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Vodafone Home Broadband Cashback

Fibre 1
Pro Fibre 1
Full Fibre 74
Pro II Full Fibre 74
Full Fibre 150
Pro II Full Fibre 150
Full Fibre 500
Pro II Full Fibre 500
Full Fibre 910
Pro II Full Fibre 910

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Vodafone Home Broadband

Snap up Vodafone Pro Fibre 1 Home Broadband for just £34.00per month. Family Time lets you set limits on who gets broadband and when, through our ultra-smart app. Beam strengthens your signal by following your devices as you move around your home. Boost prioritises your Wi-Fi signal to one device – great for downloading films quickly before a long journey.

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Vodafone Home Broadband — Unlimited Fibre Broadband

Vodafone Home Broadband Logo

Are you tempted by award-winning superfast fibre broadband? If so, you should see what plans are available for your home from Vodafone. Their secure and reliable unlimited fibre optic home broadband offers a range of options to suit both your household needs and budget, plus fantastic broadband speed.

You can take advantage of Super WiFi Plus 6E Booster, 4G Broadband Back-up and expert support with their Pro II plans. With Pro II, you and your family can benefit from Wi-Fi in every room. You’ll get the UK’s fastest Wi-Fi technology throughout your home, allowing you to do more of the things you love, such as gaming and streaming. The Super WiFi 6E Booster will connect more than 150 devices.

It’s easy to compare Vodafone broadband UK plans on their website and see what cheap broadband deals are available, and you can save with us if you take advantage of our cashback offers. Just enter your postcode on the Vodafone broadband page to see what speeds you can enjoy if you sign up.

It's easy to switch broadband to Vodafone from other providers too, while Vodafone broadband deals are available for their existing mobile customers. As well as broadband only deals, you can get a great broadband and mobile deal with Vodafone Together, with which you’ll enjoy unlimited broadband and unlimited mobile data.

Vodafone Home Broadband Homepage

Pro II from Vodafone

If you’re a family that needs Wi-Fi all over the house, Vodafone Pro II offers their fastest and most advanced technology.

We’ve already talked about Super WiFi Plus 6E Booster, but there’s also 4G Broadband Back-up so you don’t lose connectivity when you need it. In fact, if you don’t get reliable Wi-Fi coverage in every corner of your home, you can leave for free.

Vodafone’s new devices work to strengthen your connection by using powerful new 6E technology. Think of it as a fast lane for your devices, providing faster speeds and lower latencies. You can also automatically switch to their mobile network for an unbreakable connection.

Things are even better on their full fibre connection, which is up to 25 times faster than their standard broadband. They’re the largest full fibre provider in the UK too, so you know you’re in good hands.

Watch the latest series and blockbuster movies with their Super WiFi 6E Booster and reliable full fibre broadband. Take out the Vodafone UK Xtra package and you can also get Apple TV 4K, giving you the chance to stream in 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos sound.

Whatever adventures you’re into, delve into the latest in HD gaming with Vodafone superfast broadband perfect for VR experiences, while if you work from home, Pro II’s fast Wi-Fi throughout the home means you can work and have meetings where you choose.

It’s definitely worth seeing if there are any fibre broadband deals, which could see you become a Vodafone broadband customer for less.

Why choose Full Fibre Vodafone broadband?

Vodafone Home Broadband Features

Why choose Full Fibre Vodafone broadband?

You can do a lot more online with full fibre broadband — and do it quicker too.

Whether you’re looking to download a game or are wondering how many people can stream TV shows at the same time, there’s no need for you to worry with full fibre internet.

With Full Fibre 900, you can download a HD TV show (3.53GB) in 33 seconds or a video game (50GB) in seven minutes and 57 seconds. Choose Full Fibre 500 and these times increase to one minute and 14 minutes and 18 seconds respectively.

With Full Fibre 100, you’re looking at five minutes and three seconds and one hour, 11 minutes and 34 seconds respectively, though these times are still faster than the UK average speed.

With Full Fibre 100, you can still have four devices streaming Ultra HD Netflix at once, but if you need to connect more devices, Full Fibre 500 allows 20 and Full Fibre 900 36.

When it comes to the number of devices streaming HD TV on demand at once, Full Fibre 100 allows 20, Full Fibre 500 100 and Full Fibre 900 180.

If you’re wondering how long it will take to upload files (5GB), you can do so in seven minutes and nine seconds with Full Fibre 100. This time is reduced to one minute and 25 seconds with Full Fibre 500 and 47 seconds with Full Fibre 900.

If you’re wondering how full fibre is different from standard broadband services, most standard broadband services use Fibre to the Cabinet (FFTC), which sends data down a fast fibre-optic cable to the cabinet in your street or nearby. A much slower service then sends that data into your home through copper cables.

Choose a Vodafone Full Fibre plan, however, and a Fibre to the Premises (FFTP) connection is used. This means a fibre-optic cable will be installed directly in your home to enable much higher broadband speeds to be achieved — up to 910MBPS, depending on the plan you choose.

There are other great reasons to choose Vodafone broadband.

Firstly, their Xpert engineers will proactively monitor and solve any Wi-Fi issues in order to provide you with the ultimate broadband experience.

There are also great ways to save money too. Thanks to Vodafone Together, you can save as much as £380 when you move your family’s broadband and mobile plans to Vodafone.

Then there’s the Vodafone broadband app, which lets you control Wi-Fi easily. The smart app allows you to optimise your Wi-Fi signal, create guest networks and much more.

Full Fibre 900 is Vodafone’s fastest broadband yet, with average speeds of up to 900Mbps. They also have plans for speeds of 200Mbps and 500Mbps. All plans form part of their Pro II offering.

Vodafone broadband and TV

Get yourself signed up to one of their Pro Xtra packages and you’ll be able to enjoy Apple TV 4K on Vodafone.

This means you’ll be able to enjoy super-high definition movies, box sets and live TV, allowing you to keep the whole family entertained. Thanks to their broadband and TV deals, you’ll be able to add a free three-month Apple TV+ subscription, if you’re a new subscriber, plus free anytime landline and mobile calls. What’s more, you can be sure there’ll be no price rises during the contract.

With Apple TV 4K, you’ll be able to enjoy stunning 4K HDR images, as well as immersive sound, meaning your entertainment will be better than ever. Whatever you love to watch, you can do so via live TV and the best streaming services, including original shows and films. You can access BBC iPlayer, ITV HUB, All 4 and more. You’ll also be able to access your favourite apps in ultra-HD, including Netflix, NOW TV, Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.

They’re all in the Apple TV app, which will allow you to watch Apple TV+ anywhere via Apple devices or a smart TV. As well as TV, you can play groundbreaking, new and original games with Apple Arcade, plus enjoy your music, video and photos on the big screen. You can use Siri to control it all with your voice too. So, why not switch to Vodafone from your existing provider now and take us up on our Vodafone broadband offers?

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