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Check your TopCashBack account NOW to find out if you've won our Millionth Member Prizes!

It's official: over 1,000,000 people are now saving money on their shopping with Top Cashback. That means it's time to find the person who qualifies to Win a year's worth of selected everyday products, services and treats.

We've sent a private message to the lucky person via their TopCashBack account, so sign in now and see if it was you. The member only has until 3:30pm on Thursday 6 October 2011 to follow the instructions in the private message and get back to us - to confirm they're happy with all the terms and conditions of the competition - before we have to pass the prize on to someone else (we don't want to waste the bounty of goodies!)!  

To check your messages...

  1. Go to
  2. Click on 'Log In' (top right hand corner of the page)
  3. Click on 'My account' ( beside the log in button.)
  4. Click on 'Enquiries & Claims'
  5. Go to Enquiry Tickets and click on - View or submit general questions or comments.
  6. Click on the magnifying  glass at the end of the message summary to reveal the message details.
  7. Reply to us by writing in the 'comments' box and pressing 'submit'.

Once we've finalised the winner of that competition, we'll be on the hunt for the person who qualifies to Win a holiday to Jamaica.

As a recap, here's what was up for grabs...

If you were deemed TopCashBack's Millionth Member:

  1. A five-night trip to Dubai with Etihad
  2. An Acer laptop from Best Buy
  3. A year's Plusnet Broadband
  4. Sennheiser gadgets bounty from Maplin Electronics.
  5. AUK weekend stay at Holiday Inn
  6. A year's MORE TH>N car, home, travel and pet insurance
  7. A year's Sky World HD
  8. A year's RAC car breakdown cover

If you referred TopCashBack's Millionth Member winner:

  1. A seven-night trip to Jamaica with flights with Virgin Atlantic, accommodation with and transfers courtesy of Resorthoppa
  2. A year's MORE TH>N travel insurance policy
  3. £500 spending money courtesy of Orange and T-Mobile 
  4. £500 in Argos vouchers
  5. A 16GB, WiFi and 3G enabled iPad, plus £50 of vouchers from Let's Subscribe.

Thanks to our members

Thank you to everyone who referred their friends and family (or even strangers!). And a big welcome if you've recently joined us. Even if you haven't won the competition, we're pretty sure you'll be able to save on all your online shopping in the future by using TopCashBack and hope you enjoy seeing the money you earn mount-up.

If you haven't got into the swing of using TopCashBack yet, check out our free no-spend cashback offers to help get used to how it works.

Want to earn more money?

All members now receive a £5 bonus* as standard when recommending a friend to TopCashBack, as opposed to the previous £2.50 offer; a perfect reason to still carry on inviting your friends and tell them how great earning cashback is - especially as there's no limit to how many fivers you can collect!

Thanks to all the merchants who joined in the fun!

We'd also like to thank all the merchants who kindly offered the prizes to make this competition possible: MORE TH>N, Plusnet, Sky Digital, RAC, Etihad, Best Buy, Maplin, Holiday Inn,, Virgin Atlantic, Argos, Let's Subscribe, Resorthoppa, Orange and T-Mobile.

Read each competition's terms and conditions

Win a year's worth of selected everyday products, services and treats: terms and conditions

Win a holiday to Jamaica: terms and conditions


*Referred members must earn a minimum of £10 cashback. Please see the full tell-a-friend terms and conditions

Posted on 30 Sep 2011  |  Posted in  Deals & Competitions

I get to view or submit general enquiries then no magnifying glass?
  06 Oct 11 - 18:43

I found my message box but no message or magnifying glass? Does this mean I didn't win...?
  06 Oct 11 - 11:08
If you didnt get the message , then it wasnt you . Its not rocket science .
  04 Oct 11 - 19:55

Thank you to everyone who has commented. We've added an explantion of how to get to the message. The winner will have been informed by email, so if you haven't received an email (check your junk mail folder) then you don't need to check your messages.
Sorry for any confusion, it was never our intention to make it difficult and we're all looking forward to the winner getting in touch.
  03 Oct 11 - 12:02

Seriously though. Can someone please tell me where i'm supposed to find this private message?

I design websites for a living so either i'm not very good at it or this is the most obscure message / Link ever :(
  02 Oct 11 - 22:00
This is one of the most confusing sites i've ever come across. TopCashBack should get its act together.
  02 Oct 11 - 20:38

You log into your account, and click enquiries .... Simples. Besides they've said you'll get an email so just check your mailbox. Wasn't me tho :-( but niiiiice prizes.
  01 Oct 11 - 22:55
Because the person who won won't be able to find their message.

On a different note: thanks to the two members who pointed out how to find the message inbox - i'd never have been able to find it on my own. I didn't win but at least I didn't waste loads of time trying to find it.
  01 Oct 11 - 22:34
Well I bet the winner can not find the link for messages before the expiry date!!!!!
  01 Oct 11 - 16:31

If, like everyone else, your finding it hard to find the messages. Go to the forum page, and the messages box is at the top of the page. Took me ages to find it. Make it easier!!!
  01 Oct 11 - 14:56
As with previous message from others - No message to show who as won. How am I supposed to find this?
  01 Oct 11 - 11:24
As with all other posts I can't find aprivate message box or who has won.......Booooooooo
  01 Oct 11 - 10:45

Same as others. Not easy to find winner. Stopped 5mins ago got fed up
  01 Oct 11 - 10:15
By p***Ing them off on a hunt for a ficticious message. There are amny sites like this popping up and I understand the need to try to have a usp. This is not it. Competitions should be transparent, not foolishly making people look around the site in the hope an advert will get noticed. Idiots!
  01 Oct 11 - 10:13
So who won then ? Can't see nothing on my account :-(
  01 Oct 11 - 09:45
Ditto the above. Time is too short to spend on a wild goose chase around the site. You need a dedicated message tab!
  01 Oct 11 - 08:45
I looked all over the site and finally found them hidden in the Forum. It would have been good to give us a clue where they were in the emails that went out.
  01 Oct 11 - 08:39
I like all of the previous posts don't seem to have a message inbox. Where are private messages sent? Nothing appears on the "My Account" Page...

Is this a test to get us all "confused.Com"??
  01 Oct 11 - 07:57
Looked on line can't see any link to winner message
  30 Sep 11 - 22:53
Messages? What messages? Where are they?
  30 Sep 11 - 22:49
The winner is I cant see
  30 Sep 11 - 21:12

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