Batman Vs Superman

“He has the power to wipe out the entire human race.”

So says Bruce Wayne of Superman in the exciting trailer to Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice. The anticipation is over as these two very different but equally legendary caped crusaders battle it out on the big screen for the first time.

But that’s not the only treat, as Dawn of Justice sees the beginnings of The Justice League and the long rumoured arrival of Wonder Woman to the silver screen! The amazonian heroine will be joining Batman and Superman in bringing us…

more action!


More explosions!


And more destroyed buildings than a child's lego collection!


(Is it just me that wonders if Superheroes ever get sued for damage done to cities in the aftermath of their battles?)

Batman versus Superman also renews another old rivalry. DC Comics are surely now looking to go toe to toe with Marvels success on the big screen, setting up The Justice League films to rival Marvel’s Avengers success.

But what we’re all really asking now is one simple question. When you pit Batman against Superman…..

….just who would win?

If we’re talking a straight up, man on man, strength v strength fist fight, my money would always be on Superman. As long as they weren’t duking it out in a boxing ring made of Kryptonite, Batman would be sent spiralling out of the ring faster than a speeding bullet!


Let’s face it, Superman is, by name and definition, a SUPER man. He has SUPER strength, SUPER reflexes and SUPER red pants! (Well he used to before Man of Steel)

He’s practically indestructible.

But when it comes to who wins in the battle for coolest hero, it’s the Batman that flies highest for me.


“Why so serious?”

Dark and brooding. Noble but flawed. For me, Batman and his alter ego Bruce Wayne have so much more depth to the character than the alien Superman. (A man who appears so pleased with himself, he feels he can come to this planet, wear his underwear on the outside and get away with it!)

Granted, Man of Steel did some work at giving Superman a little more grit than perhaps he had in movies past and I’m not saying running around at night dressed as a bat isn’t a little bit weird too! But at least the Batman appearance has purpose in striking fear into the hearts of those villains of Gotham, casting a terrifying silhouette against the pale moonlight before beating the snot out of the evil villains with cool gadgets and old fashioned superhero fight moves.


Superman on the other-hand is content in his own superbness that he simply advertises himself on his chest while wrecking the world and every building, while in the process of saving it.

Can you recall Man of Steel? I remember that big fight against Zod seemed to last ages and destroy every building in sight!

I’m with Bruce Wayne, the man is a menace!

DC Comics over the years and the films that followed have slowly but surely refined Batman from a slightly silly concept (Can you remember the Adam West tv series?) into a cool, slick and dark tale of an emotionally scarred hero.

The games industry have also helped in refining this dark and dangerous flavour of Batman’s fight to save Gotham City from the villainous and crazy grasp of its crime lords!

You can further immerse yourself in Batman’s world by taking a trip to Arkham Asylum in the series of video games available on PS4 and Xbox.


“It’s the car right? Chicks dig the car?”

Said Batman in one of the many incarnations of this brooding superhero.

Well Batman, it isn’t just the ladies that dig the car! Everybody has a favourite Bat-mobile. Personally I would love to drive to work in the Tumbler Bat-Mobile from the more recent Dark Knight films. There’d be no worrying about traffic in that tank!

But Gotham City’s hero will need more than a cool car to defeat the man who put the SUPER into superhero!

Well what about the Bat-Wing?


The old Bat dude isn’t limited to the ground and has enough tech to take the fight to the sky!

There’s also the bike. There’s the Grappling Gun (superheroes don’t do stairs). the Batarang and explosive gels! Bruce Wayne seriously made himself the perfect ‘bat -(man) -  cave’ under Wayne Manor full of grown up toys!

“Where does he get those toys?”

Once asked The Joker. The question should however be, where can YOU get those toys? One of the best things about films like this is the chance for the kids (and us BIG kids) to continue the adventure with the various avenues to the DC universe. And here at TopCashback we can save you some money while you save the world!

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So which Superhero gets your vote?

As you’ll have gathered, I’m in the Bat-Team. Sure pitted one on one, Superman could send Batman into orbit with one punch and morally, Superman is one stand-up guy.

But I’m a sucker for dark broody imagery, looney villains and gadgets galore! So I firmly plant myself in Batman’s corner with towel, water and inspiring “go get em” coach talk!

How about you? Which SUPER corner of the ring do you stand? Are you with me, Batarangs at the ready? Or are you behind the man in the red cape? Standing with Lois Lane and ready to clear the Man of Steel’s vision after Batman’s used some cunning device to briefly hide him from the next Super-punch!


Let us know your thoughts on the battle of heroes. Who do you think will win? Maybe you think both are wimps and Wonder Woman will reign supreme! Comment below and share this blog with your friends to see which team they’re on! Everyone can get involved in the fun and save themselves some money on either a trip to the cinema or their favourite superhero toys!

I’ll see you at the movies and let battle commence!


StepCo11 Apr 17 - 22:19 Will try to catch this movie, although, I will be cheering for Superman. Way better than the bat.