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Posted on 23 Mar 2015  |  Posted in  Deals & Competitions, Tips & Updates
I have a three bed set bungalow that I live in alone I can't clean it due to my disability. So any tips are very welcome :)
  31 Jul 15 - 17:51
I hate cleaning the oven the most.
  10 Apr 15 - 19:27
I hate cleaning the oven!
  10 Apr 15 - 10:08
I really hate cleaning windows. They are difficult to reach, there's way too many in our home, and I never seem to get them streak free.
  07 Apr 15 - 19:53
I find washing up and hoovering tiring
  31 Mar 15 - 19:53
Yup that's it
  31 Mar 15 - 10:43
Just too much water!
  30 Mar 15 - 23:18
Too oily
  30 Mar 15 - 16:14
The kitchen floor is a problem as my back is bad but windows are irritating as they seem to look fine after cleaning - until the sun shines!
  30 Mar 15 - 12:21
I hate the start and middle bit of cleaning and am not to thrilled at the end of it because I have had to do the first 2 parts just to get to that point - Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  30 Mar 15 - 08:33
I'm over 6ft. My vacuum has definitely been designed (with evil intent) for people off a smaller stature than I possess. I hate it with a passion!
  29 Mar 15 - 18:50
I hate cleaning the underneath of my bed and tables and behind shelf. Especially when in summer the dust that stayed in there for a long time with spiders and bugs! Places that can hide is just hard to clean them!
  29 Mar 15 - 17:01
I hate emptying and cleaning the bin!!! But find now with having 2 kids that having a clean house is almost impossible, there is no end of cleaning every day!
  29 Mar 15 - 16:17
Hate washing dishes with a passion. Love the dishwasher
  29 Mar 15 - 14:23
I hate it that I can clean the house and it stays clean for a couple of hours until the children and hubby get home, then its back to square one and it all starts over again the next day
  29 Mar 15 - 14:11
That is never stays done! End up spending a precious day off doing chores ??
  29 Mar 15 - 13:45
Especially when I get caught out by moving furniture to discover I have only done the bits you can see!
  28 Mar 15 - 11:23
Ironing. Nasty
  28 Mar 15 - 09:49
Windows.......They are the worst job......Both inside and out!!!!!!!
  28 Mar 15 - 08:08
The beginning, the middle an the end. Which isn't even the end because it's then time to start again. Argh!
I'd rather have a life and support the economy by providing employment- bonus!
  28 Mar 15 - 00:01
I think vacuuming right through is the worst as my back always hurts afterwards, but really i'm totally exhausted with it all. I seem to spend my life picking up the kids things and cleaning the whole house to a shine only for it to need doing all over again 5 minutes later. I am so tired and would love a short break from it all.
  27 Mar 15 - 20:35
I hate it all. Life's too short to clean. Please come and help me :-)
  27 Mar 15 - 17:53
Cleaning the oven!
  27 Mar 15 - 14:56
I hate trying to get all the grease out of my oven.
  27 Mar 15 - 12:11
I hate cleaning the shower. I can never get the limescale off! :-(
  27 Mar 15 - 11:52
It's the oven I find the hardest there loathe, especially with the grease as i've never been one to want it on my hands.
  27 Mar 15 - 08:02
I hate hate hate hate hate, lol cleaning the oven, arrrrr the worst job everrrrr
  26 Mar 15 - 22:47
I hate cleaning the bathroom, around all the nooks and crannies, not my idea of fun!
  26 Mar 15 - 21:37
I hate cleaning the oven as it never seems to get clean, despite giving it a good scrub!
  26 Mar 15 - 18:38
I hate cleaning the hob after my husband has used it as its always covered in baked on food
  26 Mar 15 - 10:25
Dusting and floors
  26 Mar 15 - 00:09
Absolutely detest doing it!
  25 Mar 15 - 19:48
I hate cleaning the oven!
  25 Mar 15 - 16:20
I hate doing the bathroom, esp Toliet - EwWw
  25 Mar 15 - 15:46
I hate cleaning the oven and cleaning bathroom
  25 Mar 15 - 12:39
I hate cleaning the bathroom!
  25 Mar 15 - 11:51
Oven and hob - the worst!
  25 Mar 15 - 08:52
Has to be the Cooker and tiles around it. I love cooking but am not the tidiest of cooks! Hate cleaning the cooker so much!
  25 Mar 15 - 06:49
Don't like cleaning the bathroom, especially the toilet!
  25 Mar 15 - 04:17
I still need to 'properly' clean my shower and cooker from the previous owner. They are both usable, but not clean.

No idea where to start - gave them both an attempt but need someone with some experience and knowledge of what they are doing :( my first place of my own!
  25 Mar 15 - 00:28
Definitely the washing up!
  24 Mar 15 - 23:25
I hate cleaning the cooker, the grill and the oven are so difficult to clean
  24 Mar 15 - 21:51
Cleaning the b***** Oven!
  24 Mar 15 - 21:23
I hate hate hate cleaning the bathroom - especially the shower tray. Yuk!!!
  24 Mar 15 - 20:37
The toilet!
  24 Mar 15 - 19:49
Back of the damn fridge!
  24 Mar 15 - 19:46
I hate cleaning the bathroom, but worst of all is the oven!
  24 Mar 15 - 19:38
I hate cleaning the bathrooms!
  24 Mar 15 - 19:05
I hate cleaning the cooker hood - it is greasy and awkward to reach all of it.
  24 Mar 15 - 16:33
Cleaning the shower, as within a few days of cleaning, it needs it again. The only other thing I hate almost as much is cleaning the oven.
  24 Mar 15 - 13:54
The shower screens, it's a constant battle to keep them sparkling clean!
  24 Mar 15 - 13:46
You spend hours cleaning the kids bedrooms and 10 minutes later the kids have then wrecked again
  24 Mar 15 - 13:44
Cleaning the oven and bathrooms. I am going back to work full time soon after my maternity leave so would love this!
  24 Mar 15 - 13:23
I refuse to own an iron I hate ironing that much. Hate changing the bed covers too - make the other half do it lol
  24 Mar 15 - 13:23
Everything at the moment as I am 38 weeks pregnant. Generally though I despise cleaning the oven, ironing and dusting!
  24 Mar 15 - 13:19
I hate cleaning the oven
  24 Mar 15 - 13:17
Has to be the oven, gets so disgusting and even when you think it must be clean by now, you find more grime!!! Now I put tin foil n the bottom so I don't have to do it as often:)
  24 Mar 15 - 13:04
I am petite so I hate cleaning windows
  24 Mar 15 - 12:45
I hate cleaning the oven the most its a nightmare :(
  24 Mar 15 - 12:45
I bloomin' hate it!
  24 Mar 15 - 12:26
The worst job is cleaning the oven. I can never get it clean enough.
  24 Mar 15 - 12:23
I really dislike mopping the kitchen floor. It's never long until it's dirty again with my two boys muddy footprints!
  24 Mar 15 - 11:52
Cleaning the bathrooms! Hate it :(
  24 Mar 15 - 11:52
The floors - it's back breaking stuff and I can never seem to get them clean enough!
  24 Mar 15 - 11:41
The oven (and hob) - hate the idea that it just gets dirty again once you've cleaned it.
  24 Mar 15 - 08:34
Cleaning the windows - never seem to quite get rid of all the smears!
  23 Mar 15 - 14:56

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