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VOXI £10 - 30 Day SIM
VOXI £12 - 30 Day SIM
VOXI £15 - 30 Day SIM
VOXI £20 - 30 Day SIM
VOXI £35 - Unlimited Data Plan for £35
Handsets - New
Handsets - Refurbished

We’re VOXI – the network for people who love to share, post and chat.

All our VOXI plans are loaded with Unlimited Social Media, so our customers can use their favourite social apps without it eating into their data. Our plans are also designed for flexibility, so you can pause, change or cancel your plan at any time.

Love to stream your favourite shows? Our £12+ plans come with Unlimited Music, which lets you stream your music without hitting your data limit and our £15+ plans come with Unlimited Video, which lets you watch the things you love without hitting your data limit.

We know that data isn’t the only way you connect with the people that matter most. That’s why all our plans come with Unlimited calls and texts as standard, keeping you in the loop with your family and friends, no matter where you are.

If you’re fed up with buffering videos and slow download speeds, you’ll love our superfast 5G network. 5G gives you average speeds of up to 150-200Mbps and peak speeds of 1Gbps, meaning that you’ll be able to download a full HD film in around three minutes. All our plans are 5G ready, so as long as you have a 5G enabled phone and can get access to the network in your area, you’re good to go.


How does VOXI work?

Our VOXI plans are simple rolling monthly subscriptions that give you Unlimited Flexibility. You’ll be charged every 30 days, starting on the day you begin using your SIM, and you can manage your usage and payment details through your online account.

If you choose to buy a phone with us, this doesn’t mean that you’ll lose the flexibility of your plan. It will remain a monthly subscription that you can always control – even if you’re still paying off your phone.

You can use social media apps such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and others, along as you have some general data left, as this keeps your Unlimited Social Media active.

We currently offer a range of VOXI plans:

15GB plan for £10 per month
20GB plan for £12 per month
30GB plan for £15 per month
100GB plan for £20 per month
Unlimited Data plan for £35 per month

To join us, create your online account, then order a free SIM card and activate it. You can then choose your plan and enter your contact and payment information.


What network does VOXI use?

As VOXI is a Vodafone brand, you get access to our reliable, award-winning network.


Does VOXI have an app?

VOXI does not currently have an app. Instead, we offer a web-app that opens in the browser of your choice. Here, you can activate your VOXI SIM, log in to your account and more.

For support, you can reach us on VOXI live, or contact us on our website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


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VOXI — Endless Possibilities


If you love streaming and checking your social media accounts on your mobile, you’ll love VOXI. The United Kingdom Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) run by Vodafone gives you the chance to use many popular video streaming services and forms of social media without it eating into your data allowance.

It’s the mobile network built for endless possibilities. You can stay in touch, wherever you are, with their 30-day rolling SIM only deals, which are available with 8GB, 15GB, 45GB or endless data, plus unlimited social, unlimited calls and unlimited texts. There’s no contract and no tricks, while you can take advantage of Vodafone’s network coverage and speeds.

You can get 5G on all VOXI SIM cards too. If you're looking for a new mobile phone, meanwhile, you can grab iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google and Xiaomi handsets from VOXI and keep your number when you switch from your current provider.

Join today and you can get yourself a superb VOXI UK discount by earning cashback with us, whichever plan you choose. Just think of it as effectively cutting your monthly cost. You should also keep your eyes open for SIM deals and enjoy great value for money.

VOXI Homepage

Data SIM Plans

There are various VOXI plans to choose from, depending on how much data you require. However, whichever you choose, be it the 8GB, 15GB or 45GB plan, they all offer endless social media at no extra cost, meaning you can enjoy unlimited use of social apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp, without eating your data while in the UK.

The plans offer endless flexibility in terms of the fact there’s no contract and you can cancel your monthly payments anytime, while with EU roaming, you can use your plan when in Europe (a 20GB fair use policy applies). You’ll have more ways to connect, such as Wi-Fi Calling, 4G Calling and Visual Voicemail, while you’ll also be able to use their 5G network with one of their 5G-enabled phones.

You can keep in touch with everyone and everything with endless calls, texts and picture messages. Choose the 15GB data SIM or 45G per month plan and you’ll be able to enjoy endless video, giving you the chance to stream TikTok and other video apps, such as YouTube, Netflix and Prime Video, without limits within the UK. If you need even more data, you can opt for the endless data plan which, as the name suggests, gives you unlimited data for social media and everything else.

You’ll be able to snap, post and stream as much as you like without ever having to worry about running out of data. If you're fed up with phone contracts, take advantage of our cashback offers and you can get an even better SIM only deal with unlimited data and more.

VOXI Features

Mobile Phones

Get the phone you want from VOXI with no upfront cost. Whether you’re an Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy fan, or are tempted to try a new handset from the likes of Google or Xiaomi, there are plenty of great mobiles to choose from.

You can opt for the Apple iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G 128GB or the Google Pixel 5 5G 128GB. Check out any phone deals, filter by manufacturer if you have a favourite or arrange phones by recommended handsets or price.

Whatever your budget or need, there are 5G mobile phones and handsets which come with free Apple TV+. Phones bought from VOXI are locked to Vodafone (except for iPhone 6s) and to unlock your handset, you’ll have to use your VOXI SIM card for at least 30 days before contacting them to get your Network Unlock Code (NUC).

If you want to get 5G on VOXI, you’ll need one of the 5G-ready plans and a 5G phone to connect to the 5G network. To get the best VOXI phone deals, buy an iOS or Android phone through us and earn yourself some cashback.


As well as the great benefits which come with their plans, there are many other reasons to choose VOXI as your mobile network.

Other than the endless social media and flexibility, plus unlimited minutes, texts and video, you also won’t have to worry about any unexpected out of SIM only plan charges. That’s because you’ll only ever pay for the cost of your plan, plus any extras you choose. You’ll also be on an award-winning network as VOXI are powered by Vodafone, which means you’ll always get the reliable network you need, both at home and abroad.

If you buy a phone with VOXI, you won’t lose the flexibility of your VOXI plan. It will stay as a simple monthly subscription, which you’ll be able to change, pause or cancel anytime — even if you haven’t finished paying off your phone. As a VOXI customer, you can also make the most of low-cost international calls. Their international rates start from just 1.5p per minute or you can choose their 100 International Minutes extra to call 100 countries from the UK.

If you choose a VOXI phone, you can pay off what’s left at any time and get an instant upgrade to a new handset, without the need to pay off a mobile contract too. They’ll also let you make additional payments if you want to reduce the length of your term. Finally, you can share your data with other devices by turning your VOXI mobile into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot.

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