Autumn Treats Cashback Giveaway

Posted on 08 Oct 2018 Posted in  Top Games

Thanks to all that took part in our Autumn Treats Cashback Giveaway. We've given away £13,00, check out some of winners below:

Mega Prize Winner

Paras Shah

Smaller Prize Winners:

Agnieszka Jarzynska

Paula Dennis

Laura Jennings

Chris Biggs

Hollie Martin

Stephanie Phillips

Melissa Bleakley

Buy to Win Winners:

Andrew Webb

Polina Sengupta

Paul Smith

Steve Legg

Helene Ross-Grundy

Melissa Cope

Peter Denard




The competition has now ended. Terms & Conditions Apply

155776244731 Oct 18 - 09:44So It's now closed, but there's still £2001 up for grabs.
How do I go about trying to win part of the £2001 ?
scottcooper197029 Oct 18 - 22:32Won £5, 10p and 50p this time around.
pisces8129 Oct 18 - 00:16Paul Pembleton congratulations enjoy your win hope you get something nice
SHARD8028 Oct 18 - 23:49I just found 3 hummingbirds. Boohoo, Caroline Warehouse & Now broadband.
BCFCbluenose28 Oct 18 - 23:47I have used nearly a months minutes on here over the last few days and my eyes are burning. I guess no one wins anything bigger than a quid. I have about 532827 million entries in the bloody prize draw I have 14 minutes left and counting. Then I can have my life back
BCFCbluenose28 Oct 18 - 22:53I have spent nearly 4 days constantly on here. I need 1 more ladybird to get my grandsons birthday present. I haven't even seen a hummingbird for hours and it ends at midnight. I'm very sad. I love this site
sharadk28 Oct 18 - 22:11Nothing won. So much loss of time :(
decca28 Oct 18 - 21:39Found one at inter flora . Won £5.60 so for
Jbarella28 Oct 18 - 20:01Just found a Hedgehog on Curry’S or ao (can’T remember which) - I need only one to complete £5, £10, and £20!
Bix05328 Oct 18 - 19:37Now tv found pde
Bix05328 Oct 18 - 19:18Found one at sky broadband
carlyncoyle2428 Oct 18 - 16:26I need one of every symbol. Only getting prize draw entry's. This is a fix.
Mrsrphillips8728 Oct 18 - 16:25Need one more £20. Help me please people
jadeloweryx28 Oct 18 - 15:42All i’M getting for the last couple of days are entries? Needing one for every single other prize. Think they are just dangling carrots in people’S faces! Gutted as I was enjoying at the start!
Mush_k28 Oct 18 - 14:15Only geting pde today :(
Mush_k28 Oct 18 - 14:13Only getting pde today :(
Wwillow28 Oct 18 - 12:31There are only 3...I repeat...3 £100 prizes. I think there will be thousands of us with 3 Tui's clicking for the fourth one not realising the odds! :(
butterfly9928 Oct 18 - 11:19Weirdly enough I have been waiting for one on each. I just got another tui,yet I still only have 3????
butterfly9928 Oct 18 - 11:19Weirdly enough I have been waiting for one on each. I just got another tui,yet I still only have 3????
LittlemissT2828 Oct 18 - 11:19Tried many sites yesterday, where should have been the treats didn't find the hummingbirds but has registered as a clue I found! How does that work?
Bet_Devlin28 Oct 18 - 10:17The hummingbird didn't show up when I visited the retailers page yesterday. Please help.
Bet_Devlin28 Oct 18 - 10:13The hummingbird isn't showing up when I visit the retailers page. Please help.
MRSYPAGE28 Oct 18 - 09:39I'm starting to think this game is just for the clicks and not the actual winning of worthwhile prizes. The amount of clicks a day that each retailer gets from people looking for hummingbirds must be ridiculous, with people scrolling through loads of them they wouldn't ususally. Not sure how relevant this is but does Top Cashback get financial benefit from the volume of people clicking through it's site? If so, I think it's a bit immoral they would treat people this way by dangling carrots. Having said that, thank you whole-heartedly for my 30p tc and I look forward to getting the 50p and beyond :)
Stefmichelle28 Oct 18 - 08:34On vitabiotics
1314yuna28 Oct 18 - 00:37Monsoons
rooneal28 Oct 18 - 00:33Monsoon = Todays clue
sdspereira28 Oct 18 - 00:28Monsoon is the answer
Top_Frances28 Oct 18 - 00:21Today's Daily clue - Monsoon.
thenightowl28 Oct 18 - 00:06Monsoon today
Adnanbarq27 Oct 18 - 21:36Found one on Groupon
Shauna_vitty27 Oct 18 - 19:40Gemporia just tui logo x
RenatkaS27 Oct 18 - 17:41Green Star Energy, try, good luck
jamiehill7427 Oct 18 - 16:37Me and the husband both need 1x tui logo. I’M trying to keep positive that either of us get it :)
Also got a bird on Superdry this morning
bri27 Oct 18 - 14:45I've won 10p,20p,50p and £1. Seems to work ok for me.
martydud7427 Oct 18 - 14:39Has anyone got all of the tui’S and won £100!?!?!?!
IndigoSunshine27 Oct 18 - 14:05My recent ones since my last post of all I got hummingbirds on are: Fetch, Living Social and Groupon. Good luck!
IndigoSunshine27 Oct 18 - 14:03I've got loads of entries into the prize draw and loads of other tokens but i've only won 30. I'm only one away from all the other prizes and has been the same all week. I've plenty of time to play the game but it seems to be setup so you come close but don't win! What's the point of a game that gets everyone annoyed with Topcashback?! Why have a game at all if you plan on not letting anyone win?!
IndigoSunshine27 Oct 18 - 14:00Like someone else said hummingbird not appearing while clicking on the Groupon by searching for it. Thanks for the tip as they suggested returning to the home page and scrolling down to the bottom to merchants trending and click on the Groupon there. This worked for me too. Unfortunately mine was also just a free draw. But better than nothing.
M2v7M27 Oct 18 - 13:51Buymobile.Net
Jbarella27 Oct 18 - 12:17I just got a ladybird on Groupon - Just need one more! What’S the likelihood?! You do need to access Groupon via trending for it to work though.
butterfly9927 Oct 18 - 11:42No wonder we aren't getting anything if they aren't showing up when they are meant to. Only had the daily clues for the past few day's. Would love to know who is winning all this money,as nobody seems to comment they have won a decent amount.
butterfly9927 Oct 18 - 11:42No wonder we aren't getting anything if they aren't showing up when they are meant to. Only had the daily clues for the past few day's. Would love to know who is winning all this money,as nobody seems to comment they have won a decent amount.
thebigpanda27 Oct 18 - 10:03I just won an acorn on buyagift 😊
karina135127 Oct 18 - 09:17Buyagift daily clue
natahalondon27 Oct 18 - 08:17Today’S clue is obviously Groupon, but i’M not getting a hummingbird on their page! How annoying!
AshleyDee27 Oct 18 - 03:14Click on trending on main page then Groupon
yangki26 Oct 18 - 23:10Mankind
Daniellem198926 Oct 18 - 18:13Just got Ladybird in Thornton’S
Marishka2326 Oct 18 - 18:09More th>N insurance
Stacey_hone26 Oct 18 - 14:10Try Curry’S/Pc World I found one extra there today
Member105332469675826 Oct 18 - 07:33I have won 50p and 20p and now one ladybird off £20. But I bet I don’T find it before this finishes...
AshleyDee26 Oct 18 - 00:31Livingsocial
AshleyDee26 Oct 18 - 00:29Livingsocial
Wwillow25 Oct 18 - 22:00Check out Tessuti
Marishka2325 Oct 18 - 21:19EBay. Found a leaf 🍁 There
Marishka2325 Oct 18 - 16:24Argus car hire
Top_Frances25 Oct 18 - 16:00Found on just now.
Member105332469675825 Oct 18 - 09:27Fetch is today’S clue
Rembo125 Oct 18 - 08:27I win 5 pound, but you cant get 5£ Cash just 5£ Voucher to spend on TopCashback. If you win 5£ Cash its mean cash not voucher.
Elsita24 Oct 18 - 23:36Luckily got one from cineworld.
suzydaisy24 Oct 18 - 22:07Apart from the daily clue which everyone can get, this is a very much hit and miss thing. It is great that people share what has worked for them, but they do not work for everyone. However I have to thank posters on here who mentioned Tassimo and jd Sports as they were a success for me, as was Mankind.
I now have £1.30 which is the best I have ever done in any of the Humming Bird promotions so far!!
People on the Martin Lewis site had a few suggestions, none worked for me but they might for you.

More than
Royal Caribbean
River Island
MAUL7724 Oct 18 - 21:38Doesnt work on mobile
Gemmagems24 Oct 18 - 19:36Any know any more sites where they have had any humming birds today
mschand24 Oct 18 - 19:32I won 20p but didn’T get it credited
IndigoSunshine24 Oct 18 - 17:49George at asda
Zak24k24 Oct 18 - 13:43Morrissons
Member115408716144024 Oct 18 - 11:06I have 120 prize draw entries but no actual prizes yet :(
Gemmagems24 Oct 18 - 10:42Just found one on george
carlyncoyle2424 Oct 18 - 10:00Autumn treats are literally just prize entry draws.
IndigoSunshine24 Oct 18 - 03:32Not on the high street, Samsung, tassimo uk, now broadband, tui, Adidas shop, boohoo, boots, jd sports, quandoo.
IndigoSunshine24 Oct 18 - 03:30Not on the high street
Tassimo uk
Now broadband
Adidas shop
Jd sports
IndigoSunshine24 Oct 18 - 03:25There's loads of them to be found but it does take ages to find the random ones. Keep hunting everyone!
Cliveyg24 Oct 18 - 00:06Todays clue Boots
Latinosoulboy23 Oct 18 - 23:48There are no more random birds. I clear cookies log in and out repeatedly browse for ages and nothing. Just grab the daily clues. It ain't worth the hassle to win 20p. The big prizes are never won

It isn't the case that large amounts are never won. We do publish the names of the winners of the larger prizes after each game.

butterfly9923 Oct 18 - 16:31Getting loads,but just prize draw entries. Which I am not sure if anyone actually wins that. Getting rather boring now.
raj12099323 Oct 18 - 15:26Yes same here haven't even found one today
donaldblack23 Oct 18 - 15:02Anyone else not getting prizes and only getting entries? I have 31 entries and only one prize. Hmmm.....
cnorth4810723 Oct 18 - 14:46Royal london extra treat
Mcee7123 Oct 18 - 13:34Royal London/ Buy a gift /Samsung Shoeaholics Bathstore / Feel Unique There's loads 😁 Thank you Top cashback
JoeSpur23 Oct 18 - 00:50Tassimo uk
vlroxana23 Oct 18 - 00:40Tassimo is the clue
issy200022 Oct 18 - 15:47Found one on travel supermarket
Elsita22 Oct 18 - 12:30Got one on Vodafone home broadband
Ramiroo22 Oct 18 - 11:12Found a hummingbird on Buyagift
Humphries197422 Oct 18 - 11:05Can't get half the hummingbirds everyone else is getting.
Humphries197422 Oct 18 - 11:05Can't get half the hummingbirds everyone else is getting.
Onx22 Oct 18 - 03:33Now broadband
AshleyDee22 Oct 18 - 01:57Now broadband
Elsita22 Oct 18 - 01:15Today's clue
Now broadband
rooneal22 Oct 18 - 01:06Travelodge = Hummingbird
rooneal22 Oct 18 - 00:05Now Broadband is todays clue.
MistryH_21 Oct 18 - 13:52Found 1 on Harveys
Inkedsj21 Oct 18 - 13:39So far i’Ve won 10p and 50p and 150 entries 😊
Rach_Todd21 Oct 18 - 13:21Just got one on Expedia
MistryH_21 Oct 18 - 11:38Feel unique
Rhubarb2321 Oct 18 - 11:35Hi

I've won 10p, 20p and £5.00. So i'm well pleased.💰
Rhubarb2321 Oct 18 - 11:31Hi

I've won 10p, 20p and £5.00. So i'm well pleased.💰
Bunnypops21 Oct 18 - 10:51Just found one on confused.Com
MelissaB8921 Oct 18 - 09:23Ive won 10p and 50p and 33 entries into prize draw.
tahmed21 Oct 18 - 05:32Today's retailer is boohoo
rooneal21 Oct 18 - 02:38Boohoo todays answer.
vlroxana20 Oct 18 - 23:07Found one on Samsung

Nothing on hotelchocolat :(
kellylouise281220 Oct 18 - 20:32Bathstore
Daanievans20 Oct 18 - 17:13Where are people finding them
Prinfie20 Oct 18 - 12:43There is another one on Shoeaholics
LittleByLittle20 Oct 18 - 10:15Is Samsung
Kamil8320 Oct 18 - 10:101 per day from clues, the rest is random.
Kamil8320 Oct 18 - 10:091 per day from clues, the rest is random.
Chris Gibson20 Oct 18 - 09:56Aaaaaaaaaaa
Sashanadine20 Oct 18 - 09:50Found one on Buy a gift
Elsita20 Oct 18 - 09:41Hotel chocolate
shawja8620 Oct 18 - 09:39Just got one at George
Lesley_88820 Oct 18 - 00:24Today’S clue : Samsung
JennieDavide19 Oct 18 - 23:15Why is it that the bird is on these pages for some and not others? Also I can’T seem to find these “Extra” Clues on Facebook or Twitter.... Someone please help?
RocksyRocks19 Oct 18 - 22:24Hotel Chocolat
Member96601482573919 Oct 18 - 21:07Just found one on esure
shawja8619 Oct 18 - 19:55Pre loved
shawja8619 Oct 18 - 19:41Pre loved
kstill19 Oct 18 - 19:36Just found a couple, jd Sports & Ebuyer. Good luck!
tahmed19 Oct 18 - 18:52Confused.Com
shawja8619 Oct 18 - 15:55British gas
Muscle food

Tomdan7419 Oct 18 - 15:12Todays clue is quandoo
Tomranderson9319 Oct 18 - 15:07Quandoo
Tomranderson9319 Oct 18 - 15:01Quandoo cashback
Alfaport19 Oct 18 - 12:27Try gap I got one
Alfaport19 Oct 18 - 12:21Try. Gap
SarH66619 Oct 18 - 11:36I found one on EBay
tahmed19 Oct 18 - 10:46Found one on EBay
LeeCurcher19 Oct 18 - 07:08More Than
rooneal19 Oct 18 - 00:06Quandoo cashback
rooneal19 Oct 18 - 00:05Quandoo is todays clue
Magzy9918 Oct 18 - 22:26Just clicked on banana Republic and won myself £1 ... Cheers
tahmed18 Oct 18 - 21:42Ebuyers
MistryH_18 Oct 18 - 16:58Literally just got one at My Protein
MistryH_18 Oct 18 - 16:57Literally just got one at My Protein
MistryH_18 Oct 18 - 16:53Literally just got one at My Protein
Tomranderson9318 Oct 18 - 14:47Jd sports
Tomranderson9318 Oct 18 - 14:47Jd sports
fionat1318 Oct 18 - 12:59I can only find one on the daily clues page - there don't seem to be anymore for me!
vlroxana18 Oct 18 - 11:07Found it on JDSports
Rembo118 Oct 18 - 08:33Loveholiday
Sylvanianlady18 Oct 18 - 07:26Jd Sports
Maansigupta240418 Oct 18 - 07:17Has anyone actually got any except for the daily clues?
bunnykinz18 Oct 18 - 07:16Jd sports 😀
MelissaB8918 Oct 18 - 06:52Was is todays clue?
1314yuna18 Oct 18 - 01:42Vertbaudet and
Here2Leave18 Oct 18 - 00:23Hi,

I can't seem to share any of my progress/Wins. When I click on Facebook to share, it just keeps spinning?
Here2Leave18 Oct 18 - 00:21Hi,

I can't seem to share any of my progress/Wins. When I click on Facebook to share, it just keeps spinning?
tahmed17 Oct 18 - 22:57Found one on Talk talk
tahmed17 Oct 18 - 22:56Found one on Talk talk
Lisagoldilocks17 Oct 18 - 21:39Try clearing your browsing history and the banner should come back.
Lisagoldilocks17 Oct 18 - 21:38Try clearing your browsing history and the banner should come back.
LittleByLittle17 Oct 18 - 21:38Jd Sports
Rembo117 Oct 18 - 21:37Working today yesterday and tomorrow open hour just need to look properly. Good luck
lblisalou17 Oct 18 - 20:52I've only be able to get 1st clue prize, the other 2 are giving me nothing!
chloetinsley17 Oct 18 - 16:57G
chloetinsley17 Oct 18 - 16:56H
AshleyDee17 Oct 18 - 15:49Asda, river island, booking.Com
vbardsley17 Oct 18 - 10:48Anyone any other clues for today?
MistryH_17 Oct 18 - 10:11Debenhams
MistryH_17 Oct 18 - 10:11Debenhams
Magzy9917 Oct 18 - 04:40I won 10p with that one... Its a start lol
rooneal17 Oct 18 - 00:19Notonthehighstreet -todays clue
rooneal17 Oct 18 - 00:14Todays - notonthehighstreet.Com
Edek2416 Oct 18 - 22:22Yh
Member86515955785216 Oct 18 - 21:49Where do u press to start game ?
MelissaB8916 Oct 18 - 19:10Adidas tui more than insurance
Lmillar8416 Oct 18 - 16:44How and where do you get clues
cmccracken7816 Oct 18 - 16:12Thorntons
Rembo116 Oct 18 - 15:52Found one on booking.Com, hotel.Com, ebay, Sky good luck
Alfaport16 Oct 18 - 15:50Zavvi
Rhubarb2316 Oct 18 - 15:21Won £20 in the Student Treats comp and now i've won £5 in this one. I think I must have found a good technique!
1314yuna16 Oct 18 - 13:29Not working :(
Mush_k16 Oct 18 - 12:59Found 1 on Groupon and The Works
Alex180116 Oct 18 - 12:25Tui
SusanGW16 Oct 18 - 08:45Adidas
Shanel3916 Oct 18 - 07:12Today’S clue is Adidas shop
Bethd199616 Oct 18 - 05:04Let's tell each other we're we have found things
Bethd199616 Oct 18 - 04:53I've found a few I love this
Bethd199616 Oct 18 - 04:51I've found a few
Latinosoulboy16 Oct 18 - 00:17If you can't see the banner perhaps you're trying on the app. It doesnt appear on the app, but I see a banner on my phone when I log into TopCashback via Google chrome. Try that
foxy071115 Oct 18 - 22:42The Hummingbird banner hasn't appeared for me in ages so can't participate in these games - i've followed the instructions given by the techies several times and still no success, clearing history/Previously visited websites and all that which could cause the banner to disappear - given up trying now just haven't got the time to waste - disappointed used to enjoy playing
Member85033160690715 Oct 18 - 21:34I don’T think this is working
AXIOM15 Oct 18 - 20:12Waste of time - Rubbish!
Golddigging2115 Oct 18 - 19:55Can’T get it to work, finding nothing
Tommysingh15 Oct 18 - 19:12I would love to win the Tui prize.
Danielle7515 Oct 18 - 19:00Found one on george
Lesleyward15 Oct 18 - 18:56Only tui 😢
Inkedsj15 Oct 18 - 16:38Can only find the tui one
sdspereira15 Oct 18 - 15:44Found one on tui
Slayer15 Oct 18 - 15:22I never see the random page humming birds, only ever the daily clue ones :(
Homegoods15 Oct 18 - 15:13Tui
Bev09815 Oct 18 - 15:121 on talk talk
MDALAMGIRKABIR15 Oct 18 - 15:07Its awosome to holiday treat
sidesix15 Oct 18 - 15:03Tried all day so far... No luck on my phone or on my computer - whichever browser I try
Danielle7515 Oct 18 - 13:42Anyone found any humming birds can only find the tui one.
LeeCurcher15 Oct 18 - 13:25Tui
Ahenkz15 Oct 18 - 13:03Found 1 on Sky
Tatum197515 Oct 18 - 11:55Spend the last 2 hrs going through every page, can not find anything!!
CarlottaH15 Oct 18 - 11:47Working, Just found my first humming bird on the Tui page. Which is todays daily clue.
GinaQ_15 Oct 18 - 11:03It’S working now since I put the comment in thank you
GinaQ_15 Oct 18 - 11:00It’S not showing or working
batesjubb15 Oct 18 - 10:34No banner at the bottom of the page
alibarker15 Oct 18 - 10:26Mine not wo4king either
Trig199915 Oct 18 - 10:00Think the tech has stopped
79522093615 Oct 18 - 09:43Can not open the link on phone and not available at all on tablet
Jimmybo15 Oct 18 - 09:24It does not seem to be working