Win an Xbox One X with Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition

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With Halloween fast approaching, Microsoft are getting into the spirit of things with their Shocktober sale.


While there are definitely no tricks involved, you’ll find plenty of treats as they’re offering a whopping 60% off frighteningly great Xbox games, with more than 150 titles on sale until October 31st.


Speaking of treats, how would you like to win yourself an Xbox One X — plus a copy of Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition to go with it?


You could do just that as we've teamed up with Microsoft Store to offer one lucky TopCashback member the chance to get their hands on the world’s most powerful console and the latest instalment in a critically acclaimed franchise.


All you need to do is answer the question below and you’ll be in with a chance of winning this fantastic prize.

The closing date for entries is midnight on October 31st and you’ll find more information about Resident Evil 2 further down this page.


Microsoft Xbox One


Take your gaming to the next level


Win the Xbox One X we have on offer, you’ll be able to enjoy the world’s most powerful gaming console if you win.


Not only does it offer 40% more power than any other, but it also boasts six teraflops of graphical processing power for an immersive true 4K gaming experience.


Games perform better than ever with the speed of 12GB graphic memory, while a built-in 4K Blu-ray player delivers stunning clarity for films, gaming and streaming 4K video on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and more.


One TopCashback member who shopped with Microsoft Store through us said: “Really easy to order online and activate the product within minutes.”


HDR technology and Wide Colour Gamut bring a higher contrast ratio between lights and darks, meaning games look great, even on a 1080p screen.


Xbox One X is compatible with all Xbox One games and accessories, while Xbox Live provides access to the most advanced gaming network.


You can play over 100 console exclusives, plus more than 300 Xbox 360 games. You’ll also experience premium Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio.


Microsoft Mortal Kombat


Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition


With all-new custom character variations, which gives you unprecedented control of your fighters in order to make them your own, Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition offers a deeper and more personalised experience than ever before.


The Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition includes the main game and a Kombat Pack, which includes six new DLC playable characters — released over time; one week early access to DLC characters — exclusive to Kombat Pack owners; seven exclusive character skins; and seven exclusive sets of gear.


Mortal Kombat 11 Premium Edition is rated PEGI 18.


Shocktober game deals


Whatever type of games you’re into, you’ll find some scarily good deals in Microsoft’s Shocktober sale.


There’s 60% off Alien: Isolation, which can be yours for just £11.99; 50% off Fortnite: Save the World — Standard Founders Pack, reducing it to £17.49; 40% off Mortal Kombat 11, which is discounted to £32.99; and 33% off The Sinking City, which you can now pick up for £33.49.


“Cashback tracked and paid without any issues.” This is just one example of the feedback you’ll find on our Microsoft Store reviews page.


All of the above are Xbox One titles, but there are plenty of discounts available on Xbox 360 games too.


As an added bonus, buy Xbox games before midnight on October 28th and you can also earn yourself an exclusive 7.5% cashback when you shop through TopCashback.


Let’s take a more in-depth look at a couple of the games you can pick up for a great price:


Microsoft Resident Evil


Resident Evil 2


Originally released in 1998, Resident Evil 2 — one of the most iconic games of all time — returns completely reimagined for next-gen consoles.


Play individual campaigns for both Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield using an all-new third person view as you explore the zombie-infested areas of Raccoon City — now stunningly rebuilt using Capcom’s propriety RE Engine.


One happy TopCashback customer said: “Fast payment, I highly recommend.”


Different puzzles, storylines and areas mean both new and seasoned fans will find horrifying new surprises await them.


Resident Evil 2 is rated PEGI 18 and is available for just £22.49 thanks to the fact there’s 50% off it in the Shocktober sale. The Deluxe Edition is also reduced by half price and can be picked up for £26.49.


Microsoft Borderlands 3


Borderlands 3


The original shooter-looter returns, packing bazillions of guns and an all new mayhem-fuelled adventure.


Blast through new worlds and enemies as one of four brand new Vault Hunters, each of which has deep skill trees, abilities and customisation.


You can either play on your own or join with friends to take on insane enemies, score loads of loot and save your home from the most ruthless cult leaders in the galaxy.


“Easy and straightforward, no complications,” is how one delighted customer described earning cashback with Microsoft Store.


Online multiplayer on Xbox requires Xbox Live Gold (subscription sold separately). Borderlands 3 is rated PEGI 18.


In the Shocktober sale, you’ll find there’s 25% off the Borderlands 3 Super Deluxe Edition, which can be yours for £78.74, and 20% off the Deluxe Edition, which you can pick up for £59.99.


Whatever you’re thinking of buying from Microsoft Store, don’t forget you can earn yourself some cashback with us.

Rolandopayne24 Feb 20 - 20:041998,
Never had an Xbox would love to have one though

We would advise to click through from the blog to the competitions page to enter your answer.

We have starred out the answer you posted just to keep things fair to all members

Best wishes

Lindajloader04 Nov 19 - 13:47I think it's 1998
FrayedBobbins31 Oct 19 - 23:291998
lucy2731 Oct 19 - 23:25It is 1998
Member96588395100431 Oct 19 - 22:14What do you want from me??
Mathias557731 Oct 19 - 21:571998 is the answer
Vickicleveland31 Oct 19 - 21:16Win win win
LFurze31 Oct 19 - 21:00The answer is 1998
zlb3331 Oct 19 - 20:20Competition box not working cant enter
well_oil_beef_hooked31 Oct 19 - 19:511998
I wish I can win the prizes
mightymatt931 Oct 19 - 19:14Yes I liked it. Nothing to add other than - would love to win!
Sairaz80 31 Oct 19 - 18:27Xbox one for my little boy for being a super star over the summer while I was stuck indoors following major surgery
UKDrew31 Oct 19 - 17:24I thought it was 2019 for the release and revealed at E3 in 2018.
Debbie1974john31 Oct 19 - 15:451998
Super prize🎃🤞
Taylor198931 Oct 19 - 15:251998 thanks
George Stephens 31 Oct 19 - 12:47Great products
wazzer31 Oct 19 - 12:381998 Fingers crossed
eloisewl5531 Oct 19 - 12:23The answer is 1998
nic10010231 Oct 19 - 12:09Good luck everybody 🤞
astracan31 Oct 19 - 12:06Yes please
nic10010231 Oct 19 - 11:57Good luck everyone
Member107985481755431 Oct 19 - 11:531998 fingers crossed
Gillian Winn31 Oct 19 - 11:331998.
What a wonderful prize!
Gillian Winn31 Oct 19 - 11:271998.
What a wonderful prize!
Gillian Winn31 Oct 19 - 11:221998.
What a wonderful prize!
eldergilljim31 Oct 19 - 11:091998. Good luck all
eldergill31 Oct 19 - 11:04Good luck all
Fispence198131 Oct 19 - 09:351998 fingers crossed
lacey00731 Oct 19 - 09:301998 .....
emilyj22631 Oct 19 - 09:20Can't wait :)
Member37189360294831 Oct 19 - 09:14Good luck 1998
Emma Conway 31 Oct 19 - 09:091998 good luck all
Shell b31 Oct 19 - 09:02What a fab prize
trystan_mum31 Oct 19 - 08:49Not letting me scroll down to enter the year 1998
saverpound31 Oct 19 - 08:35Good luck gamers!
ac211131 Oct 19 - 08:271998......
mike51031 Oct 19 - 07:461998 - fingers crossed
kstead196631 Oct 19 - 07:39Please can I win this awesome prize! Thank you
Gabe31 Oct 19 - 02:181998 - good luck everyone
1b4ug031 Oct 19 - 02:04Yes really great
Coco196131 Oct 19 - 01:18Would love this i've never played this game or owned an x box
Member107941029340630 Oct 19 - 23:37Ticket boo
Mrstudz1930 Oct 19 - 22:07Yes please
Steenie69 30 Oct 19 - 22:02Good luck everyone 😊
billybob2030 Oct 19 - 21:431998 release date
billybob2030 Oct 19 - 21:35All good.
Member17075426265730 Oct 19 - 21:32Win plz!!
jmasters1730 Oct 19 - 21:00Fingers crossed
january430 Oct 19 - 20:411998 first released
mattsonthebeach30 Oct 19 - 20:30The answer is 1998
stephenellerington30 Oct 19 - 20:12First released 1998
jaceyjacey30 Oct 19 - 19:151998 first released and played eversince, never get bored
Please can you use the visit this page to enter option and then press the enter key on your phone or keyboard to enter that part of the competition? 
Member108040244172130 Oct 19 - 19:001998 is the answer
Katleigh30 Oct 19 - 17:53First released 1998. Box not working
i am really sorry about this, can you use the visit this page to enter option and then press the enter key on your phone or keyboard to enter that part of the competition? 
cassiema30 Oct 19 - 17:27The kids would love this for Christmas so would I for the peace!
Member108039709574630 Oct 19 - 16:391998 release
balboa5430 Oct 19 - 16:091998 box not working
balboa5430 Oct 19 - 16:021998 box not working
i am really sorry about this, can you use the visit this page to enter option and then press the enter key on your phone or keyboard to enter that part of the competition? 
dalegail30 Oct 19 - 15:52Fingers crossed my boys would love this
Mcmfrank30 Oct 19 - 15:44Go for it
stonkerthelad30 Oct 19 - 15:421998 textbook
veggieblob30 Oct 19 - 15:351998 is the answer
sausage130 Oct 19 - 15:33My son would love this!
Carolannie99930 Oct 19 - 15:20Answer 1998. Cannot complete the form as the bottom half of the form has disappeared & I cannot register my email address & The Submit button is not showing!
citymak30 Oct 19 - 15:201988, baby
Carolannie99930 Oct 19 - 15:08A great prize, thanks for the chance to win.
alibabbaskeggy30 Oct 19 - 14:231998 but cant complete the form in the box above as drop down menu not showing for me
sammie197630 Oct 19 - 13:50Hi 1998 is the first release
Rabbirob30 Oct 19 - 13:27Excited to see if we win!
donnariley8130 Oct 19 - 12:55I would love to win this for my kids
RossMallen17430 Oct 19 - 12:401998 first release
Lukeyboy16230 Oct 19 - 12:36Good luck
TaraHarley30 Oct 19 - 11:58Great post :)
sleeper9930 Oct 19 - 10:26How about 1998
Ronmac6730 Oct 19 - 10:21My 8 year son wants an xbox for Christmas.
Jemaja3330 Oct 19 - 09:26Fingers crossed
JadeLouisa30 Oct 19 - 09:23I hope it has entered ok. Doesn't say if it has gone through. Also the question drop down doesn't show fully! Fingers crossed!!
JadeLouisa30 Oct 19 - 09:18Fab prize, fingers crossed!
mrboggle30 Oct 19 - 09:10Impossible to enter
Rikora30 Oct 19 - 09:09Entered! Good contest! :D
Lucier1978 30 Oct 19 - 08:44Good luck
bovertonfishing30 Oct 19 - 08:44Yes please 1998
tamd30 Oct 19 - 08:36My grandkids would love this and Christmas sorted!
KittyKattyPuss30 Oct 19 - 07:31Yey winner
wendyjaycee30 Oct 19 - 06:58Fingers crossed 🤞
Vickilu130 Oct 19 - 03:33Christmas complete
Haymeister 30 Oct 19 - 03:07Answer = 1998 👻🤞
Kelly261030 Oct 19 - 00:36Here's hoping.....
Karen1976130 Oct 19 - 00:10Would love to win this amazing prize
Peterst0129 Oct 19 - 23:47What a great competition.
Member17027145043929 Oct 19 - 23:40Great comp. Thank you
Indyjohns29 Oct 19 - 23:16Please can I win this awesome prize! Thank you.
mirostad29 Oct 19 - 22:55Yes please
dianewaterhouse29 Oct 19 - 22:55Why do we have to comment?
i am really sorry about this, can you use the visit this page to enter option and then press the enter key on your phone or keyboard to enter that part of the competition? 
W1123684329 Oct 19 - 22:26How do you enter first one says external site but nothing happens when you click it and second one you can choose options but no way to submit it.
i am really sorry about this, can you use the visit this page to enter option and then press the enter key on your phone or keyboard to enter that part of the competition? 
suegarnett29 Oct 19 - 22:10Want the x box not the game😴
delboy9829 Oct 19 - 20:04Very kind, thank you. Much appreciated.
beckieflitz29 Oct 19 - 20:01Nice! Great competition.
malloy29 Oct 19 - 19:51Xbox one come my way ;-)))
Member107996547731429 Oct 19 - 19:48Reased in 1998
Member77601931842529 Oct 19 - 19:39Great comp
Member107986602972429 Oct 19 - 19:22Love computer games
funnymum29 Oct 19 - 18:351998 1998
thepick29 Oct 19 - 18:28199999998
fartytom29 Oct 19 - 18:20Definitely
Katleigh29 Oct 19 - 18:16Great competition
RichLoid29 Oct 19 - 15:12Xbox is awesome! What a great competition!
Nagdusia29 Oct 19 - 15:02Thank you for chance to win xbox
maxdons29 Oct 19 - 13:36Good luck!
halloween200929 Oct 19 - 13:33Love resident 2
Elsa129 Oct 19 - 12:56Let's hope it's finally my turn to get some lucky, fingers crossed.
warmfeet29 Oct 19 - 12:51Good luck everyone! Fab prize
pannells29 Oct 19 - 12:46Good luck everyone
Akasha9929 Oct 19 - 12:37Will add more pleasure
Gemma198429 Oct 19 - 12:01For my two boys who would love to win
simmaggs29 Oct 19 - 11:03Crossed toa
Member107997954701729 Oct 19 - 09:47Fingers Crossed
jonixon7829 Oct 19 - 09:09Would love to ein 💕
Member27174519621529 Oct 19 - 09:03Looking forward
MaLarkin29 Oct 19 - 08:51That would make sons Christmas.
HelenVic29 Oct 19 - 03:22Can I have some more 👻🤖
Telf8728 Oct 19 - 22:46Good luck tae me 🙂🤞🏻🍀
jonhoggy28 Oct 19 - 21:34I never win anything, but I have to keep trying !! #Prayforjon
Louker197528 Oct 19 - 19:25Would love to win this for my son 🤞
Member77668004801528 Oct 19 - 14:18Would never be able to afford one for my son last we bought was PlayStation 2 we are low income and I have terminal disease ...It would be a wish come true if my boy won this...Anyone Wana donate ??? Shax
craigl6527 Oct 19 - 15:28Good luck everyone and me.
Rixstaaa25 Oct 19 - 18:28I need it so bad aha.
lufcsupporter25 Oct 19 - 12:39The entry form doesn't work btw. Just presents an error saying log into your existing account!

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