TopCashback Browser Extension Privacy Policy

The TopCashback Browser Extension is owned and managed by Topcashback Limited ("we" or "us"), the providers of the website and services.

We use a unique identifier to tell us about how you interact with the TopCashback Browser Extension. The TopCashback Browser Extension identifies the addresses (Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), of the individual websites you visit to check if the website is a TopCashback retailer, and (if so) if it offers cashback in order to activate.

The TopCashback Browser Extension does not record or store any browser searches or other browsing history.

We use cookies.  We match the cookies from the website you visited and activated the cashback, with our cookie list, if any cookies are missing, we send the names of these to Google Analytics. You can see our Cookie Policy for how we use cookies.

In order to earn cashback via the TopCashback Browser Extension, you need to be a member of See the full Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of our website for more details.

If you wish to remove the TopCashback Browser Extension, you can do this in your web browser at any time.