Who ya gonna call? - Ghostbusters

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“Who ya gonna call?”

If you didn’t respond with a resounding “GHOSTBUSTERS”, then NASA want to have a chat with you about how you’ve survived living on Mars for the last 30 years.

Yes there’s something strange in your neighbourhood this July as Ghostbusters makes its long awaited return to our screens.

Like so many, Ghostbusters is easily among my favourite films. So you can probably guess that as this new rebooted version looms into view like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, crushing all before it, I have mixed feelings and share many fellow fans fear that it’s going to slime all over us and leave an ectoplasmic smear across our treasured memories of the original.

But whether the new version proves to be “a disaster of biblical proportion” or a truly awesome classic, it does give us the excuse (not that we need one) to once more bask in the joy of the original film and ask if the makers of the new Ghostbusters can match the success of its originator!

 “What are you supposed to be, some kind of cosmonaut?”

The imagery of Ghostbusters has become one of the most iconic in movie history. The Ghostbusters Jump suit and Proton Pack have become a ‘go to’ costume for fancy dress. We all know the logo instantly and we all recognise Slimer, Mr Stay Puft and Ecto 1.

I remember as a kid watching Ghostbusters for the first time, initially enjoying it as a spooky comedy after I’d jumped through my own skin at the ghost in the library. (I still to this day think all libraries are meant to be haunted!) But then Ecto 1 burst out of the Ghostbusters HQ for the first time and Dr’s Venkman, Stantz and Spengler were first seen in the now famous Ghostbusters get up. It was then that the film just leapt from being good to being something special.

Nothing like this had been seen before and the director himself has said that he knew they were on to something special when he first saw the guys in the full gear.

With the new film on the horizon, can the film makers match the visual impact and surprise of the original? Can they make the Proton Pack any cooler than it already is and ghosts that have the same combination of being spooky yet hilarious?

If this were being treated as Ghostbusters 3 (which from the trailer it does seem to be a remake rather than a continuation), then designs could be seen as evolution. But instead is there a danger it could be seen as poor imitation? Let’s hope not. Let’s hope they’ve developed some really cool new gear that remains faithful to the tone of the original and with the modern day effects, can really “bust some heads!” (In a spiritual sense of course)

“Get Her!”

For any fan of the original films, the book Ghostbusters: A Visual History, is a must see.

A visual treat, this book has more imagery and information about the making of the original films than Egon has “Spores, moulds and fungus” in his collection.

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Ghostbusters Book


“Yes of course they’re serious.”

About being funny! Ghostbusters was the perfect blend of story-telling and comedy. Dan Aykroyd and the late Harold Ramis (who both starred in the film as Ray and Egon) wrote some truly memorable lines and classic exchanges.

The sign of a good film is the volume of quotes that make their way into popular culture and the original Ghostbusters was jam packed full of them.

“Don’t cross the streams”, “He slimed me” and “Who ya gonna call?” are just a few of the lines that have made their way into popular culture and can be heard thrown into everyday conversation.

Now can the new Ghostbusters match its predecessor’s wit and charm? It’s up against a classic script that melded comedy and adventure seamlessly. So even if the writers of the new script have put together a wall to wall belly laugher, will those lines make it into popular use?

We haven’t long to find out and you can relive the classic script before watching the new film by picking up the original Ghostbusters on Blu Ray and DVD.



“But the kids love us”

Both big and small, kids love Ghostbusters.

The Ghostbusters franchise span off The Real Ghostbusters cartoon series, Ghostbusters toys and a multitude of other merchandise that the GhostBusters logo adorns

I think Lego must’ve felt a weight of expectation when designing their Ghostbusters set. Once they did Star Wars and Indiana Jones, I think Ghostbusters was the one everyone was waiting for!

Check out what they came up with! The Lego Ecto 1 surely can’t fail to please both the big and the little kids in the family!


Ghostbusters Lego

Now will this film carry the same popularity that will see Lego versions of these new characters or cartoon spin offs just as before? Will it provide a new generation with a thirst for more adventures? It’s certainly a giant task to try and match the success of the original.

What do you think? Are you slowly turning into ectoplasmic goo in anticipation of the new film release or do you have a feeling similar to mine, that remaking a film that so influenced popular culture feels like drawing a silly moustache on the Mona Lisa?

Like all good Ghostbusters, we must remain open minded to the endless possibilities. So Hollywood, bring it on! Do your best to match or surpass the original, as just like the Ghostbusters…

”We’re ready to believe you.”

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