Captain America: Civil War – Whose side are you on?

Posted on 25 Apr 2016 Posted in  How To Articles & Handy Tips
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Captain America

"…the safest hands are still our own."

So says Captain America in the trailer to the much anticipated latest offering from our friends at Marvel in Captain America: Civil War.

Yes it seems that the Captain and Iron Man are about to butt heads about whether their own brand of justice and protection should be allowed to continue unchecked. Given the path of destruction left at the end of each film related to our mighty Avengers, you’d have to admit it’s a valid question!

If film were real life (imagine the holidays at Jurassic World!) there probably wouldn’t be a city left standing by now given that every scuffle Captain America, Iron Man and friends have tends to result in extreme damage to every building, bus shelter and post box within a Hulk’s jump of the action! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The trailer certainly promises more bang for your Bucky as we get to see a host of our best costumed super heroes facing off with each other, including the first appearance of Spider Man into the mix! Admit it, your inner nerd did a cart wheel at the appearance of the Web-slinger with Iron Man didn’t it?

But whose side would you choose in this battle of the heroes?

Would you side with Iron Man? Do you think the Super heroes, no matter how perfect their intentions, are just huge vandals, using the attack of aliens from the gooey green planet of Snotball Seven to feed their ego’s? Or do you side with Captain America and think he, Hawkeye and chums should answer to nobody and the world should be thankful for their over-exuberant help in defeating the latest mad scientist’s robotic inventions?

Comment below and tell us who you’d choose and share the blog with your friends and see if you’d be shoulder to shoulder or facing off with each other like Cap and Stark!

Captain America DVD

The Captain America films I’d have to say are the surprise package for me from Marvel. I admit that when I sat down to watch the very first Captain America, I did so thinking it was going to be pretty boring and that the character was going to be too squeaky clean for me to find interesting. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how his character has developed through the films and genuinely thought The Winter Soldier was a great ride! In fact, in preparation for the release of Civil War, I think I’ll give Captain America: The Winter Soldier another watch! (Get some money off the Captain America:The Winter Soldier blu ray with TopCashback)

If you’re into your movies (and you probably are if you’ve read this far!), you may also want to check out all the other great merchandise. Why not treat your young heroes to a Captain America Action figure while you indulge in a visual feast with The Art of Captain America: Civil War. I’m yet to purchase this one, but I’m a fan of "The Art of" books and they are the perfect visual treat for any film fan.

Star Wars DVD Star Wars DVD

Thinking back on which side I’d fall on, while I think Iron Man is as cool as an ice cream in the Antarctic, I’d keep governance out of Super hero affairs and allow them to defend us unburdened, planting me firmly with Captain America. Besides, imagine the paperwork involved if you let Government decide when Captain America and Iron Man can defend us or not. The pair would be sat waiting for top level clearance while the Alien overlords have enslaved the human race!

But tell us who would you choose? Are you with Captain America? Are you with Iron Man? Are you, your friends and family now at Civil War over the rights of super heroes to level cities in the protection of humanity? Let us know and join the fun as we build up to the release of Captain America: Civil War.

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