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Vodafone Home Broadband Reviews

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Vodafone Home Broadband Reviews
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Great cashback deal, superb broadband speed
Cashback tracked ok, really good broadband speed, and great service setting up. Would recommend
  adamwaite | 11 Feb 2024 Report Abuse
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Great Cashback.
Tracked immediately and paid within 8 weeks. Also good monthly price.
  roger65 | 10 Feb 2024 Report Abuse
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tracked immediately, confirmed and became payable within 6 weeks. Great monthly price and cashback as it should be.
  smudgery | 30 Nov 2019 Report Abuse
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Tracked immediately at the correct amount. Took about 8 weeks to payout but was aware of that. Happy with thaat. Thanks Vodafone
  Spike3293 | 28 Mar 2019 Report Abuse
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Cashback received and payable, choice of free gift arrived as well. Broadband speed and service all working well. Just one minor negative point - broadband support closes at 11pm.
  JCarter2517 | 09 Dec 2017 Report Abuse
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poor reviews regarding tracking/payout appear to be correct. I'll cancel within the cooling off period if it fails to track. Can't abide giving custom to companies which lure customers with empty marketing incentives.
  tony_w | 12 Aug 2017 Report Abuse
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The sign up tracked within 5 mins on my account. Paid within 5 weeks and 1 day to be precise. Fantastic max fibre broadband, the cheapest on the market at the time of sign up. Had no issues as of yet with broadband connection. Thank you
  millem123 | 22 Apr 2022 Report Abuse
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Cashback was advertised at £80 but it tracked at £68, I wont get to find out why this is as after 10 days with speeds of little more than dial up at pick times I have cancelled within the cool off period.
  Jamesben | 01 Jun 2020 Report Abuse
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Wasted my time
Cashback never tracked contacted TCB the package I took out wasn't one on offer it appears as only an obsolete equivalent one was (all the packages were updated on TCB to reflect what is actually available days later), I have to accept I didn't pay enough due diligence I genuinely wouldn't have taken out a contract with Vodafone if the cashback wasn't an incentive but that isn't the end of the world just a little frustrated at myself, lesson learnt.
  PaulGH27 | 08 May 2024 Report Abuse
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Did not pay out promised amount
Cashback was promised of £110 but it tracked at £25. Topcashback staff have been battling on my behalf for about 9 months to get my payout but no joy. Vodafone have not played fair here. You can't rely on getting cashback from this company
  jackietiff | 06 May 2024 Report Abuse
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Didn't pay me, even after claim
Didn't pay
  ChrisBeard2 | 27 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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Not Tracked
I was fooled by the 5 star reviews showing from 2019. Click on "Lowest rating" and it is a very different story. I did everything right, cleared cookies etc, kept screenshots of the whole transaction. Seven days later it hasn't tracked, there are better offers available now, and despite constant text messages from Vodafone telling me to log on and check my details, I keep getting rejected. Stress, stress, stress......
  syorks55 | 24 Nov 2023 Report Abuse
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Not tracked and taking forever to pay - be careful
Really not happy, never have any issues with other companies but the ONLY reason I went with Vodafone was because of the £120 cashback - I've sent a request to TCB to investigate and it's still not paid out from Vodafone, will update review if/when they eventually do pay
  xandiddly | 13 Nov 2023 Report Abuse
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Avoid! Doesn't Pay.
£100 cash back earned from a from a broadband plan purchased early July. Last updated on 14th August to confirmed and has not updated since then. Said estimated payable in 8 weeks, which has long since passed. not holding my breathe on this one.
  JVL94 | 07 Nov 2023 Report Abuse
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Still waiting
Joined on june 13th, cashback of £50,still not payed, tho it has tracked,but has not even reached confirmed yet. I feel let down.
  olliecat11 | 23 Oct 2023 Report Abuse
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Rejected ??
£110 Cashback rejected as transaction cannot be traced. Absolutely ridiculous as my account is active and the transaction details are as supplied. Perhaps go with another supplier for your broadband.
  FazalWazir | 10 May 2023 Report Abuse
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If you're hoping for cashback, don't hold your breath!
I dont usually leave reviews but, I have been stung twice by vodafone, once for my broadband purchase and again for a family members purchase. After raising a claim for missing cashback, I was told that the order number cannot be traced. I find that strange as they are still taking my money every month! AVOID!!
  mbayley | 25 Apr 2023 Report Abuse
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Don’t buy
Cashback was due to be £120, tracked and pay at a lot lower at £30. Avoid this merchant if you are using the cashback as a way of deciding who to go with. Vodafone stated the transaction couldn’t be found, despite me still getting £30 so clearly something tracked? avoid.
  sdenham | 22 Apr 2023 Report Abuse
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Don't do it
Cashback didn't track, and after 4 months of waiting they declined it stating 'transaction not found' I still have the broadband, and nothing has been amended or cancelled, but apparently my order number can't be found. To top it off, the broadband is terrible and customer service is horrendous. Avoid
  Roxycube | 19 Apr 2023 Report Abuse
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Cashback declined for no reason
As with most other people. Cashback declined so don't factor this into your decision making when looking for a broadband deal as they don't pay out!!
  tonyparr2 | 31 Mar 2023 Report Abuse
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Massively incorrect amount
I bought the Ultra Broadband Pro 2 ans should have recieved over £100 cashback. Instead I recieved £21 despite putting in a claim. DO NOT decide on your broadband based on cashback. Go for the best deal as with Vodafone you won't get the amount promised.
  neon787 | 18 Mar 2023 Report Abuse
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Cashback was declined for no reason, appeal was declined also for no reason. I had to persist and thanks to the top cash back team helping me but I eventually got the cash back. Poor from Vodafone!!
  Lindsay Corbett | 23 Dec 2022 Report Abuse
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Didn't track, wish I had seen all the one star reviews before ordering
  ip3ly15 | 13 Nov 2022 Report Abuse
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Although it tracked 6months down the line and still no payout. I had factored in the cashback as overall cost so unfortunately have lost out in real terms. On the positive I've had no issues with the broadband and happy with that. However due to this experience I doubt I'll use TCB for anything like this again. I hadn't read the reviews but it appears Vodafone and TCB are luring customers under false pretences especially as receipt of cashback is less likely in majority of claims.
  beeverd18 | 04 Nov 2022 Report Abuse
The money that we pass to you as cashback is the commission we earn for the sale, we're only awarded that commission if the terms of the cashback have been met and if we are seen as referring the sale. To help ensure cashback goes without a hitch, we always advise to double check the terms of the cashback and to clear cookies and cache before using our website.

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Awful experience. After 6 months I’m still waiting. Correctly followed the process and did not track. Now it seems Vodafone don’t want to help or progress my cash back claim. Appalling, they shouldn’t be allowed on TopCashback.
  | 17 Oct 2022 Report Abuse
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