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The clothing and textile industry has a substantial impact on our environment due to its manufacturing process. As such, brands and consumers have realised there’s a need for better environmental and ethical production. These fashion retailers are making sustainability and organic farming, part of their commitments.
YY Nation 7.7% Cashback Sustainable, comfy and ethically made trainers that are zero carbon certified.
Terrapin trading 5.5% Cashback Fair Trade handcrafted clothing & gifts sourced from global artisans.
WKND Apparel 11% Cashback Ethical, female-founded women’s activewear.
TRVTH Clothing 4.4% Cashback Certified organic cotton, eco-friendly dyes & minimalist clothing.
Kind Bag 8.8% Cashback Bags made from plastic bottles. Vegan, sustainable, women-run.
We Are TALA Up to 6.6% Cashback Sustainable, ethically-produced activewear which is flattering yet functional.
OMNES 5.5% Cashback Long-lasting clothing made from responsibly-grown materials.
WUKA 11% Cashback Leak-proof period pants made from carbon-neutral materials.
AndKeep 6.6% Cashback Ethical, vegan, reusable, plastic-free products for your home.
Vivida Lifestyle Up to 16.5% Cashback Sustainable sportswear & waterwear built for performance.
Vegan Outfitters Exclusive Offer 7% Cashback Ethically crafted vegan fashion.
Mashu 5.5% Cashback Stylish yet sustainable vegan designer handbags.
Ethica Diamonds 7.7% Cashback Jewellery made with ethically grown diamonds and gemstones.
Watson & Wolfe Vegan Fashion 16% Cashback Handcrafted accessories with an environmental conscience.
Seasalt Cornwall Exclusive Offer Up to 10% Cashback Sustainable fashion inspired by stories of Cornwall.
Ninety Percent 6.6% Cashback Responsible fashion that gives back to charities.
RubyMoon 11% Cashback Activewear that cleans oceans & empowers women with its profits.
Kite Clothing 8.25% Cashback Planet-friendly clothing for babies, kids and women.
Beyond Retro Exclusive Offer 7.7% Cashback Uncover vintage clothing gems & contribute to a circular economy.
Elvis & Kresse 13.2% Cashback Luxurious bags and accessories made from rescued raw materials.
Komodo 7.77% Cashback Premium quality fashion made with organic, natural and eco fibres.
Nobody's Child 5.5% Cashback Women’s fashion responsibly-made from conscious fabrics.
Labante London 9.1% Cashback Sustainable bags and accessories made with exclusively vegan materials.
Thought Exclusive Offer 8% Cashback Contemporary fashion label working to protect our planet.
Toby Tiger Up to 14.56% Cashback Organic kids’ clothing that’s bright, colourful and fun.
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What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade supports growing countries to achieve sustainable and equitable trade relationships by setting social and environmental standards. This provides small-scale farmers and workers with sustainable income and a better life.
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