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trainline Reviews
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Ok for buying train tickets
Most of my train ticket purchases have tracked and I’ve received cash back. I wouldn’t use this to purchase a railcard again, cash back didn’t track, and when I raised a ticket the retailer asked for a different customer reference - which doesn’t exist, so I received nothing.
  FWhitehead90 | 06 Jul 2024 Report Abuse
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Very difficult
Nearly all transactions declined by Trainline as they said they could not trace the purchases :( Extremely disappointing service
  Nurdings | 03 Jul 2024 Report Abuse
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Almost immediate cashback
I always receive cashback very quickly from Trainline
  Valyyt73 | 02 Jul 2024 Report Abuse
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Just don't bother - buy directly from rail company sites
They don't even trust their own email confirmation and Purchase ID - saying they can't locate the transaction. It's not worth going via as they also charge a fee, whereas other rail companies are free (GWR, LNER, Natinal Rail, etc.). Avoid at all cost.
  rojroj | 27 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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Awful for cashback
The app and website are great and I have never had any problems using either. Every time I've ever tried for cashback though, it gets refused without exception. No idea why.
  NobFox | 26 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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*AVOID- waste of time**
Two cashbacks declined as they didn't track initially as Trainline say they 'cannot locate the transactions?! Despite the fact the date/ time and reference supplied came from.their app! Don't waste your time.
  foggy27 | 19 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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Still waiting 3 months + after travelling!
Travelled 24th Feb, didn't track so had to raise missing payment. This was submitted to Trainline on 6th March, it's now 7th June and still no cashback. This is Ridiculous! I won't use again, will use another travel merchant instead next time.
  Fl0wers | 07 Jun 2024 Report Abuse
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Suddenly stopped receiving cashback from them
I used to receive cashback on every trainline order I made whether on a desktop or the app. I had no problems up until after January 2024. I no longer receive cashback, it doesn't even track on my earnings page so I've had to open up missing claims for at least 3 times I've used Trainline via Top cashback. I'm not impressed since I've followed the rules every time but to not even track, shows that it's an unreliable system.
  ShawnieShawn | 22 May 2024 Report Abuse
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good service
easy to get cash back
  Hingchow | 19 May 2024 Report Abuse
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very poor, don't rely on the likely wont be paid.
delayed & wasn't looking likely to be paid. Goodwill from Topcashback redeemed the situation. Thanks
  NVO | 03 May 2024 Report Abuse
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I never get any cashback
I don't get any cashback from trainline. The topcashback website doesn't even say that I have a cashback from this site.
  sunjo17 | 03 May 2024 Report Abuse
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Trainline Tracking
Unfortunately this retailer always tracks the cashback at the wrong rate. It is frustrating to have to raise a missing/incorrect cashback incident on all transactions.
  Tink 1967 | 02 May 2024 Report Abuse
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Beware if buying a railcard
On two occaisions trainline has paid the minimum cashback when I have purchased a railcard (for my wife and myself). Once may be a mistake but twice - and read the other reports below which say the same. Straighforward if purchasing a train ticket but maybe go elsewhere for a railcard.
  JFDavey | 23 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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Trainline cashback - ALWAYS wrong!
Trainline NEVER apply the existing card holder discount to a claim. They always apply the basic minimum amount which catches anyone out who doesn't check. Then when you do check and see it (which is EVERY time) you then have to apply for it through TCB customer services. Trainline should apply the correct amount back.
  Mark Rutherford | 09 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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Payout takes very very long
I had to claim my payout that took 8 months and the payable took another 7 weeks. I would earn more from the interest rate.
  sagarwal1 | 08 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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Use all the time
Always happy and will continue to use.
  Torin88 | 02 Apr 2024 Report Abuse
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Cashback expected £2.52 only got 24p
Will not bother again.
  Santana123 | 08 Mar 2024 Report Abuse
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Cashback nowhere near advertised rates
Advertised cashback rates for Railcards are 21% cashback for new Trainline customers and 7.35% cashback for existing Trainline customers. So far (since November 2023) I’ve been awarded 5% cashback for my wife’s (new Trainline customer) Railcard and less than 1% cashback for my (existing Trainline customer) Railcard. I feel liked I’ve been conned into buying via Trainline when I could have possibly got a better cashback rate elsewhere…
  Francist | 01 Mar 2024 Report Abuse
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Refuse to honour offered cashback
They offered (and still offer, as I write this) 20% cashback on Railcards. I bought a £30 railcard, and all they'll offer me is 50p, not the £6.00 I should get. Do not trust these people, they seem to have good offers but good luck actually getting the cashback they claim to offer...
  UK_Surfer | 01 Mar 2024 Report Abuse
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Thank you for the cashback
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  RobertNational | 22 Jan 2024 Report Abuse
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Cashback processed rapidly but miserable cashback rate.
Really fast and efficient cashback processing, just a shame the rate is so miserable on everyday train tickets.
  hgjohn | 18 Jan 2024 Report Abuse
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Ridiculously unexpected low cash back
Two transactions. Initially for a railcard, then for a ticket purchase. Instead of an expected 20% cash back on the purchase of the railcard it is showing as 15p. Instead of 5% cashback on the train ticket purchase it is showing as 30p Laughable. Claims lodged immediately, but why should this be necessary. It’s not difficult. Do not expect cashback on this site
  896929120 | 16 Jan 2024 Report Abuse
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Never receive cash back!
Since being a member of TCB I have never received cash back from Trainline
  vh1207 | 20 Nov 2023 Report Abuse
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Paid out within about a month.
Fast payment.
  Member386845888826 | 19 Oct 2023 Report Abuse
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Inaccurate cashback rates
I a uk railcard as a new customer and therefore should have been eligible for a 21% cashback at the time of writing. I only received 5.2%
  willtwood | 12 Oct 2023 Report Abuse
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