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“Your property…. now belongs to Negan” I’m sure this was the last thing Darryl Dixon needed to hear after he’d already had his iconic crossbow and motorbike pinched in the first half The Walking Dead, Season 6. But this was how the mid-season interval left us, with Darryl, Abraham and Sasha stopped in the middle of the road by a blockade of dodgy looking chaps on bikes. (Did anybody else wonder how long those guys had been pitched up across that road on the remote chance a car was to drive by?)

Yes The Walking Dead returned to our screens this week with a bang, courtesy of one Darryl Dixon! He along with Rick and co are back to bring us more horror thrills and gut spills than perhaps many of us dared to think the series would deliver when it first hit our screens 5 years ago.

I’ll admit, when Rick first woke in that hospital, I didn’t expect that we’d all still be following his attempts at survival (and fierce beard growth) years on. I thought it would be cancelled after season one and wouldn't dare to deliver a no holds barred horror series. Well, I got that wrong and I’m very pleased I did!

Slogan T-Shirt

"If Daryl dies we riot"

While there’s doubtless times when we get those episodes where nothing seems to be happening and it wanders around lost like a lost zombie in desperate need of a brain, it does have a very real habit of making you come back for more. We’ve all invested in the core characters and the fact that you can now buy yourself a t-shirt that says “If Darryl Dies, we riot” shows just how much we care what happens to them. Seriously, if Darryl dies there might be trouble! (Check out Amazon for a range of these slogan t-shirt designs)


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For a character that wasn’t even in the original comic book creation, he’s become a central part of the series, to the point where the writers are probably daring each other to be the one who takes him out! Will he survive this series we’re wondering? Will Rick? Will the characters finally learn that when they think they’re alone in a wood, there’s probably a zombie hiding around the next tree?

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The Walking Dead Compendium

Let us know what you think is in store and also see what the The Walking Dead was originally like without Darryl by picking up The Walking Dead Compendium, Volume 1 and get cashback to boot! (Keep it away from your kids though – like the series, it takes no prisoners)

You’ll need a brew to calm your nerves, so show you’re support for Darryl by picking up your own The Walking Dead Darryl mug from Zavvi for £7.99 or show Rick some love and your friends that you know how to handle zombies by proudly displaying either of these very different Rick Grimes models on your desk. (Which would you choose?)

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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

But it’s not just The Walking Dead that’s delivering the zombie fun. Hitting the big screen this same month is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! Yes February is now Zombuary, as we get double the helping of zombie apocalypse!

While The Walking Dead will deliver us a serious imagining of what the world would be like in a zombie filled world, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is going to bring us an action packed, karate kicking, potentially tongue lodged firmly in cheek, take on an oft told tale. Now this is a costume drama I can get on-board with! Jane Austen’s characters all re-imagined, with Mr Darcy as a zombie killer and Elizabeth Bennet a martial arts expert. What’s not to like?!

Wondering who thought up this mash-up?

Check out the original book, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and again, save yourself a few pennies for the dark nights!

While watching any zombie film or The Walking Dead, I’ve often wondered what would be my plan if the world was overrun with zombies. While the Shaun of The Dead plan of make for the pub and "wait for it all to blow over" is tempting, I decided that I’d make for the sea. You never see zombies riding speedboats do you? So I’d jump on a boat, take up fishing and "wait for it all to blow over".

But what would you do?

While you’re enjoying the return of The Walking Dead and the release of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, let us know what your plan would be if you were in Rick and Darryl’s shoes. Would you make for the sea like me? Would you make for the pub like Shaun? Or maybe you’re not thinking about that but have a really good argument as to why Rick’s beard should have its own spin off series? Let us know and together lets prepare for the invasion of zombies to our screens this month.

Get ready zombie fans…………….they’re coming!

TopMovie_Lyndon17 Feb 16 - 17:21 Hi Member228874466926

Thanks for the comment and great post too!

I would have to agree that zombies don't really scare and I fancy my chances in an out an out sprint race against one! (Unless its the World War z breed, as I recall, those guys could run! ) But I do find those poor lurching chaps highly entertaining!

The Walking Dead seems to have gotten around the slowness of the lurching zombie by inventing the Ninja Zombie. He travels unheard and then suddenly appears from nowhere to attack! :)

I think films like Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead almost pitch zombies perfectly in a sense, where they are approached with a sense of humour and fun.

Bring on the zombie mayhem I say!
17 Feb 16 - 14:02 Zombies never scared me. Are they even meant to scare? Why do they need to feed anyway? They don't breath, that's for sure, and although I am a little rusty with regards to gcse Biology, I think you need to breathe and eat to produce the fuel that a body runs on. Zombie bodies are dead. How do they function? Magic? If so, why the need to eat but not breathe? Zombie, you are one confused so 'n so.
What i'm saying is the poor old Zombie isn't at all frightening and I doubt that it was ever meant to be. "Eek! It's very slowly shambling towards me! I'd better get hold of the nearest ...Anything, and use it to bash it's sodden little skull in!" The Zombie is a blood fuelled punchbag just waiting to spill its guts for our amusement in a number of colourful and entertaining ways.
Zombies...Horror's little try hard.
Great blog, though! ;-)