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Hi all,


Here in the Top CashBack office we're very proud to announce that we now have a Brand New Forum! It's a great place to come and discuss all things cashback related, whether it's the amount you've saved on a fantastic deal or a quick question you wanted to ask our fellow members. There are so many benefits to using the forum, but here are just a few of them...

Learn more about the site

If you're new to Top cashback, the forum is a great place to learn about the site. The forum includes threads specifically for new members, so you can find out all you need to know about the site and its many benefits. The forum is designed to be a friendly place for members to help each other and share their experiences of Top cashback. You can ask any question you like, or you can see what questions other people have asked - they may be thinking along the same lines as you!

Find the best bargains

We have a special section devoted to deals and offers. You can keep up to date with all the best offers and great deals that the merchants are currently offering. It features new cashback rates, voucher codes and merchant deals to help you find that bargain you were searching for. You can even add a great offer you've found yourself - all you need to do is click on 'Post New Thread' and you can share the latest great deal on the Top CashBack site.

Feedback and share your ideas for the site

The forum gives you an opportunity to give the Top CashBack Team any feedback you may have. So if you've got any ideas for the site, you have the opportunity to voice your opinion. There might be a merchant you'd really like to get cashback with or a way to make the site easier to use. Whatever it is, post on the forum and have your say, Top Cashback wants to hear from you!

Have a chat in the Cashback Café

If you just fancy a light hearted chat, then go to the cashback café. You can relax and share your bad jokes, or discuss your day with fellow Top CashBack members. The forum is quick and easy to use. If you're already a member of Top CashBack, simply login with the same details as you would for the Top CashBack site. If you're new to the site, not to worry, all you need to do is create an account. All this requires is your email address and a password of your choice. Once you've done this you can comment on any thread you like, or create your own thread! So if you have a question or a topic you'd like to discuss, don't hesitate, log on and share your thoughts!

We'd really like to hear what you think about this exciting new venture, so feel free to comment on this blog or even hop over to the forum and tell us in there! Discuss This Blog.

The Top CashBack Team

P.S. Remember - you can access the forum at any time simply by clicking the 'Forum' link, which is next to the 'My Account' or 'Sign-Up' button at the top-right of the every screen.
alfielucas319 Feb 20 - 10:57I have tried to cashout on an amount the best part of £200, i’Ve never cashout before and it says I need to amend the email, i’Ve never had an email, when it says resend email a red box saying it can’T resend it at this time appears, i’M so frustrated as I desperately need this money and have been trying for over a month, i’Ve sent 10+ Tickets giving both my phone number and email and had no reply other than the standard “We’Ll get back to you shorty” Please help
Member116819443040907 Nov 19 - 20:22I bought flowers on lovely flora world on 13th April. The cashback I should have received was £5.94. I have sent a nudge and got the message saying its gone to my account. There has never been anything sent to my account.I don't know how many messages I have left without any response what's so ever. This has been on going since April. I realise this site is free and really appreciate it but the adverts on the tv states how easy it is to get cashback!!! Really. Feel somewhat let down
Regards Wendy

Hey Wendy,

I am sorry you feel you have not received any answer for this issue. Please check your claims and support tickets if you have lodged them as the team will be replying there and if you still need help please contact our team and i'm sure they will reply with further help.

Best wishes

Manish_Nair06 Oct 19 - 12:27Could you please look into my account. I have sent repeated request to resubscribe as its showing I have unsubscribed since last six months now and I am getting no response from the customer service team.
I would appreciate if someone look into this at the earliest and resolve it.
Funny enough I am getting automated emails confirming my request to resubscribe.
Am really frustrated by this and would appreciate if someone cld resolve this at the earliest.
Manish nair

I have spoken with the team and they have sent you an email about your issues. Please bear with this and reply to the email if you need any further help.

Best wishes

Dean Marchington05 Oct 19 - 11:37Forum link doesn't work.
Modern Rugs cashback does pay out, all of my orders from there are pending, the longest one was 7 months ago.

If you are having issues please submt a support ticket on your account and our team can take a closer look for you

Best wishes

robsyuk14 Jul 19 - 11:18Is anyone else having issues on samsung phones?
I have had an iphone for 7yrs and always tracked perfectly.
Changed to a samsung and it hasn't tracked once.
Its brand new with cookies turned on.
Anyone else have this with Samsung 9
It may be worth making sure all your web tabs are closed and also all open apps are closed too. This can help :)

Best wishes,
Rachel Aston08 May 19 - 22:06Hi

I've now posted 4 job tickets to try and resolve a payout query dating back to October 2018. I've received no reply to my last 2 queries. I'm trying to withdraw cashback thatis showing as available on my account, however it won't let me input my bank details as it keeps saying my email address is invalid.

Please can you help!!!

Been really disappointed in the service from tc.


Our team have replied to your tickets but we can't send you the email to say we have for the same reason you are having issues confirming your changes.

If you view your open tickets you'll see the team's reply and support.

Best wishes,
Rosiedrew26 Mar 19 - 06:45Hi

I don’T want money in a wallet.

I press the tab payout and then what?

Also, Where do I put in my bank details?

You can add your payment details on your profile details page, selecting the payment details tab on the right hand side.

If you have transferred this in error please submit a support ticket so our team can assist,

Best wishes,
petewils02 Feb 19 - 10:04Hi Team
Ive recently made three purchases and none have tracked, a virgin Sim - which ive now cancelled, a Three Sim - again now cancelled, and last using my works laptop, virgin broadband, should I cancel and try again or what is the chances I can submit a successful missing cashback claim?

Definitely for the Virgin bb I cleared my ie cache and was using dns?

Mr. Frustrated
Hollyzak12318 Jan 19 - 13:43I purchased electric and gas for sse last July 2018 as £80 Cashback it says it takes 22 weeks now January and still nothing it’S been on confirmed for months now.
capricorn5826 Feb 18 - 18:09I purchased items for £15 from superdrug as TopCashback said I would get the money back from them ie have it for free. This was over a month ago now but it will not let me withdraw the £15 back into my account. I found there website so confusing. I have sent 3 messages to them now with no joy whatsoever. They are not even answering my questions that I have asked, they are talking about something totally different when I get a reply from them. I am beginning to think it is a scam now. First of all they said I cant withdraw because I gave wrong bank details, and I am 99% Sure that I gave the correct details but cant check what they have as it only shows a couple of numbers and then *** For security reasons, so messaged them and got nowhere with that, tried again to withdraw with paypal and it wont let me now, it showed up before that I could use paypal and now saying I cant. It is saying my £15 is there and payable but when I click on payable now it just goes straight to update my details, which I do not want to do. I have sent messages explaining all this but get nowhere and ridiculous answers that are nothing to do with what I need to know. Not sure what to do now, I will be taking it further
Hey capricorn58,

I have just checked your ticket and can see this has been sorted by our team. I understand if you are affected by a tech glitch it can be annoying until we get this sorted and I can assure you we have worked to get this issue resolved as a priority.

Best wishes,
Matt from TopCashback
jigglymp9909 Dec 17 - 15:43Has anybody else had trouble getting cash back from TopCashBack? Are the cash back claims true or is it a scam. Signed up for broadband with PlusNet in Sep, supposed to get £70, not seen a penny, raised a claim but all is quite from TopCashBack. Beginning to think this all a con!
Anyone else agree?
We pass over to members millions of pounds each month. To do this we do need to be paid from the merchant.

Should you have any specific questions please raise a support ticket so our team can assist.

Best wishes,
ITSFORMARK12 Nov 17 - 19:40Hi there, after several weeks of trying to get a reply from TopCashback I have resorted to leaving a message here. My trouble started when I changed my banking details in my profile. His was followed by a message on my dashboard that I need to confirm the change from a link in an email sent to me. Each time I ask it to resend the email it says 'unable to send'. I have not received any emails and despite sending 3 requests via support tickets there is no response from TopCashback. I have cash waiting to be collected. Sorry, but after many years of using this site it has become very buggy and the staff are unresponsive in my case,
Hi itsformark,

I can see each support ticket has been replied to but I have a feeling you wouldn't have got the email to let you know about this for the same reason as we’Re unable to send your change confirmation email.

If you load up your open tickets our team have got some advice for you to resolve this.

Best wishes,
KaterinaS27 Nov 16 - 15:28Hi,

I made two orders one at asda and one at Pepe Jean today, none of which show up in my dash board. Also I referred a friend and although my friend authenticated his account, it doesn't show as confirmed under my dashboard either. What is going on? I feel like nothing is working..
Hi there, I am sorry that you feel this way! If you could get in touch with our Customer Care Team via the Customer Care section of your account, we would be happy to look into these queries for you.
Best wishes,
robmar0se22 Nov 16 - 08:3722nov16 - daily xmas draw dailt clue not showing, just rotating circle - another program bug?
Hi there, apologies for the inconvenience but I am happy to say this issue is now resolved. Good luck on the next clue! Best wishes, Samantha
ic45125 Mar 16 - 21:01Well, that didn't last very long, did it?!
06 Dec 10 - 11:51Itook out aa insurance for my car, to start 8th June 2010, because with cash back, it was the cheapest. I am still waiting for my £26 cash back. It is now 6th December 2010.
20 Nov 10 - 08:43I subscribe to Insider Score, and that is correct there has been scant insider buying. Insider Score's market wide buying indicator tracks very closely my sentiment indicators.I appreciate the concern which is been rose. The things need to be sorted out because it is about the individual but it can be with everyone. I like this particular article It gives me an additional input on the information around the world Thanks a lot and keep going with posting such information.
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paulsport200318 Nov 10 - 19:35I have a bt accont every thing is ok on for me look in your span box it my have go in there
Valerie_A_Wilson18 Nov 10 - 11:44Not all bad news tho' car ins thru' kwikfit using site resulted in cashback. Thanks TopCashback.
Valerie_A_Wilson18 Nov 10 - 11:42Leng1579 probably hits the nail on the head with this one. Whilst I was/Am an electricity customer I signed up thru' TopCashback for gas & Got nothing. I am a new gas customer so don't really get it. Don't npower realize I can go elsewhere as a new customer & Get cashback?
Chrispy218 Nov 10 - 11:17I bought my Co-op car insurance on TCB last Jan.
I got cashback for using this site, cashback (points) for using my Tesco credit card and Co-op points for the insurance. All for just one purchase, fantastic, can't be beat !!
Speedy18 Nov 10 - 10:59I like the way the forum logs you in straight away, without having to register again as on most other forums ! Niiiiiice
Speedy18 Nov 10 - 10:22I think the forum is a great idea to share deals and ask questions about various issues etc. Well done. @Brettonboy, I think you should post this in the forum - I don't think it's a comment particularly related to the blog article and I presume is exactly what the forum is for. :-) Thanks again TCB!
dianeskem18 Nov 10 - 10:22Does anyone no of the best none purchase offer cashback as a lot of the 90P comps do not show.
horrido18 Nov 10 - 09:53Why are they so bad at paying up on time?
debbiej18 Nov 10 - 08:59I can't recommend you enough to friends and work colleagues. They think you're too good to be true and don't quite get it, but when I explain how much cashback i've claimed, they're in. It's a no brainer!
leng157918 Nov 10 - 08:06Further to brettonboy and his issue with morethan, I also have had same problems with Aviva, or as it was known as Norwich Union, it is not just with this site, but I think more with how we use them for quotes, then sign up. As with most of these sites, they wish us to register all our details with them, hence when we go back and do the deal, they then see us as a returning customer, hence not a new cuatomer, and no cash back.

After using this and other sites for several years, I am aware it has happened many times by all buisnesses, where we have to register our identity. Travel agents, most insurance and banking organisations, even larger hotel networks. A simple method I have used, is to change my email address, but not fool prove by any means.

Although furstrating as it is, I still can get benefit from these sites and if worked properly can even get as much commission back to give myself a good treat, anything to stop these cold caller commission based junkies in knocking on your door at any hour, for buisness, without giving you time to thoroughly research all the details.

3 cheers for TopCashback.
traceyj6918 Nov 10 - 07:58I changed gas & Electrictiy suppliers which I was looking to do and switched to Scottish Electric (the company I was looking to switch to as cheapest!) And did it through Top Cashback and saved money on my monthly payments and also received £140 into the bargain. The money came in very handy allowing me to buy a new tent (also through Top Cashback) and earned me another £10 cashback! Happy days!
andrew2k1218 Nov 10 - 01:20Truly the best cashback site on the net
17 Nov 10 - 23:27Has anyone else had the experience where they bought insurance from More Than > Due to the promise of cash back and didn't get paid? Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert) suggests some insurance companies may use this technique to attract lucrative business without meeting their promises.
TopCashBack_Olly17 Nov 10 - 20:58Hi Member111350058558

I'm sorry you've had trouble with your bt Cashback. I wasn't aware that it is difficult to complete this particular transaction online. Have you tried sending an enquiry to our admin team - they might have heard of this happening before and have a suggestion.

Alternatively, of course, this is exactly the sort of thing that other members might be able to help with over on the forum.

I don't think anyone is actually trying to con anyone here - if anything, it is just problems within the systems of that site not allowing transactions to go through to completion.

I hope that helps a little
17 Nov 10 - 20:45Despite repeatedly trying to sign up to bt through Topcashback I am always unable to complete the transaction. I am then contacted by bt asking if I want to complete, but Topcashback say I will not qualify if I do that. I think it is a big con.
superdancer17 Nov 10 - 20:39I have nothing but praise for the cash back system, just started my xmas shopping by ordering from Debenhams and items delivered and cash back on systm with in 2 days.
17 Nov 10 - 20:16What a good idea. About time you got yourself a forum. Glad to see that the forum is already live and buzzing.