Autumn Treats Cashback Giveaway


The leaves are beginning to fall, pumpkin spice lattes are back and so is our Autumn Sweet Treats Giveaway. Be sure to visit the website between the 22nd September to the 3rd October 2021 and pick up some autumn treats to be in with a chance of winning a £1,000 prize!

The Autumn Treats will be carried by a fun-loving flying Hummingbird carrying an autumn gift. Click on the gift and a autumn treat will appear! With over 5,000 brands on site, who knows where you might discover these tasty treats. Take a peek below at exactly how you can be in with a chance to win.

Here's how to play:

Entering is simple - log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) any time during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

Instant win prizes:

There are over 65,000 instant win prizes, which range from £0.10 to £100 each. To win, you'll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching autumn surprises which will be carried by our fun-loving hummingbird. As you collect these items they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.

Mega prize:

A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £1,000 cash prize! Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain 5 more entries to the £1,000 MEGA prize.

At any time during the competition, you can check your Prize Board to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize.

So, keep coming back each day during the 22nd September to the 3rd October 2020 to collect more treats, increase your chances for instant wins, and gain more entries for the mega prize draw!

The competition will end on 4th October 2021 at 23:59.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Member97874310033927 Sep 21 - 00:54 Hi everyone hope everyone well. Dave0564 and Shazzy68 i've tried all your suggestions but only got 4 from them all am I doing something wrong or what? Be grateful for any advice to improve my chances of finding birds, no cash wins as yet. 🙄😊
Ptangyang27 Sep 21 - 00:43 O2 another pde😃
Ptangyang27 Sep 21 - 00:21 Iceland was a pde😃
Ptangyang27 Sep 21 - 00:12 You are welcome to any clues shazzy68,thanks for the mention,my membership name is from the film ptangyangkipperbang I think you are probably too young to have seen it lol
paulofcroydon27 Sep 21 - 00:09 Scottish-power-gas-and-electricity - 27-09-2021
Ptangyang27 Sep 21 - 00:04 Scottish Power today's clue, gud luck all😃
Betsyboo5926 Sep 21 - 18:13 Put a message on earlier but looks like we are having the usual problem with messages not posting! Just to say nice to hear from you Mike Jaggar, hope you are well.
Butterfly78626 Sep 21 - 14:16 Easyjet - 🍎 10p

Thank you TCB and all contestants for their contributions....Good luck
shazzy6826 Sep 21 - 13:14 Thanks for answers to today's clue Ptangyang & Paulofcroydon
I couldnt figure this 1 out! 🤯 And also for the list from you Dave0564 I didn't have a few of them 👍 Found birds on Snapfish and Clark's today don't think they have been mentioned before.
MIKE JAGGAR26 Sep 21 - 12:44 Hi BetsyBoo59

Hadn't realised TCB was giving money away via Autumn Treats. I'm always late to the party !!! Lol
Betsyboo5926 Sep 21 - 11:01 Lots of pde's so far but did manage a 🍓 This morning. Was thinking last night about all the regulars who usually play and one of those was you paulofcroydon and here you are on here this morning!! Also the other usual contributors - Top_Frances, shazzy68, Brette and Eddiesolo. Glad to see you all back. But where are Chris121212, HiLFC, Radoz, carmancarman, Twinsandy, Mike Jaggar and his missus, to name but a few. Hope they join in soon. Good luck everyone 🍀👍
Higgibob26 Sep 21 - 07:27 Lookfantastic
Brette26 Sep 21 - 06:59 Just won 10 p it's a start yeepee nice to see lots of regulars back . Glad that the op went ok Betsyboo
Ptangyang26 Sep 21 - 01:00 Today's clue, beauty bay, have a good one 😃
paulofcroydon26 Sep 21 - 00:42 Beauty-bay - 26-09-21
Dave056425 Sep 21 - 18:04 Hi guys

Good to see the names I recognise again. Got to 28 birds so far, and 20p. All pdes today though... Oh for an apple...

Here's some where i've found a bird, which no-one else has mentioned:

Brand Alley
Ee Mobile
Hq Hair
I love Wallpaper
Latest in Beauty
Light in the Box
Machine Mart
Wiltshire Farm Food

Good luck to all.
Magzy9925 Sep 21 - 17:25 Lol.. I love reading the banter.. Good to be back
Hope you are all keeping well
shazzy6825 Sep 21 - 17:16 Hi Betsyboo59, so glad to hear the op went well and you are on the road to recovery but sorry to hear you are still in pain hopefully not for much longer and it will all be worth it in the end. To get to the blog i've been clicking on the facebook link at the bottom of our prizes page then I click on the blog link above the clues for autumn treats probably be easier for me do it your way though 🙄. Yep been doing that and been getting a bird each time I come back to it mostly pde's but a few prizes too so all good until the last few days of course then there won't be a bird in sight! But all good fun and nice to catch up with everyone 😊
Eddiesolo25 Sep 21 - 15:55 Hi Betsyboo59

Hope you are well?

My laptop is switched off at night but other than that it is just a case of clicking-i start on one topic and just go through the pages, after two pages or so a bird appears, all have been entries. I had a run of cash icons when I started but, not had any for a while now. Still on 10p won and got 131 entries so far.
Like you, thought there was not going to be any games this year and just got an email out of the blue!
Bit of fun though.
Betsyboo5925 Sep 21 - 15:37 Well hi shazzy68 nice of you to remember. I am well thanks. Had total knee replacement on 17th April and have to admit it's been no picnic! Hard work exercising every day but finally think it's paying off, although still have odd bad day where knee is stiff - and I have to go through it all again in the near future with the other knee! Can't wait! Yes I contacted TCB some time ago regarding lack of games and they couldn't tell me when they would be running another and then this week saw this one had started. I also contacted them cos I couldn't find any blog on the site (i am using my mobile phone) and they told me it is listed under "other ways to save" at the bottom of the page. Now, of course, we would all have realised that's where it was wouldn't we!! Told them much preferred the old site, much easier to use. Anyway I am on 20p and numerous pde's. Is everyone still logging off after finding a bird, clearing history and waiting 20 mins or so?? Also last couple of nights there's been nothing doing for me so wonder if TCB are turning the birds off after tea??😂😂
shazzy6825 Sep 21 - 13:47 How's everyone doing? 30p for me so far! Hope you are ok Betsyboo59 and recovered well from your op. There's been a long gap between games this year unless I missed one altogether that is! 🤷‍♀️ Hope you are well Chris121212? And all the other regulars. Maybe not everyone can find the blog like Alic1 and Top_Frances said have to find the blog a different way than other times.
A few more sites i've found birds on are listed below hope they help some of you out...
365 games
Aa uk breakdown
Amara Living
Appleyard flowers
Astrid and Meyu
Benefit Cosmetics
Pets at home
Quiz clothing
Butterfly78625 Sep 21 - 12:04 My protein - pde
Zavvi - pde
Ptangyang25 Sep 21 - 11:53 Sunday Times wine club is a winner for today, good luck with the competition all😃
Ptangyang25 Sep 21 - 11:18 Sunday Times wine club got me a leaf :-)
Member1246684713025 Sep 21 - 11:00 Bloom & Wild today
Member77649743980625 Sep 21 - 09:42 Morning bloom & Wild is the answer today
Eddiesolo24 Sep 21 - 23:57 How are folk doing?

I have won 10p and have a couple of jugs and some single icons but have accrued 119 entries, many lately have just been entry ones.
Member128256360603124 Sep 21 - 16:05 I accidentally hid the competition post and now I can’T find a way to play??

Can you please clear all cookies and this should help with the banner to show on our site which should show the game board

Best wishes

jules8888888824 Sep 21 - 07:49 Todays answer exante diet .Won 2 sunflowers now.Wont hold my breath.
Top_Frances24 Sep 21 - 03:25 Corn at Hotel Chocolat. Half way to 20p!

Todays clue answer is Exante Diet, yesterdays was MandM and 1st day was 20 cogs.
Eddiesolo23 Sep 21 - 22:47 Won 10p so far and managed to rack up 65 entries, having fun!
Member38623975651923 Sep 21 - 20:54 Aliexpress
OnlyTheBrave23 Sep 21 - 16:33 I love this!
Thanks for the clues All! If I can help, i'll be back! 🤘🏼 Thanks Topcashback!
Today's clue though? 🤯🤔😂 Anyone?🤔💭
Solmalaharen 23 Sep 21 - 16:30 Let's play!!
Butterfly78623 Sep 21 - 13:23 Flowercard - jug
MandM direct - today's clue
Alic123 Sep 21 - 13:14 I was looking for this under blog, now you have to click on blog at the bottom of the page, then again on deals and competions at the side. Preferred it the old way.
Found birds in mandmdirect, currys pc world and 20 cogs.
shazzy6823 Sep 21 - 12:46 JKJ2017 today's is mandmdirect. A few other sites i've caught birds on are...
Magic madhouse
Ann summers
The north face
Try do do one of these first before you do the daily clue then you will get 2 in a row 👍
JKJ201723 Sep 21 - 12:37 Anyone figured today's one out 😕
Where a=1
Top_Frances23 Sep 21 - 10:25 Thanks to Top Cashback for running this treats.

Just for info.
Strange that this isn't showing when you click the blog link on I found this via search engine. And it has last years treats comments below, instead of a fresh page.

Happy Autumn Treats everyone! Good luck!
Rossh23 Sep 21 - 10:21 👌🤛 Can’T wait
Brette23 Sep 21 - 09:49 Hello everyone seems like ages since the last game so good luck everyone , and don't forget it's just a game have fun
antheacarol23 Sep 21 - 09:24 Doesn’T work on phone app 🥴😕
glynmike23 Sep 21 - 09:13 Sounds like fun cant wait to have a go
Member86469482963423 Sep 21 - 01:43 Good luck
Clares0x23 Sep 21 - 00:30 Wow cant wait 😍
Poshbird22 Sep 21 - 22:58 Good to see that the hummingbirds have returned
bumsymumsy22 Sep 21 - 22:44 Yippee it's back 😁😁😁😁😁😁
Jameytaylor22 Sep 21 - 22:31 Looking forward to this
Stacey1222 Sep 21 - 22:31 How do I play
Maverickyork22 Sep 21 - 22:24 Good comp
Mariant042122 Sep 21 - 21:58 Missed this, something to look forward to.
Thanx for the heads up email.
Member610032512614522 Sep 21 - 21:58 Very good!
reenagbhatt22 Sep 21 - 21:25 Good luck
Member49904312473622 Sep 21 - 21:02 Brilliant but where do I look
Jaden122 Sep 21 - 21:01 Yippee it's back missed this game good luck everyone.
Member119386485625222 Sep 21 - 19:17 🥳👍🙏🤞🤞
johnlightbulb22 Sep 21 - 18:58 Very good
Member47322442335922 Sep 21 - 18:57 Yes yes yes so glad this is back iv been waiting for this love playing this thanks Topcashback x
Member108010286564522 Sep 21 - 18:47 Cant wait for to start
SSMEDS22 Sep 21 - 18:47 Looking forward to it
Lynnp196422 Sep 21 - 18:42 Wow that’S for me
Member72426220182722 Sep 21 - 18:29 Good news.
Eddiesolo22 Sep 21 - 18:24 And we are off again!

20cogs the main clue and picked up a entry on Currys pc world.
DollyMurray22 Sep 21 - 18:18 Awesome - love this xx
radianeeta22 Sep 21 - 18:08 Excellent can’T wait to start😃😃😃😃
Lambrettaant22 Sep 21 - 17:59 Excellent. Can’T wait. Such fun to play.
k2mack22 Sep 21 - 17:51 Any help?
Zeep2k22 Sep 21 - 17:47 Love this game!
Sh4d0ws8722 Sep 21 - 17:29 Fab news this 😃
glynmike22 Sep 21 - 17:04 This is a great chance to get some prizes
ziaasif22 Sep 21 - 16:54 Great news!
JKJ201722 Sep 21 - 15:31 I found a 🍐
Alastair_Duncan22 Sep 21 - 12:28 20cogs today
Betsyboo5909 Oct 20 - 19:53 Thanks Phil, much appreciated, and well done to all those who won the bigger prizes.
Betsyboo5908 Oct 20 - 13:34 Just the big winner Claire p - what about the other winners being listed on this game page please??

Our winners of the £100 prizes are

Bob g

Joanna z

Stephanie e

Angela k


These would be the rest of the winners on the post announcing Claire p as the grand prize winner.

Best wishes

Betsyboo5907 Oct 20 - 14:33 Are you not putting the winners on here for us all to see Phil like you did last time? Like I keep saying we don't all do social media!

The grand prize winner was Claire p

We did list all winners on social media pages and on the game page.

Best wishes

cypriot07 Oct 20 - 10:53 Who won the top prize.Not enough info on this.????

We did get this information on various posts on social media and listed this on the game page.

Claire p Won the grand prize

Best wishes
Lorna06 Oct 20 - 06:18 The game bar has gone and do not kow who won the top prize! Was it me? :)
Lucinda1306 Oct 20 - 00:39 The game bar at the bottom disappeared, who has won the top price 🤔😒??

The grand prize was won by Claire p

Best wishes

Kerrycherrykerry05 Oct 20 - 22:53 Won a massive 10p....... Doesn't make up for the fact i'm still waiting for a valid payout from over a year ago!!
Very poor TCB, almost as bad as QdCo.

I am sorry to hear that you are waiting for cashback.

If you could please drop us a support ticket or reach out to us via Social media or email we can take a closer look to see what's happening.

Best wishes

LizzieAnn05 Oct 20 - 20:41 I was having so much fun with this that I feel seriously sad its all over! I got so happy seeing that little chappy flying onto my screen that I gleaned over 300 free prize draw entries and 10p and 20p instant wins x thank you for running such an exciting and fun competition and I am itching now to find out if I might win the £1k which would really make my autumn a treat!
Tinajl197505 Oct 20 - 20:21 Has the top prize been awarded yet.
As the little bar at the bottom has now disappeared. So I cant check who's won

Our Mega Prize draw winner was Claire p

Best wishes

RozWalts05 Oct 20 - 19:55 Won 20 pence during the comp, which is 20 pence more than I had a couple of weeks ago. It is all a bit of fun, should be taken too seriously. It is rare I win anything on the Thunderball, and that cost me £1 a draw, at least the humming birds are free. :)
BigMan05 Oct 20 - 19:47 Was waiting for 1 on every line and had almost 200 pde's
Come 12 midnight there was still £20 unclaimed

I am sorry that you didn't have much luck with the game and we would advise that as there are only so many prizes that are given out at random not all members can win. The game board can sometimes take time to update and we do check that prizes are awarded.

Prize draw entries are a great chance at winning a huge prize and we wish you the very best for future games.

Best wishes

quinlami05 Oct 20 - 13:09 Thankfully this is over; no more PDEs.
Hazel Wheatley05 Oct 20 - 12:10 This is the second time of doing these “Treats” Of not even winning 10p... I think for me a waste of time.
Betsyboo5905 Oct 20 - 11:41 Thanks Phil for your response to my post of 2/10 at 17.06. Your reply?

"Just to be clear we do not pre select winners for the game. The prizes are given out at random as this makes it fair for all members."

How can TCB explain this then?

04 Oct 20 - 22:38
We only go on 2-3 times per day max due to work, but our only guess is that our ip address was flagged up as winners?

I am sure none of us begrudge Bridgie87's win but how can you explain how many of us are on TCB for hour after hour and win only minute amounts but yet both Bridget and her husband win over £5 when only going on the site 2-3 times a day???

Could make some people cynical don't you think?

Still enjoy the game and will continue playing but I am sure many will continue to wonder if the game is fair and square.


I would clarify that the member you have hightlighted was just luckier than other members.

As the game is meant to be a treat for members we certainly advise to take regular breaks if you intend to browse for way longer than you would normally doing usual cashback offer searching.

We follow strict processes to make the game as fair as possible as this is suppose to be an extra treat for all members.

Best wishes

Top_Frances05 Oct 20 - 00:15 I don't know if my other post from today is lost but of the 30 pde I have for the grand prize draw 15 of them came alongside a prize item. So a perfectly balanced game for me.

Good luck everyone for the grand draw.
Top_Frances05 Oct 20 - 00:10 Well, I enjoyed that, when I had time to play, which was much less than I hoped. 30p and 30 pde for the draw which was not a bad result considering how little I was able to search for random hummingbirds.

Glad you got an email notification of the game start @Betsyboo59 and Hi Chris, not too bad, if a little overtasked. :O)

Thanks to everyone who posted where they found stuff and good luck to everyone for the grand prize draw.

Thank you Top Cashback for running treats, I had fun. I hope to play a bit more on the next game.

Stay safe everyone.
Lottielou12 04 Oct 20 - 23:42 Clues please
Lottielou12 04 Oct 20 - 23:32 Can't find any
Rosa16204 Oct 20 - 23:06 My only post, 30 pence won, and like many others just one away from the rest of the money pots, my last pde on muscle food but along the way 457 pde’S. Here’S hoping! Been fun playing though. Good luck 😉
Jess04 Oct 20 - 22:38 We only go on 2-3 times per day max due to work, but our only guess is that our ip address was flagged up as winners?
Tuppencelyanne04 Oct 20 - 22:23 Started late to.This almost got 5 and 20 pounds. Thanks TCB was fun trying to get all.Tbe clues this evening.Saving for a wedding so will be on it if there is a Xmas one.:).
Michal198904 Oct 20 - 22:16 House of Fraser.
scoobysuepayne04 Oct 20 - 22:11 Clue more code??
Michal198904 Oct 20 - 21:41 Littlewoods Pde's
HiLFC04 Oct 20 - 21:32 Good luck everyone, im switching off now.

Spent most of my sad life sunday on here only managed 8 pdes. Hope one of you get the top prize!!
Betsyboo5904 Oct 20 - 21:01 No more luck for me. Looks like 80p is my lot. Don't know how you and your hubby have won so much Bridgie87 but well done. Any tips for future games gratefully received.
And what's everybody going on about Summer Treats for??? There should be Xmas Treats (Dec), Mega Treats (Jan) and Spring Treats (March) before Summer Treats.
Betsyboo5904 Oct 20 - 20:07 Insurance4carhire.
Now tv.
Pde's for me but trying my best to alert others to see if they can help anyone secure any of the biggies.
Good luck.
Jess04 Oct 20 - 19:06 I’Ve won £5.20 and hubby £5.30
Member48802192543304 Oct 20 - 18:47 Love Autumn Treats,and hope to win the 1000 pounds. Thank you to TopCashback.
Can't wait for Summer Treats.
Betsyboo5904 Oct 20 - 18:13 Jemima42. Doesn't work on the app does it?? Think that's been mentioned several times in this game. You have to log onto the website.
Just got another pde on Harvey Nichols.
shazzy6804 Oct 20 - 18:07 Some of the sites i've found a hummingbird on are listed below. The person who asked where you can find a strawberry? It doesn't really work like that, where I may have got a strawberry as a prize you may get something else. Also I find if I don't do this all day and just do it a few times a day I always manage to find a hummingbird after searching for only a short time. If you go through a list of sites and don't find anything press the back button to go back over that list and a bird sometimes pops up that way aswell. I hope some of you find something with the sites i've listed but as other people have been saying it does slow up on the last day only so many prizes left I assume.
Aa uk breakdown
Ann summers
Little mistress
Ted Baker
HiLFC04 Oct 20 - 17:45 Betsyboo59 yes TCB have to be clear how prizes are distributed otherwise they would be in trouble!!
It would be nice to have adaily update ie how many still to win.... In each category, that "over £13,736 given away sofar" doesnt give much away because if theres only the low prizes left then theres no point some of us carrying on ..Heehee :)

We will pass this feedback onto our teams as we do listen to members to change the game for the future.

We do work hard to make the game as clear as possible and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game.

Best wishes

Member99242009345104 Oct 20 - 17:39 Yours clothing just got me a strawberry
JenLouise24x04 Oct 20 - 17:28 I’Ve never won anything over £1.00! Would like to think ‘Never say never’. Currently won 50P & 20P, the rest are all prize draw entries!
Only 1 away from winning £100, £20 & £10. I’Ll keep searching for hummingbirds until the game is over.
Fingers crossed! :)
Jemima42 04 Oct 20 - 17:10 Well I truly hope your all doing better than me today?

I’M constantly being thrown out the app, Only since I got 3 hummingbirds in a row!! Then being congratulated for this, then kicked out & Not 1 reward has registered to my prizeboard!! I can’T get the daily clue, because as soon as I click on Missguided i’M thrown out again & Being treated as if i’M a new person with no account each time!! Utter joke TCB has gone down the pan since I first joined, no wonder so many others are cashing out, then jumping ship to another well known site 😡🤯
With only a few hours to go I can’T even finish the game or collect any rewards, even after signing back in, if I try to go to any retailers pages i’M thrown back out again, thrown to the new customer recommendation page as if a friend has referred me! 🤯 Oh well at least i've hundreds of screenshots as Proof!

Ive managed to make a support ticket but as its Sunday who's going to Resolve it before the game closes?? 😤🤯

We do advise that the game is currently only available on the mobile or desktop website and not the app.

If you are having issues please reach out to us via support ticket or via social media as we can take a closer look.

Best wishes

Betsyboo5904 Oct 20 - 16:42 Thanks HiLFC. Didn't know the numbers were in there cos I haven't read the t&C's. The prize draw usually takes place the day after the comp closes I think.
Member865155720826 - simple answer to that one - don't play!
Well i've won 80p this time and 120 pde's. If anyone has won anything substantial would be good to hear. Good luck everyone for the big draw.
031216304 Oct 20 - 16:41 Strawberry on today’S clue megacasino
HiLFC04 Oct 20 - 16:32 Betsyboo59:
Read the Terms & Conditions :)
Cos I wanted to find out when the prize draw takes place!!
Member86515572082604 Oct 20 - 16:23 Boring and dull autumn treats
Good luck next on the Summer Treats..
Member86515572082604 Oct 20 - 16:17 Hi Betsyboo 59
Thanks for the advice, I know its a game...
Atleast you won 1.30,well congratulations. Well done
Its a waste of time and energy

Betsyboo5904 Oct 20 - 16:13 Joanie clothing -pde.

Hilfc - where did you get those figures from???
HiLFC04 Oct 20 - 15:18 Here you go, wonder if there are already top winners....
(Fingers cross for the prize draw, I have 75 entries so far!)
Instant Win prizes consist of:
5 x £100
10 x £20
15 x £10
150 x £5
2,400 x £1
3,000 x £0.50
25,000 x £0.20
35,000 x £0.10
Debor04 Oct 20 - 15:02 I mean, Yours clothing : pde
Debor04 Oct 20 - 14:56 Tour clothing : pde
Claire4499404 Oct 20 - 14:26 EasyJet holidays pde
Betsyboo5904 Oct 20 - 14:00 Member 865155720826 - it's a bit of fun especially if you don't take it too seriously. You don't have to play, nobody is forcing you. I have played the last few games and, yes it can be frustrating at times as I said in an earlier post, but as I say it's a bit of fun which is what's needed at the moment. I have never won more than £1.30, this time only 80p but enjoy tapping on those birds when they come flying onto my screen. Just accept you won't win anything substantial and enjoy playing the game.
Another pde on 365 games.
JS3004 Oct 20 - 12:39 We can’T all win! Just a bit of fun
anisha_104 Oct 20 - 11:48 Has anyone spotted a strawberry ?
Member86515572082604 Oct 20 - 11:43 All pde,just nonsense.
Waste of time...Autumn treats.
People are playing this game and just getting pde ....
Its all rigged.
Topcashback waste of time.
Stop fooling the public

I am sorry you think this. We give these games to members as a extra treat for regular browsing on our site.

We make sure to keep the game fair as there are only so many prizes it can be that members receive Prize draw entries.

The prize draw is a great chance to win a great prize and we do wish you the best of luck

Best wishes
Jstupart04 Oct 20 - 10:31 20p won today. Lol
HiLFC04 Oct 20 - 10:13 Wolin2: I dont think it works on the app, so access via a web brower

This is TCB response (scroll near to the bottom of this blog):
"TopCashback Hey

Please make sure you are playing on the mobile or desktop websites and not the app.

Please also clear cookies before playing as this may help with the running of the game.

Best wishes

Phil "
Member108029444111204 Oct 20 - 09:33 Rac for a pde
wolin204 Oct 20 - 08:58 I cant find where the clue is and each day I go to the suggested company on TCB but the bird never appears?

I'm using the app on my phone

Any ideas and where i'd the clue or even s mention of this event on my TCB? I only found it as I see it on instagram.

We would advise that the game is only currently available on the mobile or desktop website.

If you need any help please drop our team a support ticket and we can take a closer look

Best wishes

Member112575701932704 Oct 20 - 08:07 Missguided
hb198604 Oct 20 - 06:02 North Face
OldSiv04 Oct 20 - 01:36 Airbnb- pde
elizabethdocarmo04 Oct 20 - 01:06 Tcb just don’T seem to get how dreadful this is.


We do listen to members feedback and if you do have specific improvement suggestions please let us know.

Just to also mention we do get a huge amount of members who love the game and want it to keep coming back

Best wishes

quinlami04 Oct 20 - 00:59 Manish, you are totally right. This “Competition” Is very close to (if not) breaking advertising standards.

We to take fairness seriously and do adibe by specifics for the game to make it clear for members and fair.

We do wish for members to see this game as a extra treat when browsing the site for cashback offers.

Best wishes
Member58834579822704 Oct 20 - 00:45 Misguided final clue
Debor04 Oct 20 - 00:31
Once again I am missing one fruit of each type. How capricious is luck.
Chris12121204 Oct 20 - 00:13 Misguided final clue.
pewter04 Oct 20 - 00:10 4th ocotber is missguided. Pde
mconnect03 Oct 20 - 23:07 I have understood the logic very well of TopCashback. Its total waste of time and nothing else. You will keep on getting symbols until you are one short of any prize ofcourse exception is small prizes of below 1 pound.

Once you are one short of prize you will never get that symbol and only pde's. This is the observation of past 5 games. I was always short of one symbol in all prizes but some cases won 10p , 20p that too in beginning 1 or 2 days and never got any of big prize symbols to win.

Thanks for getting in touch and I am sorry that you are not having much luck with the game.

Prizes are given out at random and as there are only a certain amount of prizes some members may not get all the prizes.

We do wish you the best of luck for the Prize draw as it is a great chance of winning a huge prize

Best wishes

AiboPals03 Oct 20 - 22:01 Three sim Contracts
TwinSandy03 Oct 20 - 21:31 Missing one in every single prize, haven't won even 10p in this game (or in the previous two).
Betsyboo5903 Oct 20 - 21:15 At last!!!!!! Q-Park City parking. Hallelujah!! Only a pde, not one I need for a prize but at least it shows the birds are still flying, if only very sparsely.
Susanpweaver03 Oct 20 - 20:29 Sosander pde
Betsyboo5903 Oct 20 - 19:43 Same as every game before, we get close to the end of the game and not a bird in sight! Everybody frantically trying to get the last one they need and no birds anywhere! Despite endless clicking not one bird found since my last post. I really enjoy this game but when the birds fly off and refuse to be found it's very frustrating and it happens the same every game! Ah well, keep looking I suppose.
Member68979475171703 Oct 20 - 19:22 Sheila's wheels
Radoz03 Oct 20 - 18:41 Ethical Superstore
412taz03 Oct 20 - 17:44 I love these Treats I look forward to finding the kingfisher and prezzie box each season,its exciting especially when I find a treat even pde's.I get to buy my things and get money back (bonus)as im buying whatever already,so I love getting anything for free as everyone but on here its the best cashback site out there and I have trid a few,and ive won 10p and a £1 already.Yeah
Betsyboo5903 Oct 20 - 16:58 Messages not posting again. Sent this but not posted:

Try Kinguin and Astrid and Miyu Member 481707717. Just got pde's on both, you might be luckier.
Betsyboo5903 Oct 20 - 16:47 Try Kinguin and Astrid and Miyu member 481707717 just got pde's on both but you might get a prize.
Member48170771703 Oct 20 - 16:00 My Patience, run out, got nothing :(
Radoz03 Oct 20 - 15:38 I Woot....And thanks Betsyboo...Good Luck to you too
foxy071103 Oct 20 - 15:23 Found these today

Sunflowers at Curry's pc World and Boots
Sweet Corn at Tyre Shopper

I need one more Strawberry for the £100

Good luck everyone
Networth03 Oct 20 - 15:01 Hi all nice to see it's on again, hope everyone is doing well x
Betsyboo5903 Oct 20 - 14:37 So sure mobile phone insurance - pde for me
Radoz03 Oct 20 - 14:11 FootAsylum
Westlin03 Oct 20 - 13:55 I need one more Strawberry and one more pear
Betsyboo5903 Oct 20 - 13:22 Radoz - put this on for you earlier but didn't get posted.

I have just one strawberry which obviously is not going to do anything for me. You could willingly have it, if only we could swop. Good luck.
Radoz03 Oct 20 - 13:08 My 1st Years
SamSme03 Oct 20 - 11:42 A pde at Direct Line car insurance...Others may be luckier 😉
Betsyboo5903 Oct 20 - 11:28 Nigelsky -
1/10 m and m Direct.
2/10 Brand Alley
If you are struggling with the clue look on here, there is always someone who kindly puts the answer on each day. Good luck.
Radoz03 Oct 20 - 11:21 Hi Betsyboo....I would love to swap my sunflower with you for a strawberry or even a pumpkin to win a big prize..Good Luck to everyone
nigelsky03 Oct 20 - 11:16 What was yesterday clue the numbers on a card ??
Claire4499403 Oct 20 - 10:43 Music magpie pde
Betsyboo5903 Oct 20 - 10:34 Thanks Radoz - I got a pear. If we could swap your sunflower would have got me £10!!!
Radoz03 Oct 20 - 09:55 Simple Landlords Insurance....Found a sunflower
Member86515572082603 Oct 20 - 00:25 Today is 3 sim contract....Pde
Just getting boring 😴
tasior_g02 Oct 20 - 22:51 Omg x2 x3
Radoz02 Oct 20 - 18:58 Donald Russel
HiLFC02 Oct 20 - 17:42 Elf gave me pde

I think I received an email re: autum treats
Betsyboo5902 Oct 20 - 17:06 Hi Chris. Don't think i'm in their good books just kept nagging them in the last games that not fair that many members weren't aware when games started and asking why they couldn't email everyone as we are not all on Facebook etc. The reply was that they posted start dates on social media and emailed "selected members". Hence my response asking if it was only "selected members" who won!! Anyway I must be a selected member this time as they emailed me but I bet I won't be "selected" enough to win anything substantial and I bet I don't get emailed next time!!!

Just to be clear, we do not pre select winners for the game. The prizes are given out at random as this makes it fair for all members.

The emails letting members know that the game is active is a selected pool and we have passed on your feedback on this.

Best wishes

Chris12121202 Oct 20 - 16:56 Good to here your ok Betsyboo. Wow you get emails from TCB you must be in their good books. Pde on tyres.Net.
Betsyboo5902 Oct 20 - 16:34 Well hi Top_Frances. Thanks for your telepathic message re this new game. No seriously just been reading through the posted messages on here and saw your message of 21/9, wondered if anyone had missed me!! Yes been playing since day 1 but keeping a low profile as I felt I monopolised the blog last couple of games. But it's nice to see posts from you, Chris and other regulars on here. Not seen anything from Mike Jagger though. Hope he's ok as he informed us of his illness on last game. Let us know how you are Mike if you see this. As I say been playing since day 1 as I got an email from TCB informing me it was starting. Seems my nagging paid off!!! Won 10p, 20p and 50p so far. Good luck everyone and thanks again Top_Frances for remembering me.
Chris12121202 Oct 20 - 16:15 Hliulfc if you find a humming bird searching then do the daily clue you can get two birds in a row!😁
Radoz02 Oct 20 - 15:53 Reebok...
Radoz02 Oct 20 - 14:45 Littlewoods
Naz8502 Oct 20 - 14:45 Pde = Prize draw entry
nigelsky02 Oct 20 - 14:20 What was yesterday clue the numbers on a card ??
paullambert197702 Oct 20 - 13:52 Whats a pde
Radoz02 Oct 20 - 13:04 Swarovski
Radoz02 Oct 20 - 12:14 Virgin media
Large6902 Oct 20 - 12:05 Don't know whats what
Creditcrunch7002 Oct 20 - 11:35 I have had two hummingbirds in a row before but only a couple of times.
HiLFC02 Oct 20 - 07:37 Has anyone ever got two humming birds in a row? ....Almost 50 pde's .... That excludes tweeting it to gain extra pde's. Good luck all, happy friday.
FunkkyFresh 02 Oct 20 - 02:00 Clarks shoes
Member48170771702 Oct 20 - 00:37 Today, Brand Alley
Kizzywizzy102 Oct 20 - 00:06 Daily clue Brand Alley - got a strawberry, after many many pdes
SamSme01 Oct 20 - 22:24 Tyre Shopper pde
Chris12121201 Oct 20 - 22:21 Hliulfc. Have you tried yesterday's TopCashback site on crackbook there is a list as long as your arm at the bottom. Thanks to Annie murtagh. Good luck.
lesleyrunner01 Oct 20 - 20:31 Muscle food
HiLFC01 Oct 20 - 19:31 Where are people clicking? ..... :)
Dave056401 Oct 20 - 17:43 Agoda and Picniq - I picked these up from my list from "Sweet Treats" (May this year?).

I've won 20p + 10p the last twice, and 10p so far this time. Another Pear another Apple in the next couple of days would be nice. Wish me luck.
lossyinc01 Oct 20 - 14:29 I won £5 once
RAMONPATEL01 Oct 20 - 14:22 Bloom&Wild
JS3001 Oct 20 - 14:03 60p and 45 pde!
Radoz01 Oct 20 - 13:00 Hamleys...Found a sunflower
Louise511001 Oct 20 - 11:14 Ive won 20p and 10p 1 away for £20 have about 35 pde thats all I seem to b getting
ipdouglas01 Oct 20 - 10:53 God knows who wins more than 20p? I have spent hour after hour everyday on many previous events without success. I have amassed as many as 500 draw entries with anything?
Very odd.

We do see members win all kinds of prizes as they are given out at random.

The prize draw entry is a great chance of winning a huge prize too

Best wishes

donlonvickie8401 Oct 20 - 09:40 Has anyone won anymore than a pound from this ?
I'm 1 away from all the bog amounts , this time and every other time, anyone else in the same boat ?
Susanpweaver01 Oct 20 - 09:35 Kaleidoscope pde
Radoz01 Oct 20 - 09:15 Top Shop
quinlami01 Oct 20 - 08:53 Lol at the pde hunters!

Brette01 Oct 20 - 01:16 M and m direct is today's clue
Got an apple and not a pde so looking forward to the rest of the day to add to my 60 pence so far . And remember have fun " it's just a game "
MTB8630 Sep 20 - 21:15 Pretty Little Thing
Claire4499430 Sep 20 - 20:39 Pde at Little Mistress
Radoz30 Sep 20 - 13:14 Amara...
Chris12121230 Sep 20 - 00:25 Bloom and wild pde.
paulofcroydon29 Sep 20 - 18:25 Chris121212 - Stop being a troll, what was said was there is a lot less birds now that other players are also saying !!
shamcashback29 Sep 20 - 18:00 Just found one at YouSwitch
Mike_is_happy29 Sep 20 - 15:51 The North Face and Lands end.
Claire4499429 Sep 20 - 14:37 Pde at Very
Louise511029 Sep 20 - 13:10 Found 1 on topman got sunflower
sisa88829 Sep 20 - 12:19 Where all the bird's have disappeared today. Can't find, just daily clue's one.
rosiekass29 Sep 20 - 00:59 Today’S clue: ScottishPower Gas and Electricity
paulofcroydon28 Sep 20 - 21:44 Chris121212 - I did the maths, shame you did not, £1000 is reserved for pde draw, so only £6k left !!!!
Chris12121228 Sep 20 - 20:57 It's a £15 000 pound prize give away do the maths paul😀 Just over half way. Good look.
Chris12121228 Sep 20 - 20:52 Jacq67 is right with question of the day but there is a bird on both sites so keep trying.😊
Chris12121228 Sep 20 - 20:43 Boots for first pumpkin for me! First prize in 2 days. But I have won £1.30 ( 3 prizes) in all. I'm not complaining.😊
jacq6728 Sep 20 - 20:41 It was urban decay ...Not urban outfitters
Chris12121228 Sep 20 - 20:22 Look on the TopCashback Facebook page and write down every site mentioned. Then just keep trying it will turn up eventually. Even if only a pde!
Claire4499428 Sep 20 - 19:16 Strawberry at Topman
HiLFC28 Sep 20 - 18:10 Come on Humming bird, come humming to me :-)
furry197828 Sep 20 - 16:20 I found out about this late again.
MJB765628 Sep 20 - 15:55 Just got a sunflower on Feelunique.
deana195728 Sep 20 - 13:55 I didnt get a bird on the urban outfitters clue. :-(

Please make sure you have the correct answer and clear all browser data before visiting. Please allow a little time and the hummingbird would appear on the correct answer offer page.

Best wishes
Member57460598095928 Sep 20 - 11:58 I need to know the places
Member57460598095928 Sep 20 - 10:23 Could all of you all me the answer in one box so I can find it easier
scrabb28 Sep 20 - 09:05 20 cogs
Member89142705951128 Sep 20 - 04:52 20cogs found it
FunkkyFresh 28 Sep 20 - 01:16 20 cogs found one there
Chris12121228 Sep 20 - 00:05 20cogs for today. Had this yesterday so two pde!
Radoz28 Sep 20 - 00:02 Won 20p on the daily clue...20 cogs
Radoz27 Sep 20 - 22:34 Beautyflash
Chris12121227 Sep 20 - 22:13 Haven pde.
Rosa16227 Sep 20 - 16:53 San27, you need to log into you account and look for the orange autumn Treats at bottom of screen, than start playing, crack the everyday clues, if you can see it I don’T know how you get it. Hummingbirds appear randomly on various sites, if you’Re lucky. Hope that helps.
carmancarman27 Sep 20 - 16:52 Here's a few that might be lucky for someone they were all pdes for me
Watch shop,Thompson and Morgan,go groopie,sereneta flowers,swarovski and iceland
Radoz27 Sep 20 - 13:15 Tyre Shopper
Radoz27 Sep 20 - 12:20 Figleaves
MJB765627 Sep 20 - 08:55 Pumpkin on Moonpig.
San2727 Sep 20 - 08:47 I don’T know how to find the hummingbird in my account, only when I login from this link. Please can you help!

Please make sure you are playing on the mobile or desktop websites and not the app.

Please also clear cookies before playing as this may help with the running of the game.

Best wishes

Chris12121227 Sep 20 - 04:52 Morrisons.
Chris12121227 Sep 20 - 04:20 Levis pde
donnetto27 Sep 20 - 04:18 Brandalley got an apple
Chris12121227 Sep 20 - 03:36 Hi. Top_Frances how are you getting on? Try jd Williams.
Top_Frances27 Sep 20 - 02:32 Random bird found on Currys pc World - Strawberries for me and todays daily clue answer is Pure Gym and I got an Apple.
Chris12121226 Sep 20 - 19:32 Musicroom found by mistake!
RozWalts26 Sep 20 - 19:04 Gosh peeps, won 20 pence on the daily clue (two apples). Onward and upward. :)
quinlami26 Sep 20 - 17:05 This competition should not be called Autumn Treats, it should be called Autumn PDEs.

I am sorry you feel the prize draw entries are not a treat but they are a great chance to win a massive prize just for browsing the site as you would usually.

Best wishes

Radoz26 Sep 20 - 15:45 After lots of searching...Found a hummingbird today at Top Gift Cards.....Found a strawberry...Good Luck everyone
Claire4499426 Sep 20 - 13:12 Pde at curry’S pc world. But might be luckier for others
Chris12121226 Sep 20 - 04:58 My first day as did not know it had started. 20p then a 10p and then a £1! Not my biggest win but a good start. Shame the mosation site has stopped going their list.
chewwy26 Sep 20 - 01:17 Urban decay
Slj7426 Sep 20 - 00:29 Urban Decay 26th daily clue
Member48170771726 Sep 20 - 00:08 Today, Urban Decay, never heard of em.
Member86515572082625 Sep 20 - 21:34 Just Google TopCashback
Sign on and get an account
And sleep on it...
titchcogh25 Sep 20 - 20:38 Pde on Clarks
Charlotte Anderson25 Sep 20 - 18:48 How do I get a Topcashback account ?

You can sign up to our site by visiting the home page.

If you have any issues please reach out to us via email and we can take a closer look.

Best wishes

Radoz25 Sep 20 - 17:44 Talk Talk....Pde...Lol
EmmaC08080825 Sep 20 - 17:28 Lovell Soccer just paid out a leaf for me...
Radoz25 Sep 20 - 15:28 Bensons for Beds....Another pde for me....Someone else might have better luck
Radoz25 Sep 20 - 14:15 John Lewis & Partners...Found a strawberry
Radoz25 Sep 20 - 12:02 Yankee Candle....Another pde
quinlami25 Sep 20 - 09:30 Pde, pde, pde....
B4db0y69x25 Sep 20 - 08:51 Misspap is one
indiehicks25 Sep 20 - 00:24 Clue 25th Sept - Coast
f1sophies24 Sep 20 - 23:56 Moonpig!
Radoz24 Sep 20 - 22:47 Hummingbird found on Lovell Soccer
LittleByLittle24 Sep 20 - 20:50 Miss Pap is today's clue
Tracy Cotton24 Sep 20 - 19:30 No idea what todays clue is?
Susanpweaver24 Sep 20 - 19:19 Light in the box
Arbk6624 Sep 20 - 18:58 Pumpkin @Zavvi
Susanpweaver24 Sep 20 - 18:53 Light in the box
Susanpweaver24 Sep 20 - 18:41 Pde monsoon. Few minutes ago
MJB765624 Sep 20 - 17:57 Just got a Jug & Won 10p on Currys/Pc World. :-)

Member86515572082624 Sep 20 - 17:27 Autumn treats will drive you nuts ,just pde
Now its getting boring 😴

Prizes are given out at random and the prize draw is a great chance at winning a amazing prize

Please keep in there and we wish you the best of luck

Best wishes

elizabethdocarmo24 Sep 20 - 16:58 Way, the pde comp is back!

carmancarman24 Sep 20 - 13:21 Thank you everyone for sharing the sites that you have found hummingbirds on as they have helped me out loads.
Here's a few more that I have found hummingbirds on.
Donald Russell,triumph,emp,sportshoes,jtf,Sunday Times wine club,simple landlords insurance & Verbaudet.
Hope these are lucky for someone.I have won 60p so am happy with that thank you TopCashback x
Radoz24 Sep 20 - 13:00 Hummingbird found on Hotel Chocolat
Radoz24 Sep 20 - 12:21 Hummingbird found on Dorothy Perkins
Radoz24 Sep 20 - 10:17 Hummingbird found on Looking for Parking....
SamSme24 Sep 20 - 09:34 Pde at Moonpig
Top_Frances24 Sep 20 - 00:41 Today's daily - Misspap. Pde for me.
Member86515572082623 Sep 20 - 23:03 Try....
Confused. Com
Louise511023 Sep 20 - 22:57 Very-pear
path633623 Sep 20 - 22:46 On Karen Millen cashback page and nothing popping up to click. Yesterday and day before were fine, is there a cut-off time?
Heedbanger23 Sep 20 - 20:43 Pde's @ Currys, Travelodge, O2, mobiles, Muscle food, Dunelm
Top_Frances23 Sep 20 - 15:01 Random bird on Pet Plan. Strawberries for me. :O)
Heedbanger23 Sep 20 - 13:33 Ooooh thanks Topcashback won 50p most i've ever won
Pde magic madhouse & Haven
StaceyJayR23 Sep 20 - 09:17 Karen Millen today
Heedbanger23 Sep 20 - 08:57 Thanks for posting y'all.
John Lewis & Harvey Nichols-sunflower
Karen Millen-pear
Littlewoods-pde :-)
Jess23 Sep 20 - 08:30 Karen Millen is today’S clue. I just found my last pumpkin and won £5 can’T believe it! Thanks TCB.
OldSiv23 Sep 20 - 01:54 Answer is Karen Millen. All pde's for me tonight. Betfair, Boots, Littlewoods,Samsung. But have already won a total of 60p so can't complain. Thank you Topcashback. And thank you Carmancarman for Clarks and onbuy and to Mike_Is_Happy for Petplan Good luck everyone. Siv.
nicolajanecampbell7023 Sep 20 - 01:52 Day 3 - Karen Millen
OldSiv23 Sep 20 - 01:41 Answer is Karen Millen. All pde's for me tonight. Betfair, Boots, Littlewoods,Samsung. But have already won a total of 60p so can't complain. Good luck everyone. Siv.
Warsame201823 Sep 20 - 00:18 Today it is Karen Millen
Jaden122 Sep 20 - 22:14 Thankyou TopCashback for 10p on Autumn treats and carmancarman for the clue house of Frazer 👍
AndreeaDeea22 Sep 20 - 22:06 Today its Uswitch
SUZY15622 Sep 20 - 20:51 Today it’S u switch
carmancarman22 Sep 20 - 17:38 Random birds found on Clarks,house of Fraser,and brand alley hope these are good for you too
Claire4499422 Sep 20 - 17:16 Pde at Aviva
SamSme22 Sep 20 - 16:56 Aviva worked for me!
thestuparts197322 Sep 20 - 15:50 Just found one at blacks and far fetch
Heedbanger22 Sep 20 - 15:39 Another sunflower @ Harvey Nichols :-)
Member122608769880222 Sep 20 - 14:35 Can’T wait to get started
Member122608769880222 Sep 20 - 14:29 Yeppeii can’T wait 😊
Heedbanger22 Sep 20 - 14:14 Pde Pets @ Home & Petplan
Sunflower John Lewis 😁
Radoz22 Sep 20 - 12:38 ZooPlus...Just found a pde
Mistyliverbird222 Sep 20 - 11:36 Fingers crossed i'll be lucky just once will do!!
Radoz22 Sep 20 - 11:26 Kinguin...Pde
Top_Frances22 Sep 20 - 10:57 Random bird found at Dunelm - Leaves for me. :O)
NatStone22 Sep 20 - 09:43 Fingers crossed to win
Heedbanger22 Sep 20 - 09:12 Corn at Scottish Power, pde USwitch I didn't think the game works on the app?
mark_sturgess22 Sep 20 - 08:50 Would like to win just for once!
Member122608769880222 Sep 20 - 07:37 In it to win it
JAIMIEandOZ22 Sep 20 - 06:56 Magic magpie, haven
Top_Frances22 Sep 20 - 02:22 U Switch - found a jug and won 10p. :O)
AE194922 Sep 20 - 01:12 I have logged into my account and waited ages & There are no humingbirds across my account

Please make sure you are using the mobile or desktop website and not the app and clear cookies as this may help with the running of the game

Best wishes

Member68925826985021 Sep 20 - 23:52 Scotish Power Boiler Care
Radoz21 Sep 20 - 23:18 Euro Office
Member122608769880221 Sep 20 - 22:30 In it to win it
Top_Frances21 Sep 20 - 21:25 Woohoo :o) Thank you Top Cashback for running Autumn Treats. Been a while since I randomly caught it on the first day of the competition.

Daily Clue Answer is Scottish Power Boiler Care and I got a pear. Back later to try finding some more hummingbirds, meanwhile trying to send a message to Betsyboo59 via telepathy, to let her know the searching has begun again. ;O) If only there was email?!

Maybe, if I concentrate really hard perhaps she'll find out soon? And other regulars like Mike and Chris too.

Good luck everybody!
n355y21 Sep 20 - 20:35 Areet pet
n355y21 Sep 20 - 20:28 Aye right !!!!
Pheniefol21 Sep 20 - 20:23 How do I catch the hummingbird. I can see it on a page but when I click on it nothing happens?

When you do click on a hummingbird you should see a pop up that shows what was won.

Please clear cookies and disable adblockers as this can help with the running of the game

If you have issues please reach out to us via email, support ticket or social media and we can take a closer look to help.

Best wishes

Radoz21 Sep 20 - 20:05 Virgin Media
camerawards21 Sep 20 - 19:13 I Will Be On The Lookout For The Hummingbirds :)
Member105293357442121 Sep 20 - 18:59 Can't wait to see prizes
Member106753781115221 Sep 20 - 18:46 Would be Good to win a wee prize!
Maciocha21 Sep 20 - 18:14 Lets go.......
Mike_is_happy21 Sep 20 - 18:07 All of carmancarman's suggestions, not necessarily at the first visit, as well as Levis and Petplan
zoenadog21 Sep 20 - 17:17 On it - bring it on!
Nichole Russell21 Sep 20 - 17:14 Can you find them on the App or only on the desktop site?

The game is currently only on the mobile and desktop web browser :)

Best wishes

Selina221 Sep 20 - 16:57 Could do with a win at moment
Chelsey5432121 Sep 20 - 16:50 I never win but what the hell

You have to be in it to win it :)

Best wishes

Member97891565760021 Sep 20 - 16:28 Back to buying in September.
jasper200321 Sep 20 - 16:25 Ready to win 💪
Stuart_H_7721 Sep 20 - 16:14 Good to see the app isn't loading Scottish Power!!!!!!

If you are having issues please reach out to us via support ticket, email or social media and we can take a closer look to help

Best wishes

DavidSacks13821 Sep 20 - 16:06 Started looking!
vinm121221 Sep 20 - 15:56 Lets go.... :)
cher110421 Sep 20 - 15:29 Ok cool let's play
xhxtennant21 Sep 20 - 15:28 Can't wait to win 👍
carmancarman21 Sep 20 - 15:23 Found leaves with a hummingbird on pets at home, a pde on Dunelm & Another on Superdrug hope this helps someone.My daughter already has won 10p ! She found a hummingbird on onbuy.Good luck everybody x fingers crossed a good distraction from the world's craziness at the moment (well apart from my own !)
jk1121 Sep 20 - 15:16 Ready to go
phil195521 Sep 20 - 15:06 I am humming to win
Member2924997201321 Sep 20 - 15:04 Gimme the money
Kenius25 21 Sep 20 - 15:00 Ready to win
salkaisi21 Sep 20 - 14:19 Wow i’D love to win with Topcashback, it’S my favourite online site😊
Member28594899650221 Sep 20 - 14:12 Show me the money 💰
jenRun21 Sep 20 - 14:11 Let's begin
Akbarjali21 Sep 20 - 14:09 Isn't there a hummingbird above each TopCashBack logo? ;-)

(Yes, I know it's obviously not the "game" hummingbird.)
edtheduck121 Sep 20 - 14:01 Ready to go
Debbieg47721 Sep 20 - 13:55 Ready to win lol
Member96614801042121 Sep 20 - 13:40 Hi I do like this app
Member67566202983321 Sep 20 - 13:34 Can I find the hummingbirds on the app or only on website?

The game is only on the mobile or desktop web browser currently :)

Best wishes

JackieMB2621 Sep 20 - 13:33 Found s hummingbird 😄
annhartgen21 Sep 20 - 13:19 Nice hope to win more than my usual 10p or 25p
mary130621 Sep 20 - 13:13 Ready to search
Coolflow21 Sep 20 - 13:12 So Where's the clue.. Its like Anika Rice this... 😂

Keep an eye on site and social media pages as you should see the clues there :)

Best wishes

Chelseawindsor21 Sep 20 - 13:08 Anyone found any other birds
Member47276704031121 Sep 20 - 13:07 Love this app its fabulous
Member116874430975221 Sep 20 - 12:58 My son recommended this to me and it’S the best thing I have ever done. Had so much money Back .
Jaxgiles21 Sep 20 - 12:56 Love this app so much xx

Thanks for the kind words and we're glad to hear you are having a great time with the app

Best wishes

DONSCASHBACK21 Sep 20 - 12:54 No no no no no more surveys please

If you are wanting help to change any settings or would like the team to take a closer look into anything please reach out via a support ticket and we can take a closer look.

Best wishes
Barry family21 Sep 20 - 12:53 Won 10p :). Lol!
barcoll21 Sep 20 - 12:49 Found 1 hummingbird
GeorgeJoseph21 Sep 20 - 12:48 Topcashback...It's great!
NatStone21 Sep 20 - 12:48 If I only I could win??
GERI1203 21 Sep 20 - 12:47 Found 2 hummingbirds. Look later for more
j_mills21 Sep 20 - 12:47 Whoohoo can't wait
amywaddy21 Sep 20 - 12:44 Please!
aneleh21 Sep 20 - 12:41 Ready to win
Helenfreeman21 Sep 20 - 12:34 Love TopCashback :-)
Member118154166983121 Sep 20 - 12:33 Is this my lucky day
Abdo12821 Sep 20 - 12:32 I am happy with this Web
Maggie32121 Sep 20 - 12:27 Matalan great buys and percentage of cash back is great.
nettie194121 Sep 20 - 12:26 Will I be lucky
PAULTRD21 Sep 20 - 12:17 I can see myself being 10p up before the end of the week.
Member115417542175621 Sep 20 - 12:10 Cheers Dave!
Dave056421 Sep 20 - 10:44 21/09 Scottish Power Boiler Care