National Scavenger Hunt Ideas

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If you are missing Easter egg hunts already then don’t worry because there is another excuse to search just around the corner. National Scavenger Hunt day is the 24th of May every year, which makes it a Sunday this year.

Elsa Maxwell is said to be credited with the introduction of the scavenger hunt. Wherever it came from, we are certainly glad it is here to stay. A scavenger hunt could be the perfect excuse to have some fun wherever you are, at whatever age. It keeps exercising interesting, simply shows a loved one you care or can even make tidying up fun.

How to begin a scavenger hunt

It is so simple to set up a hunt whether you choose to take part in your backyard, whilst on a nature walk or in the comfort of your own home. There are so many different options to choose from. Everyone loves a riddle, so why not turn them into a hunt for a wordier quest, forcing participants to think about what the correct item is before being able to find it.

Pictures say a thousand words and a photo hunt for little ones is great fun to get them noticing their surroundings. You could even turn it into a game to clean up the house if you choose to stay indoors. Older children and adults might enjoy taking actual photos of the objects in the scavenge. This gives an opportunity for a little slideshow after and helps improve those photography skills, even if they are only used for selfies currently.

Another highly creative and fun method would be to draw your own map. Whether in the house or outdoors this is sure to be a hit in finding hidden treasure dotted about. Plus it may help develop some orienteering skills which might come in handy if the satellite navigation ever fails.

If all this feels a little scary, don’t worry there are plenty of pre-made hunts and clues online. We have even made an indoor and outdoor photo hunt for you, free to print off and use.

Spice up the work day

Just because you are at work doesn’t mean you can’t have an expedition. Around work can still be a scavenger hunt, you even can get into teams to boost morale and add a competitive spirit. There is no excuse to miss out working from home either. You can create an online hunt with clues to the next web page around the corner; the team might even learn some interesting facts. So go ahead and coerce your bosses into agreeing that it is a great idea and you never know they might throw in some prizes.

Speaking of prizes...

Well, the all important trophy for completing the challenge. This could be anything from some chocolate coins to a new toy, personalised stationary to half an hour extra off or a romantic picnic waiting at the end of a fun escapade. They can be as simple or as extravagant as you like.

If you do decide to bury some treasure outside, we would just like to air a word of caution against leaving out edible snacks. we wouldn’t want an ant army invasion. Small toys or even cheap bouncy balls or medals will work well just as well though. Be sure to check out the cashback deals on toys you can get for the little ones.

You could always hide something else as a piece of treasure to represent what is waiting for them if they find all the pieces, or even turn this into another clue at the end. When the hunter finally puts all the collected pieces together, it shows what they have earnt. For a loved one that could be an image of local treat to look forward too from the first after lockdown haircut to the new game they have been seeking. Take a look at our cashback deals on gifts and see what might make someone smile.

It does seem there is a scavenger hunt for everyone, so don’t deprive yourself of a little fun this weekend. There is always a way to have an adventure.

Printable pictures

Just right click the image and open it up in a new tab. Then you can print straight from your web browser.

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