Whirli: the sustainable toy swap subscription box

Posted on 08 Jan 2024 Posted in  Games & Toys, TopCashback Tips & Updates, Home & Garden
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Say goodbye to toy wastage with Whirli

Any parent knows that kids are always growing and changing, whatever their age. And it’s not just their bodies that grow — their interests change over time too.

How many toys have you bought for your little one that were played with for a couple of months and then discarded?

Maybe you’ve even bought toys you thought they’d love, only for them to show no interest at all?

Every child is different and this can sometimes make finding the perfect toy a challenge.

This is where Whirli, the sustainable toy swap subscription service, can help you out.

With educational and developmental toys for all ages and stages, becoming a Whirli subscriber means you can make sure your child never gets bored. What’s more, you’ll never have to waste money on toys that won’t be enjoyed again.

If you sign up for a Whirli subscription this week via TopCashback, you can earn an exclusive cashback rate of up to £11*.

How does Whirli work

How does Whirli work?

With Whirli, you choose the toys you want to borrow from thousands of options and you can keep them for as long as they’re loved at home.

If any toys don’t get played with or gradually grow out of favour, you can return them to Whirli and swap them for something else.

And don’t worry; no little hearts will get broken here. If your child falls in love with a toy you’ve borrowed, you can simply buy it from Whirli and they can keep it forever.

Whirli have toys for babies, toddlers and children up to eight years of age. There are a range of subscription levels too so that you can choose the right option for your needs and budget.

These start from 80 Whirli Tokens per month (worth £80) and go up to 240 Whirli Tokens per month, where your child can enjoy up to £240 worth of toys per month.

Your Whirli Tokens will be credited back to your account when you return your items, ready for you to choose some more toys to borrow. But that doesn’t mean your child only has a month to enjoy each toy. You can keep them for as long as you like while you still have a subscription.

Protect the planet when you shop with Whirli

Protect the planet when you shop with Whirli

Did you know that over 120 million toys are neglected each year in the UK? In fact, it’s estimated that a whopping 77% of toys are neglected after just one year.

It’s Whirli’s mission to turn the tide on toy wastage, extending the lifespan of toys through sharing and swapping.

On top of this, every delivery will arrive at your door in plastic-free, recyclable and reusable packaging.

And by making eco-conscious choices for your kids, you’re also teaching them the importance of sustainability and sharing, which is a valuable life lesson at any age.

If you’re not buying a subscription for your own family, why not treat a loved one to a Whirli gift card? This is more than just a present, as you’ll be giving their family the experience of play and continual learning, while also helping them to be more sustainable.

Save money with Whirli

Save money with Whirli

Not only is toy wastage terrible for the environment, but it’s also harsh on our wallets.

In 2021, parents spend an average of £430 on toys per child, with £250 of this being spent at Christmas. With 26% of Christmas toys being neglected by the end of January, and 66% by the summer, many of us are wasting a huge amount of money.

A Whirli subscription allows you to access toys that are a higher value than the subscription fee you pay. If you want to buy a toy to keep, you’ll never pay more than the RRP.

Right now, you can save 20% on Annual Plans and get your first delivery free, making January the ideal time to subscribe.

And remember, go through TopCashback if you’re signing up for a Whirli subscription this week and you can earn up to £11* in cashback.

* The cashback rate displayed is what Plus members will receive. The Classic rate may vary.

Toy Chest subscriptions: £11 cashback

Toy Trunk subscriptions: £9 cashback

All other online purchases: £5 cashback

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by Becca Moody

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