Vote for us at this year's Moneyfacts Consumer Awards

Posted on 16 Oct 2023 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates, Deals & Competitions
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Moneyfacts Consumer Awards blog

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve once again been shortlisted for Cashback Site of the Year at the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards. 

This is the ninth year in a row that we’ve been shortlisted for the Cashback Site of the Year award, and we’ve won the title each year for the past five.

This year, we’re delighted to have also been shortlisted for the Consumer’s Choice award. The Consumer’s Choice recognises organisations that have gone the extra mile for their customers, so it means a lot to us to be in the running.

But we need your help if we’re going to hold onto our crown and return from the awards ceremony on February 7th as winners.

These awards are so important to us as they’re decided by the public, which includes you.

Our members are at the heart of everything we do, and over the years, we've helped you save millions of pounds — something we're really proud of.

And now you have the power to crown TopCashback as the winner.

To cast your votes in the 2024 Moneyfacts Consumer Survey, click here. The closing date for entries is Friday, November 24th.

Vote for us at this year’s Moneyfacts Consumer Awards

We can all be winners — you could win £1,000

As well as helping us win at the 2024 Moneyfacts Consumer Awards, you might just be crowned a winner too.

The next stage of the judging process involves the Moneyfacts Consumer Survey, which seeks customer service scores for each shortlisted organisation. This is where you come in. 

Answers to this survey really influence who comes out on top in each category.

Complete the survey here and not only could you help us win at the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards, but you could bag yourself £1,000* in the process, thanks to Moneyfacts.

The closing date for entries is Friday, November 24th, and the winners will be announced at a glittering ceremony at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, on Wednesday, February 7th.

Vote for us at this year’s Moneyfacts Consumer Awards 2

What are the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards?

Totally independent, the Moneyfacts Consumer Awards combine more than 30 years of Moneyfacts’ expertise with the opinions of the all-important customers.

They’re known throughout the financial sector for their unique combination of independent expert analysis and comprehensive survey results.

By giving almost 200,000 customers a voice, the results enable Moneyfacts to distinguish companies offering great products alongside excellent customer service. 

It would mean so much to us to win the Cashback Site of the Year award once again — even more so if we can make it a double win with the Consumer’s Choice award.

Don’t forget to vote before the survey closes on November 24th.

* Only UK-based individuals over the age of 18 are eligible for the prize draw.

Motherearthmel24 November 2023, 22:20 Absolutely great, easy to use and lots and lots of amazing savings and all those cashback. I just love it. :)
Clarabelle0924 November 2023, 20:52 Really easy to use, made almost £1000 in cashback. Easy to cashout with lots of cashout options
Kroockidkyle 24 November 2023, 18:22 Recommended TCB by a friend and use it all the time now!
LouLizR24 November 2023, 16:02 Really useful site. I have used others in the past, but this is my go-to cash back site these days. Easy to use with a simple payout process.
Oneshed2424 November 2023, 14:06 Very good cash-back site, it is very satisfying to see some of the amounts of cash-back that are available through Top Cashback.
meeka moo24 November 2023, 14:05 Excellent cashback site always easy to use
MUHAMMAD_FAROOQ24 November 2023, 11:54 Very reliable cashback source
Lisa Jenkin24 November 2023, 11:40 I'm in shock it took me this long to realise! All the money I could have saved.... It's heartbreaking!!
Tomis17124 November 2023, 06:03 Amazing reliable cashback service…
StellaMaris24 November 2023, 00:10 Very reliable cashback source
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GrandadHeavy23 November 2023, 06:49 Good offers
Sarah5322 November 2023, 14:47 I have been a Topcashback member for nearly 15 years and go to them first with great results everytime.
angiescats22 November 2023, 14:31 Tcb is a real godsend - absolutely amazing that one can get so much money for doing nothing!

My only disappointment, I wish I had learnt about Top Cashback earlier, I might have been able to go on holiday in the sun with the income.
Joannee1322 November 2023, 12:43 One of the best site to get back Cashback use this all times when I buy something. Thank You very much.
Hoolsmks22 November 2023, 12:25 One of the best site to get back Cashback use this all times when I buy something. Thank You very much.
Member1111674727791422 November 2023, 06:51 Amazing I didn't expect that
MadJax16 22 November 2023, 05:42 Topcash back is the best find ever! I literally tell everyone about it!
If there is a problem it is dealt with quickly by friendly staff.
Any issue i've ever had has been sorted within the timeframe suggested with minimal fuss.
chuxz_21 November 2023, 20:36 A long-time user, who has saved loads and put the funds towards fun activities with the family. Topcashback is 💥
boodle33321 November 2023, 17:52 Topcashback 💯 Clue is in the name
urteeee20 November 2023, 21:17 Saving never felt so good!
deividribeiros20 November 2023, 17:26 I have only recently became a member and im loving it. A+++
Joannepod20 November 2023, 15:35 Unbelievable website and service. I’M obsessed. Can’T believe how much I save. Love love love.
Rogerledodger20 November 2023, 15:09 Lots of products to choose from and save money at the same time
Snowdrop20 November 2023, 14:59 Well done you deserve to win Good luck
Yuracutie20 November 2023, 13:30 Very good
Jackie310520 November 2023, 09:59 Great cash back
Marina Lee20 November 2023, 09:36 Great service on cash back
andy_the_greek20 November 2023, 07:45 Great cashback offers
GazzaT20 November 2023, 07:39 I was introduced to TopCashback several years ago. I do not buy anything I don't on line, however when I do I always check TCB before making a purchase.
Since joining I have received over £4,200, yes that right! Be it car / Home insurance. Home improvement stores or even booking a restaurant table.
I am a massive advocate and recommend them to many people during conversations. They deserve to Moneyfacts consumer Awards, well thats my opinion!
Mandy Chen20 November 2023, 02:59 Voted!! Been using it for years now.
Coleykji19 November 2023, 21:03 Voted! Love it
Ahenkz19 November 2023, 18:56 Voted! Been using for years!
Landong19 November 2023, 18:21 Voted for TopCashback for the superb services!
protocol7719 November 2023, 16:13 My favourite way to earn cashback
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Cazmarshall19 November 2023, 15:15 Money soon mounts up,and has come in very handy,i use mine for e vouchers towards my food shop
suemar5219 November 2023, 14:41 I recommend Top Cashback, having used this site over many years
philgarratt19 November 2023, 13:39 Very happy to vote for Top Cashback. Superb customer service and excellent cash back opportunities.
Tracieellen1319 November 2023, 13:05 Have saved lots throughout the year and il use it towards my Christmas shopping which I will start my next year’S savings! Excellent site, would recommend to everyone!
arunaspinigis19 November 2023, 12:00 Have saved so much money would recommend.
man2blue19 November 2023, 11:58 I Was reffered on a reffer a friend scheme. Me and my friend have earned over £350 cashback since we made our accounts. Best cashback site no doubts
Littlemisssunshine119 November 2023, 11:44 I was recommended to use Topcashback. The site is brilliant for making savings. To dateI have had £1000 in my wallet, to spend as I choose.
tino4719 November 2023, 10:39 Keep up the good work love spending with you
Lindawillis19 November 2023, 10:18 The money saved has been incredible. Keep up the good work.
You deserve this award.
TAmeemUK19 November 2023, 10:16 No questions about it; the award should go to Topcashback! Amongst my friends and family, Topcashback has become our go-to app for all of our purchases. Thank you for making us save loads, and it's not about money but the value they have maintained for such a long period of time.
rowleyar19 November 2023, 09:59 Why would you not use Topcashback, it's so easy to use and gets you money for the purchases you are doing anyway. A no brained.
Linda Cross19 November 2023, 09:55 Have saved so much money, would recommend TopCashback to everyone
Qasikhan12319 November 2023, 09:48 Topcashback is my favourite platform which has saved me a lot of money through out the years. I Love the cashback and the TopCashback😎😎😎😎.
RITADAISY19 November 2023, 09:22 Love Topcashback, I save my savings throughout the year and cash in to help towards Christmas presents. You get my vote 👍
JackJ9119 November 2023, 05:07 Done, I do this every year and vote for you guys. Fingers crossed for the £1000 😬
1slipperyjim18 November 2023, 21:15 TopCashback has always been my first go to site to make savings i’M still surprised to find so many people that don’T use such sites it’S a no brainier!
Brooky3818 November 2023, 16:15 Topcashback - Excellent savings earned whilst shopping as normal and I use the savings to buy treats for the family.
trideep18 November 2023, 15:00 Topcashback is the best platform to shop and get best deals with TopCashback that actually make a huge difference in the purchase price.
LydsTreasure18 November 2023, 14:00 I love TopCashBack, I use it all the time. It’S an honour to vote for you.
Bonnieboop1118 November 2023, 13:48 I travel alot for work so I can’T believe I only found TopCashback earlier this year, it’S a great earner and the pounds rack up really quickly, Christmas sorted
Millburnfarm18 November 2023, 13:16 Easy to use, and a wide range of places to shop at, and every penny helps, I always check at Topcash
Annaw702018 November 2023, 10:32 Every little helps!
I always use TopCashback and I love it
Member1111662662813318 November 2023, 09:25 At first I was afraid (about to burst into song)... About joining yet another thing but my good friend said, do it and I trust him.

Anyway, I have my first cashback in my account and everything has gone seamlessly. Finally, a company that has their stuff together in a ever-increasing technological World where so many, the majority, don't have anything together.

Keep up the good work.

Karl McClelland
Lochlyn18 November 2023, 08:22 TopCashback is amazing i’Ve referred it to loads of people ,highly recommend
Rebekka21_18 November 2023, 06:36 Brilliant website to earn a little cash every penny helps these days
ldmknd17 November 2023, 20:07 Do everything via TCB now. Amazing you can save money while spending it! Such a great rewards site.
Prakesh Nagar 17 November 2023, 18:25 I really like the fact I can earn money from online and use the amount to pay for my bills
Member28567726402417 November 2023, 13:48 Honestly, every little helps! I have up saved up enough cash back to go on an all inclusive holiday to TüRkiye!!
anirroc17 November 2023, 13:35 Simply money for nothing !
sharkymark197217 November 2023, 12:49 Quite simply money for nothing!
Shaunie172617 November 2023, 10:31 I love using TopCashback, really enjoy taking part in the sweet treat games and getting excited searching to companies I shop from to see what percentages you can get back. Brilliant!
SweetnessP17 November 2023, 08:10 I really like the fact that I can earn as I shop, Topcashback was recommended to me and I will always do the same great way to save up for Christmas
mrsfroggatt198217 November 2023, 02:23 Awesome company, i’Ve made a good start to my Christmas shopping this year, thanks to TopCashback. Which is great with the cost of living increase.
originaltone17 November 2023, 00:04 I forget to use this app alot of the time but i've still got £30 cash , Excellent 10/10
Member68969132102316 November 2023, 22:26 Save money with TopCashback, if you struggle in this during
Andrewjohnmoore16 November 2023, 22:12 Excellent reliable good company
Shazza2916 November 2023, 19:27 It’S a bit naff that new customers get massive bonuses then existing loyal customers get very low percentage cash back unfortunately it doesn’T bring people back for example; just eat
Hey, We do have a range of offers on our site and for exisiting members we have bonuses all through out the year that would add up to more than one new member offer -Phil
jaspal196216 November 2023, 15:34 Great stuff it helps every little penny counts
Irinakirby16 November 2023, 15:30 Topcashback is like a big rainbow 🌈: Diverse, colourful & Bright. Anything you need - is right here. All you need to do is use your grey cells, the Topcashback will guide you gently and help you navigate through endless options & Possibilities
NicoetLily16 November 2023, 06:10 Amazing app especially if you plan a long stay in a hotel you can earn good money. Highly recommend... Thanks TopCashback
68Chris6816 November 2023, 04:14 Been doing this for a couple of years and have received around £300 cashback so far without too much hassle so all in all great piggy bank
deepanuk198615 November 2023, 19:26 Good service, I got all cashbacks
ADZ0078915 November 2023, 17:52 Awful, every time I make a purchase it fails to track. Then TopCashback decides to put everything on ice for 3 months..

Nothing gets sorted on time and there is a complete lack of integrity


If you are having issues with cashback please submit a support ticket on your account and we can take a closer look to help with tracking and resolutions to missing cashback

Best wishes
lyn1015 November 2023, 17:45 Great app great way to save money and not notice it managed to save up a bit
tracyann198215 November 2023, 15:48 TopCashback is the best thing since sliced bread

I save up all year round & Cash in for Xmas
Wish i’D found it sooner 😊
laurensut3415 November 2023, 13:20 I’M always using and checking this site . I like using this site.
robbiehall4915 November 2023, 12:58 It's a great site, I use it through out the year and use the money earned towards paying the car insurance. Then buy it via the app to earn cashback again..
Littlelou5015 November 2023, 12:19 I love TopCashback have had no problems
Member109365784425315 November 2023, 11:54 Top cash back is amazing way to save your money the way I look at it is you send your money and earn money back and that money can stay in your account until you’Re ready to take it out so set up free and no free to take the cash back money out
Amandajohnson8915 November 2023, 09:43 Absolutely love TopCashback, so easy to use and you can make money in the process!! 🙂
Ghazala202015 November 2023, 00:33 Top cash back is amazing way to save your money the way I look at it is you send your money and earn money back and that money can stay in your account until you’Re ready to take it out so set up free and no free to take the cash back money out!!
VALAVANIS14 November 2023, 22:34 Just brilliant
Member510764361020414 November 2023, 19:52 Ur the Top Topcashback.
Fifi162814 November 2023, 19:19 Congratulations! Well deserved
Lizziebob8414 November 2023, 17:32 Absolutely brilliant
whateverkaz14 November 2023, 16:20 Top cash back is brilliant free money for buying items inline
kayabella14 November 2023, 14:07 I get everything through this site. Love it
anniebunks14 November 2023, 13:56 Just brilliant!!
Large6914 November 2023, 13:06 Excellent way of saving money by what you want get a percentage of your money back save it up to Christmas i'll leave you here good spend
Szatkiewicz14 November 2023, 13:04 Love it!
jennie666014 November 2023, 11:44 Great website and even better if find a company you were going to use anyway for cash back
Sammieweaver14 November 2023, 11:26 I love TopCashback, i’Ve used it for a number of years now. Highly recommend.
Janekeenan12314 November 2023, 11:21 Easy to use site fast and generous payout
Kevsta696914 November 2023, 09:11 Topcashback is the best cash back app out there, i've tried them all. They have best offers and quickest payouts.
nico0514 November 2023, 05:17 Great site would deffo recommend!
Missy_v14 November 2023, 00:15 Great lots of choices
daviesr13 November 2023, 13:58 I've used Top Cashback for many years and saved thousands of pounds. I love that I can convert my earnings into vouchers where I gain an extra percentage on top and normally put this towards meals out at holiday time. Occasionally something doesn't go right but easy to communicate with customer services to get the problem resolved.
shaunbeckett3313 November 2023, 07:19 Absolutely love Top Cash Back. I save up all my cashback throughout the year and spend it all over Xmas. Really fun too knowing you have saved money on your much loved items. Great % And easy app to use 👍
Wendywoo16088612 November 2023, 17:40 Lots of choice and quick
To appear in your account. Easy to communicate with if you don’T understand something
sallyann29055612 November 2023, 12:21 Easy to use save it up for special treat
Tayo112 November 2023, 11:10 Best of the best. Not only do you buy stuff at a good discount, but you
Also, get cash back
So what are you waiting for?
Astadorian11 November 2023, 13:06 Absolutely love Top Cash Back. When I go shopping online I use their site to decide which places I shop from, it has been especially helpful with Christmas approaching and having four children to buy for it has saved me a lot of money. Thank you so much!!! X
kakar11 November 2023, 09:04 Best site with top notch customer service
Member111176457551211 November 2023, 07:22 Love it
Member58862529144910 November 2023, 20:38 Always Using Topcashback, Love It ❤️
Johnson87Angelina10 November 2023, 07:48 Top cash back is a site to be just for that added extra for shopping in store or on line after all we all love a free bit of cash back dont we especially this time and how every 1 are finding it hard let’S vote and av a chance of winning even more after all costs nothing !
WongWongWong8889 November 2023, 18:37 This site has helped me with birthday presents, valentines day gifts and many more.
burburcan9 November 2023, 10:11 I will do it
Flashgirl13 8 November 2023, 22:11 I’Ve saved a fair few £ With cash back
DragonTv8 November 2023, 20:43 I'm buying everything using TopCashback, saved hundreds, Thanks
Sreenathbhat8 November 2023, 17:59 I like topcash as it’S very simple and you get rich at the end
hannahsufran8 November 2023, 15:05 So glad I found TopCashback, saved so much already :)
Ashleigh088 November 2023, 11:44 Top cash back is amazing way to save your money the way I look at it is you send your money and earn money back and that money can stay in your account until you’Re ready to take it out so set up free and no free to take the cash back money out!!
Kylebh8 November 2023, 02:34 Great app
Lucy Hindson7 November 2023, 19:50 I love TopCashBack! Who wouldn’T want to earn money when they spend money!! Win win!!
Member7764462025557 November 2023, 08:57 I love TopCashback out my free TopCashback i’Ve been able to buy a new carpet for my stairs and landing and i’D recommend TopCashback to all my friends and family it brilliant
Christinemccutcheon_7 November 2023, 08:38 Love TopCashback
Bex887 November 2023, 06:53 Love, love, love TopCashback, I have earned nearly £2k since opening. Good little saver
Leelakumari 6 November 2023, 21:37 Good way to earn cash back and save money. I really appreciate for helping people to save money.
Boitshwarelo 6 November 2023, 21:35 Over £1000 cashback since I started using it. It would be more if I didn't forget to use the app at times👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾
Itme12346 November 2023, 20:43 I am alway using it I love it
Suman6 November 2023, 20:38 Love to TopCashback
Saved so much in this year. Since me and my family use this site we saved a lot in our shopping. We refer friends and family and earned cashback as well. Best wishes for TopCashback
Kath cotterell6 November 2023, 17:30 Have saved so much money thanks to Top cash back. Thankyou x
didsilistra6 November 2023, 14:53 The last 2 months I have to chase every single transaction, not good enough, sorry

If you could please reach out to us at and we can take a closer look to help with the tracking of cashback

Best wishes
jackdale6 November 2023, 13:50 The best site. Great offers, easy to use and money saved for a special occasion. Love it❤️❤️
Sinyc12346 November 2023, 09:02 Too cash back is my favourite app and gives me chance to save a nice little Christmas pot to help cover Christmas all for just shopping online . Win win ❤️
Ruthaduthadix5 November 2023, 21:44 Love it!
Tatyayla5 November 2023, 21:26 The best ever cashback.
Velvetpaws5 November 2023, 21:24 Very helpful customer service fast and efficient with queries overall positive experience
ehsangreat5 November 2023, 19:01 Love it saved soo much with TopCashback
Leo D5 November 2023, 09:21 Best cash back site ! Deserved the N1 spot
Iftimie 4 November 2023, 20:55 💕 ❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕
Mcnabney4 November 2023, 20:34 Been using it for over a year now best cashback site out there x
Nickcheets4 November 2023, 10:25 Absolutely love tb all family & Friends are benefitting from bonus cash on everyday purchases. So nice to hear weekend trips, holidays are taken with the extra cash saved.
Keep up the great work tb
Nick c
Rutt014 November 2023, 08:58 Great way of making a bit of money easy and simple.
I use it all the time when purchasing online items
Maxnpete4 November 2023, 08:40 I use TopCashback all the time, love the bonuses they offer and the trivia games they play my favourite is around Christmas time when u have to catch the TopCashback bird on certain sites to collect cards for cash back, awards, prizes
helenclose214 November 2023, 06:49 Using TopCashback has really helped me increase my finances, especially with the current cost of living situation. The extra few pennies adds up and it’S been really helpful when I have been able to use it at the end of the month before my next pay day xxx
melissaivyxo3 November 2023, 22:45 Top cash back is amazing for savings!
Dipsterdazza3 November 2023, 22:40 Used Top cash Back whenever I can and got about £400 which is amazing.
khn8163 November 2023, 15:27 Since starting use TopCashback around one year I received £660 cashback and the customer service very helpful I will recommended to all friends and family
1yasmin3 November 2023, 14:50 Easy and simple way to earn money
Abbysmam3 November 2023, 13:55 Been using for 10 years and accrued over £4k in cashback. Why wouldn’T you sign up?
Member81088894298112 November 2023, 22:35 Great save here and I earn over £370 now. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
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1yasmin2 November 2023, 09:02 What can I say but 👍
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keithstockman1 November 2023, 15:03 Been using TopCashback since last year and have already made nearly £200. Love a site which gives away money for free!
Massey20231 November 2023, 01:19 Only just started using TopCashback enjoying it already smart way to earn money back from spending
Spink251 November 2023, 00:02 Been using TopCashback nearly 6 years it’S brilliant
Adamobie131 October 2023, 17:27 Top site
Worth the visit 👍🏻
diva1234531 October 2023, 16:38 Amazing site to use and to get great deals.
lorre_10031 October 2023, 10:28 Fantastic Organisation for making our money go further.

I never cease bragging to friends about Topcashback & I

Encourage them to give it a try.

Just yesterday a neighbour was enquiring if I could recommend a Home Emergency Company & I had no hesitation advising him that he should make his application via Topcashback.
mao6431 October 2023, 10:03 Top cash is truly money for nothing, money I would spend anyway and I get a little bit back.
herestc30 October 2023, 21:28 I really appreciate having Topcashback to help save me a little extra when buying items I needed to buy anyway. Thank you Topcashback.
Craig569929 October 2023, 07:38 Just want to say thank you to TopCashback I have made 4k. On using your app it’S one one the best apps I have ever used and will still keep using you deserve to win your award.
Tinahill28 October 2023, 15:54 The best site
KellyBronson1983 28 October 2023, 15:08 Absolutely amazing i've earned a few bob 💰🤑💸
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Amazing site
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Iftimie 25 October 2023, 02:59 I am blessed with this app I saved a lots of money and plus I get the point too … I want to say that the customer service are awesome and very helpful ❤️ Thank you TopCashBack ❤️
garrysmith196424 October 2023, 19:36 This has saved me and made me plenty of cash!
Debbybeeson24 October 2023, 18:27 Brilliant app. Have earned so much money.
kerrylss24 October 2023, 07:59 Recommended so many family and friends, they're all amazed how much money you can save and make. Love it!!
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TopcashBack around.
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Thad22 October 2023, 19:19 Topcashback is the best cash back site ever!! No other similar site comes close.
Member77644620255521 October 2023, 21:19 Love this app made some cash back and it’S a great site I wouldn’T be without TopCashback ever
Winkey21 October 2023, 17:19 Have been using this app for years now. Wouldn’T be without it.
dgor040921 October 2023, 12:32 Great app and every penny counts
HelenGDuncan21 October 2023, 11:21 An excellent site and helps with the cost of living today
Cassandra260720 October 2023, 20:49 Great app 😊
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ctshah9920 October 2023, 13:21 Excellent App and very easy to use. I love how you get great cash back and I also love how I can use it to save money!! Very friendly site and had a great transpancy in payment
meitsang220 October 2023, 10:51 Topcashback is amazing deal for everyone.
rumbabaformulaone20 October 2023, 09:04 Excellent been using for years. Keep up the good work.!
USHAGURUNG19 October 2023, 21:49 Waiting for claim payment more than a year still waiting

If you are having issues with a claim please submit a support ticket on your account as we can take a closer look -Phil
ema130619 October 2023, 17:40 Absolute garbage. Waiting over a year for payout and still waiting

If you are having issues please submit a support ticket on your account and our team can take a closer look to help

Best wishes
hmccafferty19 October 2023, 15:17 Great site,i use it for most online purchases.
gokceyunkul19 October 2023, 14:31 Really like it🎉
musjenka19 October 2023, 01:59 Amazing ,could save some extra money .
Coxyb18 October 2023, 19:33 Love Top Cash Back! A little treat for myself when spending on others 😃
kristina kalpokaite18 October 2023, 19:29 Really helpful top up
Tinahill18 October 2023, 17:04 Brilliant every little helps great
olliesam18 October 2023, 16:54 100% Recommend Top Cash Back
michldavis250718 October 2023, 11:26 I love this site. Ive had £221 cashback since April 2021. Amazing!
Kimbob210818 October 2023, 11:21 This App is amazing! I love how you get great cash back and I also love how I can use it to save money!!
Lisadexter18 October 2023, 10:53 I think dis app is great and its a good way of saving money if u can not save at all
fqvision18 October 2023, 08:32 Done and love TopCashback
Cblakey18 October 2023, 07:58 100% Recommend Top Cashback. I have used them for over 5 years now and earned myself a nice little amount of money for things I was buying anyway ….
Get signed up
racs2718 October 2023, 07:01 TopCashback the best
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I also recently was declined a cash back on items bought one years ago, this is something difficult to manage.
I sometime thinking if the hussle of managing also the cashback is really paying off; as said it's started quite easily years ago, but recently it's more difficult to have the process to work smoothly.

We would advise to drop us a support ticket and our team can take a closer look to help with cashback tracking -Phil
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Earned nearly £4000
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