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All your gaming needs are catered for at Very. Including brands like Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo. There’s a huge range of popular games, accessory packs, bundles and the necessities like cables to make your gaming seamless. Check out our top picks including amazing offers and the bestsellers to make their Christmas spectacular.

Playstation Must Haves


NEW - PS4 Pro 1TB with Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 with Optional Extras - From £349.99

Experience 4K gaming with the awesome PS4 Pro Console. Boasting more than double the graphics processing power of the old-school PS4, you can now get full value out of your Ultra HD TV as everything comes to life in amazing detail and vivid colours.

Experience higher quality visuals, as well as faster and more stable frame rates. Cutting edge hi-res graphics combine with the latest High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology to ensure visuals are now more realistic, strikingly vivid and truer to what the human eye sees in the real world, creating an absorbing gaming experience suitable for all ages. HD TV users will also enjoy enhanced gameplay on PS4 titles in 1080p.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 - The stakes have never been higher as players take on the role of lethal Tier One operators in a heart-racing saga that will affect the global balance of power. Discover a raw, gritty, provocative narrative that brings unrivalled intensity and shines light on the changing nature of modern war.


Razer Tournament Edition Bluetooth & Wired Controller PS4 - £149.99

Enjoy the Raiju Tournament Edition, this comes loaded with a slew of extra buttons for advanced gaming and 4 remappable multi-function buttons. Features include:

Four additional fully-programmable buttons for personalized control layouts The Razer Raiju features a total of four Multi-Function Buttons - two bumpers at the shoulders and two removable triggers on the underside, all of which can be individually remapped to any other controller actions, so you have absolute freedom to dominate with your winning configuration.

Ergonomic shape and weight developed together with top esports athletes To ensure undisputable gaming comfort, extensive research was done, and multiple iterations have been rigorously tested by prominent esports athletes. As a result, the chassis of the Razer Raiju not only perfectly accommodates the touchpad, but stays comfortable for use even in the most intense of battles.

Quick control panel for easy profile and audio customization From toggling between profiles to adjusting both game volume and mic mute, the Quick Control Panel gives you easy access to a whole range of functions. Conveniently located between the grips, you can simply switch your preferences in-game without taking your hands off the controller.


BEST-SELLER - Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® - PS4 - £46.99

Prepare to go dark, Modern Warfare® is back!

The stakes have never been higher as players take on the role of lethal Tier One operators in a heart-racing saga that will affect the global balance of power. Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® engulfs fans in an incredibly raw, gritty, provocative narrative that brings unrivaled intensity and shines a light on the changing nature of modern war. Developed by the studio that started it all, Infinity Ward delivers an epic reimagining of the iconic Modern Warfare® series from the ground up.

In the visceral and dramatic single-player story campaign, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare pushes boundaries and breaks rules the way only Modern Warfare can. Players will engage in breathtaking covert operations alongside a diverse cast of international special forces and freedom fighters throughout iconic European cities and volatile expanses of the Middle East.

And the story doesn’t end there.

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, players will be thrust into an immersive narrative spanning the entire game. Experience the ultimate online playground with classic multiplayer, or squad-up and play cooperatively in a collection of elite operations accessible to all skill levels.


VR Mega Pack with Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown with Optional Extras - From £339.99

Discover truly breathtaking virtual reality worlds with over 200 amazing games and experiences with PlayStation®VR.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, PlayStation®VR transports players from their homes into the heart of incredibly immersive virtual reality games and experiences. Through stunning visuals, 3D audio and intuitive controls, PlayStation®VR players live out their most epic gaming dreams – from high-octane racing and battling dragons, to exploring deep space and coming face-to-face with nerve-shredding horror.

Jump into over 200 breathtaking virtual reality games and experiences with PlayStation®VR. Now with everything you need to get started in one box – PlayStation®VR Headset, PlayStation®Camera and five games. Just connect to your PS4 or PS4 Pro to begin your VR experience.

INCLUDES 5 AMAZING GAMES TO DOWNLOAD FROM PLAYSTATION™STORE ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission™ WipEout™ Omega Collection; DOOM® VFR; PlayStation® VR Worlds; Skyrim® VR Leveraging the trueSKYTM technology and developed utilizing Unreal Engine 4, ACE COMBAT 7 will astound players with beautifully rendered skies and highly detailed cityscapes but also set the stage for the most engaging aerial battles in the franchise’s storied 20 year history accompanied with an immersive soundtrack.

Xbox Must Haves


Xbox One S Gears 5 Console Bundle (1TB) + Fifa 20 + Optional Extras - From £309.99

Own the Xbox One S Gears 5 Special Edition Bundle and experience an epic campaign and brutal action across five thrilling modes. Join Kait Diaz on her journey to uncover her connection to the enemy and the true danger to Sera: herself. This bundle includes and Xbox One S; a full-game download of Gears 5; a full-game download of Gears of War Ultimate Edition; full-game downloads of Gears of War 2, 3, and 4; a 1-month trial of the Xbox Game Pass; 1 month of Xbox Live Gold; and an Xbox Wireless Controller. Whether you’re playing games, watching 4K movies, or streaming gameplay, there's never been a better time to game with Xbox One.

Fifa 20 - EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 for the Xbox One brings two sides of The World’s Game to life - the prestige of the professional stage and an all-new authentic street football experience in EA SPORTS VOLTA.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - With Xbox Game Pass Ultimate you have all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, plus over 100 high-quality console and PC games for £10.99 a month.

Xbox Wireless Controller - White - Experience the enhanced comfort & feel of the new Xbox Wireless Controller, featuring a sleek, streamlined design and textured grip. Enjoy custom button mapping and improved wireless range. Plug in any compatible headset with the 3.5mm stereo headset jack. And with Bluetooth technology, play your favorite games on Windows.


Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One - £79.99

Check out the latest premium wireless gaming headset, with easy Bluetooth connectivity and debuting Microsoft’s new Xbox Wireless direct-to-console technology and Windows Sonic surround sound.

Now you can enjoy your gaming with no trailing wires to get in the way - just keep your focus on hearing every little sound in the game and staying that split-second ahead of your opponents.

The revamped design delivers immersive surround sound plus chat audio through powerful 50mm over-ear speakers, so every detail is clearly captured. When it comes to chatting, the Turtle Beach’s renowned high-sensitivity mic ensures you can be heard loud and clear – it can also be flipped-up to mute if you want to go into ghost mode.

Bluetooth connectivity lets you wireless and a 15-hour rechargeable battery ensures you can keep going for marathon gaming sessions!

For comfort, you get the latest version of Turtle Beach’s ProSpecs glasses-friendly design, as well as a breathable mesh fabric-wrapped headband and ear-cushions.

The Stealth 600 wireless gaming also includes Turtle Beach’s exclusive Superhuman Hearing™ sound setting, Mic Monitoring, independent game and chat volume control, as well as audio presets including Bass Boost.


Xbox One Minecraft Master Collection - Digital Download - £39.99

Create anything you can imagine. Explore the mighty mountains and living oceans of infinite worlds, expanded further by free game updates, amazing community-made maps, servers, thrilling minigames and more! Survive online with friends on console, mobile and Windows 10, or share the adventure at home in split-screen multiplayer. This collection includes the Minecraft base game, 1000 Minecoins, Starter Pack DLC and Creators Pack DLC.

Nintendo Must Haves


Nintendo Switch Neon Console (Improved Battery) with Pokemon: Let's Go! Pikachu! And Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - £359.99

The new Switch console now features a significantly longer battery life up to 9 hours for gaming on the go!

The clever Switch works as a home gaming system AND a portable console to suit all your gaming needs. There are 3 different ways to play. The first is through your TV just like an ordinary console, using the controllers to play alone or with friends on a range of top class games that bear Nintendo's tried and trusted seal of quality.

The second mode lets you play tabletop. Just prop the console anywhere and use its built in screen and detachable Joy-Con controllers to have fun on any flat surface either at home or on the move.

The third mode is a traditional handheld experience. Just hold it like you would a phone or a Game Boy, view the games on the screen and work the buttons in handheld mode. The Nintendo Switch has motion controls just like the ones pioneered with the Wii.

Attach the Joy-Con straps and slip the straps onto your wrists to enjoy the intuitive motion controls. The IR Motion Camera in each Joy-Con can detect the shape, movement and distance of objects captured by the camera.

Return to the Kanto region and experience a classic Pokémon journey in a whole new way with Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! Partner up with Pikachu and grow together has you head out on your journey. Pikachu will be with you wherever you go, either hanging on your shoulder or riding on your head. Don’t let their adorable expressions fool you into thinking that cuteness is all they offer, though. Your partner will be a dependable ally in battle, too.

Get ready for the ultimate driving experience with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe featuring the classic game, all DLC content released on the Wii U version and some new characters, including Splatoon’s Inkling Boy and Girl, King Boo, Dry Bones and Bowser Jr.


NEW - Nintendo Switch Ring Fit Adventure - £64.99

Ring Fit Adventure is a new type of adventure game coming to Nintendo Switch, which uses unique accessories that detect and measure the player’s real-world movements and turn them into in-game actions. The unique new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories enable players to explore and battle in the game world using the power of real-world exercise.

The game box includes Ring Fit Adventure game, plus the Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories. In Ring Fit Adventure, players explore an expansive world, battling enemies along the way using real-life fitness exercises. The new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories that are included with the game detect and measure the player’s real-world movements and turn them into in-game actions, like jogging in place to move your character through the world using the attached Leg Strap, or squeezing the Ring-Con and turning that strength exercise into a powerful attack.

By playing the game daily, players regularly work out various parts of their bodies. With additional mini-games and workout routines, Ring Fit Adventure is a fun experience for players of various skill levels and lifestyles.


BEST-SELLER - Nintendo Luigi's Mansion 3 - Switch - £44.99 (Was £49.99)

LUIGI’S DREAM VACATION TURNS INTO A GHOSTLY AND GOOEY NIGHTMARE! Luigi embarks on a dream vacation with Mario and friends upon receiving an invitation to a luxurious hotel. However, his dream quickly becomes a nightmare when King Boo reveals everything had been a ploy to capture Mario and friends.

With the assistance of Professor E. Gadd once again, the reluctant and cowardly hero Luigi traverses up and down treacherous doors of the now-ominous hotel on a quest to save them. Wield the upgraded Poltergust G-00 to slam and blow away the ghosts’ defenses, or summon Gooigi, an all-green doppelganger that can help Luigi overcome obstacles he can’t get past alone.

Interchange between Luigi and Gooigi as one player, or grab a friend and control one each. For more frenetic multiplayer action, race the timer to clear various objectives on a series of doors in ScareScraper mode. ScareScraper mode can be played online or locally with up to eight players on four Nintendo Switch systems (additional games required; sold separately).


PRE-ORDER - Nintendo Pokémon Sword or Shield – Switch - £49.99

It’s the first fully-fledged, completely new Pokémon RPG adventure game for Nintendo Switch and allows you to play at home or on the go.

Players will head to Galar, a huge region full of diverse environments and hundreds of creatures to discover. It’s a unique world where people and Pokémon work closely together to develop the industries within it.

In the hunt to fill the PokéDex, players can head to the Wild Area. Control the camera to scan the vast landscapes as you search for new Pokémon and items. This untamed land contains a greater variety of monsters to battle and catch, making it perfect for anyone obsessed with catching ‘em all.

Introducing Dynamax – an all-new phenomenon unique to specific regions of Galar. Pokémon will take on a gigantic appearance, their attack will turn into extra powerful Max Moves, and players will need to team up with up to three other Trainers in Max Raid Battles to stand a chance of catching them.

Uncover the mystery of Zacian and Zamazenta – a pair of Legendary Pokémon said to live in Galar.


Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Twin Pack – Neon Pink/Neon Green - £64.99 (Was £69.99)

Used independently in each hand, connected as one controller with the Joy-Con grip or attached to the main console in handheld mode, they offer plenty of ways to enjoy your Nintendo Switch.

This set includes a Neon Green Joy-Con Controller (Left), a Neon Pink Joy-Con Controller (Right) and two black Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller Straps. The right Joy-Con Controller includes an NFC touchpoint to unlock amiibo functionality too.

Each controller has a full set of buttons and can act as a standalone controller for multiplayer games. Both also have an accelerometer, gyroscope and fantastic 3D rumble features to help you get the most out of your games.

PC Gaming Must Haves


PRE-ORDER - PC Games Football Manager 2020 - PC - £44.99

Put your opinions to good use and do things your way at your club this season. Every decision counts in Football Manager 2020 with new features and polished game mechanics adding fresh and authentic dimensions, empowering managers to take greater accountability for both their own and their team’s destiny.

How you get to the top is up to you, you’ll own your decisions, and the consequences they bring. Base yourself in 50 of the biggest footballing countries worldwide. Oversee a new era of success at one of 2,500 clubs at every level. Sign the best and mould the future, scout more than 500,000 real players and staff. Kick every ball with the most immersive and smartest match engine to date.


Logitech MK540 ADVANCED Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo - £44.99 (Was £49.99)

MK540 Advanced is an instantly familiar wireless keyboard and mouse combo built for precision, comfort and reliability. The full-size keyboard features a familiar key shape, size and feeling optimised for precision and noise reduction. The contoured and ambidextrous mouse has been designed to fit comfortably into either palm.


BEST-SELLER - BraZen Phantom Elite PC Racing Gaming Chair - Black and White - £149.99 (Was £199.99)

The BraZen Phantom Elite PC Gaming Chair - White is a classy looking and performing chair. This chair is unique in many ways:

  • looks stylish and is comfortable to sit in. The unique British design is legally registered and protected.
  • height and tilting adjustment mechanism
  • class 4 gas lift
  • adjustable armrests
  • nylon castors

Accessories Deals


OFFER - Save up to 15% on RIG Headsets

Save up to £40 on RIG Gaming Headsets, which will maximise your gaming performance on your Xbox One.

Built with high-fidelity 40 mm audio drivers for an immersive audio experience, you’ll hear crisp highs and responsive, bassy lows, giving you an added edge when competition is fierce. Clever SoundGuard safety technology helps to protect your hearing by regulating audio spikes to help you stay focused.

Expertly engineered to stay comfortable through long gaming sessions, the lightweight frame has an incredibly stable fit. The clever exoskeleton ear cups combine with over-the-ear cushions to help keep you cool as battles become more intense.

A noise-cancelling microphone reduces background noise, so teammates will always hear you. In-line controls put game volume and the power to mute your mic at your fingertips, so you don’t need to pause to adjust settings in the heat of the moment.


BEST-SELLER - X Rocker G-Force 2.1 Floor Rocker Gaming Chair - £124.99 (Was £139.99)

It’s designed with immersion in mind, featuring a 2.1 audio system with a headrest-mounted stereo system and a backrest-mounted subwoofer.

The soft and durable faux leather cover combines with mesh fabric and padded armrests to ensure comfort even when a quick game turns into a marathon session. And when you’ve beaten the final boss, it folds away for easy storage.

Compatible with most major gaming devices, including PS3, Vita, Xbox 360 and Wii U, it can also be used with Xbox One or PS4 by connecting it to the audio outputs of your TV.


BEST-SELLER - Oculus Rift S - £399.99

Oculus Rift S designed in collaboration with Lenovo puts you at the centre of virtual reality's most pulse-pounding, PC-powered gameplay. See the action unfold around you through our sharpest lenses and next-generation optics. Lose yourself in the experience with a comfortable, improved design that lets you start playing faster and keep playing longer. Oculus Insight tracking gives you the power to move throughout your play space in any direction. No external sensors. No complicated setup. Just hands-on action and interaction with our updated Oculus Touch controllers out of the box. Step into the game and the future of PC VR.

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