trying. Thanks.
Indrea31 March 2020, 09:43 Hey Timmsp,

It is not instant, I won the 20p and it wrote that it will take upto 48 hours
Timmsp31 March 2020, 08:48 Yesterday I won £5. I have never won such a high amount before and jumped round the room. I know that’S a bit pathetic but small pleasures at the moment count for a lot. However, (there is always an however) I haven’T had the £5 credited to my account. I thought this was supposed to be instant, am I wrong?
i am so pleased to hear you enjoyed winning! This should be in your account tomorrow :)

Best wishes,
Asi25131 March 2020, 07:43 It's back hopefully I will win this time.
MIKE JAGGAR31 March 2020, 06:21 Today's prize draw entry is glossybox
paulofcroydon31 March 2020, 00:02 GlossyBox - 31/03/2020
Betsyboo5930 March 2020, 19:45 Hi Mike, because we are on lockdown i've had more time to play on this. Sad I know but I have been on most of the day and think i've only got one pde. I have won 10p only this time and been able to spend considerable time on it so not sure why I haven't found more prizes. It's kept me occupied though in what are difficult times. Keep safe everyone.
MIKE JAGGAR30 March 2020, 17:42 Betsy, I agree, it seems to be all pde's today
JefferyRA30 March 2020, 14:05 I've been searching for this but kept finding myself in 2018!!!
Here's a few from me, sorry if i'm duplicating any and thanks for the ones I haven't found so far. Try these...

Light In the Box, muscle food, brand alley, zavvi, nasty gal, look fantastic, Top gift cards, Ali express, Pretty little thing, superdrug, on.Buy.Com, easyjet, policy expert, muscle food, very, my protein, sse energy.

Hope these help someone else. Off to try your clues now, thank you.
Caseym1330 March 2020, 14:02 Scottish power
BacardiQueen1130 March 2020, 12:20 Thanks paulofcroydon :-)
HiLFC30 March 2020, 10:37 Flowercard
Cjhards30 March 2020, 09:45 Iwatters.
Go onto there Facebook page, they respond more, also they post the daily clues on there.
lwatters30 March 2020, 08:21 I accidentally tapped on hide the bottom bar for 30 days (i wasn't wearing my glasses), and now I can't see the spring treats daily clues. Is there anyway to reverse this action this so I can see the bar?
If you clear cookies this will sort it :)

Best wishes,
domiev30 March 2020, 00:47 Music Magpie
paulofcroydon30 March 2020, 00:07 Scottish Power Gas and Electricity - 30/30/2020
Betsyboo5929 March 2020, 19:54 Hey Topcashback - has my search been blocked somehow? Been at it most of today including trying all the sites other members have recommended and I think i've found one or at the most two birds. What's happening? Really good that this is on while we're all in lockdown but frustrating when you can't find any birds. How come others find birds but when I try the sites there's nothing doing? Is my search blocked for some reason? Thanks.

I can confirm that all hummingbirds except trhe daily clues do appear at random on random retailer pages.

To help with the games running please use the mobile or desktop site and clear cookies regularly.

We do wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game :)

Best wishes

lolls29 March 2020, 17:32 Just got plant pot on directline and pde on waterstones
Mike_is_happy29 March 2020, 16:29 HQhair
Love Energy (on the 3rd attempt, so keep trying!)
Betsyboo5929 March 2020, 14:36 Well don't know what's happening (or should I say not happening) today. Been trying most of the day and no hummingbirds to be found. Anyone else had any luck today? Any suggestions gratefully received.
Betsyboo5929 March 2020, 13:31 Thanks Mike. Already had pde on Now tv. Tried the others you suggested but absolutely nothing for me on any of them.
MIKE JAGGAR29 March 2020, 13:24 Whoop - whoop - party time - whoop - whoop

Got my first cash prize !!!!

It's a 10p win...............................F I n a l l y

Happy Sunday to everybody stuck inside
carla9829 March 2020, 11:48 Got pde on Experian
awright200029 March 2020, 11:28 Enjoying playing as on my own at this time, so keep going TopCashback. Helping to keep me sane. Won 30p up to now,every little helps.
barbiegirl1429 March 2020, 10:53 Boohoo.com got a flower there
MIKE JAGGAR29 March 2020, 10:50 Betsy - try these - all pde's for me but u might be lucky

Now tv
Love Energy
Thorntons Chocs
Ann Summers
Diamond Car Insur
paulofcroydon29 March 2020, 00:09 MandMDirect - 29/03/2020
jolingkeat28 March 2020, 23:46 Doh!! Thanks for that Betsyboo59!
Betsyboo5928 March 2020, 19:08 Thanks Mike, posted a reply to you earlier but it doesn't appear to have loaded. Had tried the three you suggested and got a pde from 20 cogs, nothing from the other two. But have tried again after your suggestions and got pde's from both. Lots of pde's this time, more than with the other competitions I think. And my previous post re Experian was for you jolingkeat.
Betsyboo5928 March 2020, 15:11 That's probably cos it's Experian!!!!!
MIKE JAGGAR28 March 2020, 15:01 Betsy try these :-

20 Cogs
Aviva Insurance (think it was car but it might be Home)
Jaden128 March 2020, 14:27 Thanks @Karenevans69 got a flower for waterstones 👍😊
jolingkeat28 March 2020, 13:37 I cant get daily clue 4 to work Expedia? Anyone else had the same problem?
MIKE JAGGAR28 March 2020, 07:48 Thanks Betsy - I will give it a go.

jolingkeat28 March 2020, 02:05 Try Early Learning Center, got a surprise bunny!
paulofcroydon28 March 2020, 00:04 Kate Spade - 28/03/2020
Betsyboo5927 March 2020, 20:25 Day 4 and -----. 1 rabbit, 1 butterfly, 1 lamb, 1 flower, 1 plant pot, 2 trees and 51 pde's. Happy days. Thanks Topcashback for listing this when we all need a diversion away from the outside world but would be nice to win a bit more (lol).
Betsyboo5927 March 2020, 19:49 Hi Mike, here we are again. Always see your name on the blog as well as mine. Try some of these. I've had loads of pde's this time and only a few prizes, mostly on the first couple of days. You might have more luck. Ethical Superstore, Brand Alley, Clarks, Gourmet Society, Dunelm, Virgin Media, Harvey Nichols, hp, Victoria Plumb, Look Fantastic, John Lewis, Superdrug, Pretty Little Thing, Muscle Food and I have some more when you've tried those. Anybody have any other suggestions please? Good luck everyone, have fun but most importantly - keep safe x
karenevans6927 March 2020, 18:37 Got a tree on Waterstones :)
MIKE JAGGAR27 March 2020, 17:39 Struggling to find the flying bird today......Anybody got a list of sites that said flying bird arrives please ??
DCG127 March 2020, 17:10


Its a free game for fun if you don't like it don't play
Theres no need to moan its just funnnnnn
Grow up and stop moaning
KittyLuna27 March 2020, 16:35 Rac uk Breakdown
diana230527 March 2020, 15:51 I have to say all of you who are saying pde are useless don't really understand this, they are for the big prize so not useless at all just wish that I could win that.
Creditcrunch7027 March 2020, 15:35 I’Ve won 30p so far.
Betsyboo5927 March 2020, 14:59 Nothing but pde's for most of yesterday and all of today!!!!
Toon_Willy27 March 2020, 13:22 Not a bad start for me... Already won 10p + 20p on first day.
Today managed 2 Plant Pots and 1 Butterfly...
Obviously had quite a few PDEs... I just keep plodding away.
I do find it handy to log off for a while and go back and try again... Good luck all !!

I'm glad you are enjoying our game :)

Best wishes

mastiff27 March 2020, 13:16 I have had 2 wins so far and several PDEs.
quinlami27 March 2020, 11:51 Only PDEs and this thing has just started. Total joke of a competition. No more.

I am sorry you feel this way. Prizes are awarded at random and we do wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game including the prize draw

Best wishes

Opsec127 March 2020, 11:17 Ive have won 0.20p Whos jealous?
paulofcroydon27 March 2020, 10:31 Mike - I have had 3 wins so far, as well as pde's
Jaden127 March 2020, 10:14 Another Pde for today's clue Experian. 🙄😂
MIKE JAGGAR27 March 2020, 09:36 Has anybody won any £'S yet ?

All i'm finding is worthless prize draw entries !!!!
Prize draw entries are far from worthless. Someone is going to win a very hefty prize for their 'worthless entry'.

It's intended to be a bit of fun and I am sorry that you are so frustrated by it.

Best wishes,
Marky197527 March 2020, 09:05 Experian
paulofcroydon27 March 2020, 00:08 Experian - 21/03/2020
Betsyboo5926 March 2020, 23:41 Day 3 and 40 pde's already!!!!
elizabethdocarmo26 March 2020, 17:46 Two of my three have been PDEs and this is only just beginning.
Will not be doing this anymore.
Awful competition.
This is an optional competition and not everyone will win. I am sorry you don't wish to take part in this but it is a shame that you are suggesting the only reason this is awful is because you’Ve not found any winning items yet. There is a cross on the banner that you can use to stop playing the game and seeing it pop up.

Best wishes,
janepwr26 March 2020, 16:01 Try myvitamins.Com..... Just got a tree
Samm15066126 March 2020, 14:33 I've never played this before but its addictive
MIKE JAGGAR26 March 2020, 11:41 Try dunelm.....I got a butterfly
Jaden126 March 2020, 10:05 Here we go again pde's already and only just started 🙄😊
paulofcroydon26 March 2020, 00:03 Exante Diet - 26/03/2020
janepwr25 March 2020, 16:53 I've missed yesterday's start the 24th March didn't know it started again lol Good luck everyone.

quinlami25 March 2020, 09:27 Lol, PDEs already.

Opsec125 March 2020, 08:44 Daily Clue - BooHoo
SamSme24 March 2020, 21:04 A bunny at Hotel Chocolat...
Danka9724 March 2020, 13:27 Daily clue- Myvitamins
Julie_Silvers24 March 2020, 10:58 Daily clue not working
i've just checked this out and it does appear to be working as expected :)

Best wishes,
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