£1,000 Prize Giveaway with our Travel Selfie Competition

Posted on 08 Aug 2016 Posted in  Tips & Updates
Travel Campaign

Grab your passport and your bikini (or mankini) we want to talk holidays. From the Bahamas to Bora Bora it’s time to show off your summer glow with our latest competition to win a share of £1,000 cash! All you have to do is take a selfie of yourself on holiday, post via our Facebook or Twitter with how much you saved with TopCashback along with the hashtag #topcashbacking and you’re in with a chance.

Whether it’s cultural towns, beautiful beaches or the stylish skylines of a city break we want you to give us some inspo from your latest adventures. Whatever the weather you can’t beat the excitement of booking a break (and of course not forgetting cashback!) We have over 600 travel merchants who all offer great deals on your holiday, wherever your destination of choice may be, make sure you don’t miss out on earning cashback.

Our members’ current *favourite travel merchant is Hotels.com . Allowing you to book the hotel of your choice from around the world in over 200 countries plus earning cashback; this retailer offers you a great deal on your latest holiday. Check out their sale and make it a summer to remember.

‘So how do I enter this fantastic competition’ I hear you ask? Well it’s simple - send in your holiday selfies via our Facebook or Twitter post along with…

Facebook - ’@TopCashback I saved money on my travels, did you? #TopCashbacking’

Twitter -  ’@Top_Cashback I saved money on my travels, did you? #TopCashbacking’

...and you will be entered into our prize draw. The competition ends on the 31st August and the 3 winners will be announced on TopCashback Facebook and Twitter page on September 2nd 2016. Please see below for prize details.

The Prize - “Show me the money!”

It’s a cash prize that will be added into your TopCashback account and you will be able to withdraw this at any point.

There are 3 cash prizes up for grabs;

The winner will receive £500 within their TopCashback account

The 1st runner up will receive £350 within their TopCashback account

The 2nd runner up will receive £150 within their TopCashback account

The winner will be announced on Friday 2nd September, good luck! 

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*member favourite travel merchant is based on transactions number from January 2016 to date.

Please read terms and conditions here.

Hilalispax31 Aug 16 - 13:49Somehelp here plz
Nathanreed8827 Aug 16 - 21:30Hi,

Will you be disqualified if you enter more than once? I misread the rules and thought it said Facebook and Twitter so I posted on both. I can delete one post if needed?

Thanks i'm advance,

hamza85dz25 Aug 16 - 16:03Thank's
Mustapha12322 Aug 16 - 17:28Good
atefa721 Aug 16 - 18:16I have four month in it and he dont pay me anything I dont understand when will pay

Hi atefa7,

Once you click through and make a transaction it should track within 7 days. Following this we estimate when we will be paid for the transaction and you can find when this is by clicking on the '+' Next to the transaction on the earnings page. If this doesn't appear on your earnings page or passes your estimated payable date please send in a support ticket so our team can help you out further.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
abdurrauf13 Aug 16 - 07:21After how many days we can payout our referals amount???
yaraajeeb12 Aug 16 - 13:20Thank you very much and I wish you success
nourtoxic12 Aug 16 - 01:58Brilliant
HANI4407 Aug 16 - 04:49The cash back site is brilliant,
ss0955_01 Aug 16 - 00:37The cash back site is brilliant,
Abbeystead31 Jul 16 - 13:53Briilliant site, have told all my family and friends and they,re thrilled as well. Not had a holiday since 1996 so think i,m about due one.
carolinecordery30 Jul 16 - 20:01Hi can we make 2 entries on Facebook and Twitter or do we have to enter just once on one of them? Thanks
bluejazz18 Jul 16 - 21:57Another great idea from TopCashback .Love there competitions
Member122611558714417 Jul 16 - 19:34I love to go on holiday it be nice to go to coast and visit my family
Member53340174022717 Jul 16 - 19:27I have'nt been on hoilday for about 11 years it would be nice to get picked for it
lifesagame17 Jul 16 - 14:09Aint been on a holiday in 9 years .Can only imagine
ROADBLOCK13 Jul 16 - 12:47I am not on twitter or facebook. I have m.H.Issues, and don't really want to be on them just now. Can I enter as i'm going to a caravan this year, in Bonnie Scotland??. Thank You Very Much. Xx.
Baloo6912 Jul 16 - 20:34Topcashback site is fab...Only being this since April this year and have enough to put a deposit on a holiday. Thank you
firozjariya12 Jul 16 - 14:20Holiday is one thing when you think about it makes you feel happy and adventerous,every one should have a holiday atleast once a year to get away from daily life and stress.When you are on a holiday you dont remember any thing about your hom life,its magic,makes you feel peace ,calm,happiness and makes you feel young,atleast thats the way I feel
Catrionaother09 Jul 16 - 08:25Hello there,

Your t's & C's say nothing about whether you're allowed to enter more than once, or on both platforms. Also, no mention of how the winner will be picked; at random? By a judge?

Are you able to clarify please? And update them?


I can confirm you are only allowed to enter once. The winner will be selected completely at random which is not based on the image they upload. This is the fairest way we can draw these prizes at random. There certainly is not any judging involved.

Best wishes,
TopCashback Support
Vishal_Shah06 Jul 16 - 23:25Most of the companies including one of the biggest online retailer I work for do announce such thing but, then they give these prices to their staff or friends and family!!!
Hi Vishal_Shah,

I can’T comment on how other places run things but here at TopCashback we abide by the terms of the competitions and award the prizes to our members. These are in line with the competition commission's guidelines. The draws and games are completed fairly and are awarded to the winners we announce.

Best wishes,