Enjoy all the films you want, all of the time with ODEON Limitless

Posted on 31 Aug 2020 Posted in  TopCashback Tips & Updates
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If one of the things you missed most during lockdown was going to the cinema, you’re probably itching to catch as many films as you can.

If this rings true, we’ve got an amazing cashback deal for you.

With ODEON Limitless, you can see all the films you want as often as you like — and now you can do so for even less thanks to us.

Take out a pay monthly Limitless membership and we’ll give you £20 cashback*. However, if you pay for your annual membership up front, you can get your hands on a blockbuster £50 cashback*.

ODEON have made lots of changes to bring you a safer cinema experience and ensure your well-being. From social distancing in the auditoriums and foyers, through to more frequent and thorough cleaning routines, they’ve made sure the thrill of the big screen is as safe as possible for you and their teams.

Want to know more about ODEON Limitless? Then read on.

ODEON Limitless

ODEON Limitless

Whether you fancy a midweek rom-com with your loved one or want to see the latest blockbuster with your mates on a Saturday night, you can go as often as you like with Limitless.

As a Limitless member, not only could you make huge potential savings, but you can also benefit from other exclusive member treats.

You can be among the first to see upcoming films before they’re released to the general public with member only exclusive preview screenings.

Whether you’re seeing a film or not, you can also get 10% off selected food and drink purchased in the cinema.

You’ll get all of this for one monthly fee, so join now from just £17.99 a month (£19.99 a month including central London cinemas) and enjoy all the films you want, as many times as you like.

You can pay for your monthly membership by direct debit, or choose to pay for 12 months up front and get 5% off the total cost.

Generally, you must be over 16 to join Limitless, although if you’re aged 13-15, you can join via a gift membership.

The minimum membership period is 12 months and it will entitle you to watch any standard 2D film screening with standard seating in a standard auditorium.

You can book tickets to see as many screenings as you like on the day you’re booking. You can also book up to two tickets for future screenings.

If you want the ultimate premier film experience, meanwhile, you can try ODEON Luxe with your Limitless membership

Don’t forget, if you love your films, take advantage of our ODEON Limitless deals and you could earn yourself up to £50 in cashback*.

* The cashback mentioned is what Plus members will receive. Classic member rates may be different.

Member61077494724176 June 2022, 20:25 Please can you advise why you have cancelled my limitless deal which I have had for nearly 2 years. I was paying £14.99 a month and when i've looked into restarting it the rate appears to be £18.99. Much more than I had been paying. It strikes me as very suspicious that my dd has been cancelled by yourselves so that I can rejoin on a much higher rate. Disgusting behaviour which I will report if you cannot restart my limitless at my original payments. I'm very disappointed that this has happened to my account. When I originally too it out it was 11.99 so there has been an extortionate 8ncrease since then. I was nevertheless paying the increase which reached 14.99 but I am not happy or prepared to pay the new member charge of 18.99. I'm just extremely angry about this behaviour.

We would advise that as we are only able to look into the cashback offers side of things to speak to the retailer as they may be able to assist

Best wishes

marklocke7 September 2020, 17:12 The current monthly fee is 15.99 a month (as of 6th sep 2020), so this would actually be £4 worse off over the course of 12 months

I am sorry you feel this is not for you but we would show members all kinds of offers that can get them cashback on pre decided purchases

Best wishes

JamesF1 September 2020, 13:45 Cashback offer for odeon is great but the limitless membership needs to be half the price, they are only showing limited filmed, £215 for a year is not worth it. If the membership was £99 then maybe (plus cashback). Odeon bosses need to realise, things have change. Customers would rather stay at home with Netflix. Cinema has changed forever thanks to covid.

Thanks for the kind words about the offer we have with this retailer but I would advise to contact the retailer with this feedback so they can pass this further within their teams for the future

Best wishes
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