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Virgin Media Fibre Broadband Cashback

GIG 2 Ultrafast fibre broadband only
GIG 2 Ultrafast fibre broadband only
GIG 1 Ultrafast fibre broadband only
M500 Ultrafast fibre broadband only
M350 Ultrafast fibre broadband only
M250 Ultrafast fibre broadband only
M125 Ultrafast fibre broadband only

Virgin Media Fibre Broadband

There are so many Virgin Media deals and offers to choose from, you're bound to find the perfect bundle for you. Offering you the best broadband and home deals, the choices are endless. Their fast fibre optic broadband is their most popular service, with average speeds of up to 1130Mbps. In fact, Virgin Media offer you one of the fastest broadband speeds in the country. Better yet, you can make even more savings on Virgin broadband deals by earning cashback with us.

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Virgin Media — Are You Ready to be Moved?

Virgin Media Fibre Broadband, TV and Calls Logo

Watch TV, browse, make calls and get a great Virgin Broadband deal by earning cashback with us. Choose from a range of bundles and get up to 516Mbps superfast fibre broadband, plus more than 265 of your favourite TV channels — including BT Sport, Sky Sports and Sky Cinema — which are sure to entertain the whole family.

You can also enjoy catch-up, TV box sets and Netflix, plus gain access to award-winning shows on Amazon Prime Video on your Virgin V6 box if you subscribe. There are many great reasons for visiting Just use their postcode checker to discover which products and services are available to you and compare their unlimited broadband, TV & phone bundles. See what Virgin Media broadband deals are available and get cutting your bills with us.

Virgin Media Homepage

TV For the Whole Family

With an impressive Virgin TV V6 box, you’ll have all the TV you love in one place. The box is 4K ready for Ultra HD TV viewing, which is up to four times sharper than HD. It'll allow you to search for TV at the touch of a button and start apps in no time at all.

You can also watch it your way as you can stream anywhere in the UK where there’s Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. As well as a whole host of TV deals, with Personal Picks — their new TV add-ons — you can pick and mix the TV you love. There are various TV, Virgin broadband and phone bundles to choose from, whether you want BT Sport 4K, Sky Sports or just some great entertainment.

Take a look at the Big, Bigger or Virgin Media Bigger + Sports TV packages, or go for the best of everything with the Ultimate Oomph TV and broadband bundle. You can also start with the Big Bundle and make it your own by adding your choice of TV, broadband and phone Virgin Media packages.

With TV Go, you can watch side by side, in another room or on the go. Set entertainment free with the Virgin TV Go app and enjoy live channels, catch up and on demand on your mobile or tablet throughout the UK. Check out the Virgin Media Store and you can enjoy the latest movies fresh from the cinema, as well as the greatest TV box sets.

Whichever one of the Virgin Media deals you choose, you can watch on your TV, app or online. If you want the best picture quality, you can get it with their pixel-packed Ultra HD channel. Every night at primetime, the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel offers a selection of the best series, concerts and documentaries to your V6 box with up to four times the clarity of HD.

A range of great entertainment and mobile add-ons to elevate your broadband package

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Virgin Media Fibre Broadband Logo

If you’re someone who’s always on the lookout for the most convenient deals, you’ll be thrilled to find out about the bundle packages available from Virgin Media. As part of your Virgin broadband deal, you can fully incorporate your phone landline, TV package and even your O2 mobile SIM, all in one monthly payment.

We all know it’s no use having all your services in one place if the services themselves aren’t of high enough quality. Luckily, Virgin Media are superior to many other broadband companies in terms of download speeds, and TV availability too. For example, the Ultimate Volt Bundle is the biggest of all available Virgin Media offers. It features their fastest broadband, Gig1 Fibre broadband, which has download speeds of up to 1,130Mbps. On top of this, you can access O2’s 5G mobile network with unlimited data, calls and texts, as well as anytime calls on landline.

Virgin Media are among the best providers of TV entertainment in the UK, with more than 230 channels, including BT Sport, Sky Sports HD, and Sky Cinema HD. With your Virgin TV 360 Box, you can record up to six programmes at any one time while watching a seventh, as well as store up to 500 hours of programmes and use voice control.

Of course, you’re not obligated to go for a deal with absolutely everything included. In fact, Virgin Media also have some fantastic deals without all the fancy add-ons. From M100 fibre broadband on its own to their M200 fibre broadband, TV and phone bundle, there are options no matter how big or small your household.

Whether you’re looking for the fastest, highest quality broadband, or your priority is keeping the family happy with great TV (or how about both?), we’re pretty confident you’ll be able to find the perfect Virgin Media deal for you.

Find out how Virgin Media stack up against other providers when it comes to download speed and bundle options by visiting our broadband comparison tool.

Virgin Media Fibre Broadband, TV and Calls Features


With Virgin Media Fibre Broadband, their fastest widely available average speeds are seven times faster than Sky and BT.

As well as superfast fibre optic, you’ll also benefit from Intelligent Wi-Fi, which automatically solves issues, with Virgin Media packages. They use their own cables, which help you achieve the fastest speeds. It's easy to compare broadband packages on the Virgin Media website. Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband is perfect for bingeing, offering a 108Mbps average download speed.

If you're looking for Virgin Media deals with HD streaming, the Virgin Media M200 Fibre Broadband package offers an average download speed of 213Mbps. You’ll be able to UHD stream to your heart’s content with M350 Fibre Broadband, which offers an average speed of 362Mbps, while if you’re into your gaming, M500 Fibre Broadband is their fastest broadband. With its 516Mbps average download speed, it'll be perfect for playing games.

Virgin Media use DOCSIS 3 technology and a unique thicker insulated cable which runs from the cabinet to your home and retains the speed regardless of distance. This allows you to get the most out of their awesome downstream speeds, no matter how far you are from their cabinet. Also, more people in the house can share the connection to do everything they love, making Virgin broadband deals perfect for families.

If you want something extra, you should check out Virgin broadband & phone deals. When choosing one of their broadband packages, don't forget to check out our Virgin Media Broadband offers, which will earn you cashback.

Home Phone

If you love nothing more than a good long chat with friends and family on your landline, all Virgin Media phone plans offer inclusive calls, as well as great calling features at no extra charge.

It’s the little things that make a difference with your home phone, and you’ll discover plenty for free included in your package, such as Number Recall, Number Withhold and voicemail. You’ll also benefit from Number Release, plus the ability to delete the last incoming number.

Their Talk Weekends plan includes weekend calls to Virgin mobile numbers, while you can also save on weekend calling to other networks. Add Talk Mobile to your home phone talk plan and you can call non-Virgin mobile numbers for 10p per minute from your landline.

If you call mobiles a lot, you can upgrade your plan to one which includes anytime calls to all UK mobile networks. Alternatively, talk to friends and family around the world by adding Talk International. For a monthly fee, you can call people on the other side of the world for as little as 10p per minute.


Switching to a Virgin internet service is easy. In fact, once you’ve chosen the services you want, you can put your feet up and let them do the work.

If you're looking to switch broadband, you can check the availability of Virgin Media deals at your address by entering your postcode. Once you’ve decided which fantastic Virgin internet service best suits your needs, just place your order and they’ll get your switch moving. At this stage, if you haven’t already, you’ll need to cancel services with your current provider.

If you want to make things a little easier for yourself, you can take a look at Virgin’s cancellation letter templates. To get you up and running, a Virgin technician will visit you on an agreed installation date and get your Virgin Media Broadband connected in no time.

Virgin Media Fibre Broadband, TV and Calls FAQs

What Does Virgin Media Do?

Virgin Media offer award winning broadband, TV, mobile and home phone services. They have been recognised year after year for providing the fastest widely available broadband speeds and also launched the world’s first virtual mobile network. They are one of the largest fixed home phone providers in the UK and Ireland and their interactive TV service allows you to stream the TV you love via their set-top box or on your tablet or smartphone.

How Much Does Virgin Media Cost?

There are four TV, broadband and calls bundles available. The £33 a month Player bundle offers over 70 channels, VIVID 100 fibre broadband and Talk Weekends, while the Mix bundle gives you 150+ channels and the Full House bundle over 230 channels, including up to 50 in HD. Go for the VIP bundle and you will get Sky Sports and Sky Cinema HD, an extra box, VIVID 300 fibre broadband and Talk More Anytime.

Can You Get Sky Atlantic On Virgin Media?

Sky Atlantic is not currently available with any of Virgin Media’s TV packages or bundles as this channel, which shows award-winning TV from the US, is exclusively available to Sky TV customers.

What Type Of Cable Does Virgin Media Use?

Virgin Media use a different cable, with DOCSIS 3 tech, for your broadband and run it right to your house. It is faster and more reliable, meaning you are more likely to get the broadband speeds you signed up for. The combination of DOCSIS 3 tech and their unique insulated cable - with a thicker copper core - helps retain the ultrafast signal.

How Do I Contact Virgin Media?

To get in touch with Virgin Media, (1) go to the ‘Contact Us’ page of the website, (2) choose a topic and (3) select a category within that topic. They will provide you with selected answers and show you how to get in touch with them. Alternatively, you can check your service status, view common questions, search help topics or use forums to ask the community, while they also provide text and video relay services.

Cashback terms and exclusions

What will stop me getting cashback?
  • Cashback is not available on non-cable sales and is payable for new customers only, not upgrades.
  • Cashback will NOT be awarded if any voucher code is used.
  • Cashback is only available on 18 & 24 month contracts.
  • If you have had a contract with Virgin Media in the last 12 month.
  • Cashback will not be paid on student offers.
  • Cashback not available on Virgin Media’s TV and BB + Phone Bundles
What else is essential?
  • Purchases must be completed immediately and fully online.
  • Cashback is only paid out upon installation and Missing Commission Claims cannot be submitted until installation is complete. You must reference the Sales Number issued once installation is complete as well as the installation date to submit a Missing Commission Claim.
  • Please be aware that Virgin Media Fibre Broadband will only pay cashback on one transaction every 365 days.
  • This merchant calculates cashback excluding VAT, delivery and any other charges.
What to do when
  • Please be aware that if you submit a claim 150 days after your transaction was made, your claim will be declined.
  • Please be aware that once you submit a claim this will be put on hold until 75 days after your purchase.
  • A "Missing Cashback" query must be submitted within 100 days of the transaction, if the transaction does not track automatically.
  • We will make all reasonable endeavors to secure the payment of commission on a transaction but we do not and cannot make any guarantee in this regard.

See also our general terms & conditions.

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