Winter Is Coming And I Can't Wait

Slow Cooker

Charlotte, a member of the TopCashback team offers her take on winter & 3 reasons why it’s better than summer!

I’m just going to come out and say it. I don’t really like summer.  I realise that this statement to some people is borderline criminal but I just don’t enjoy summer and here’s why – I suffer from hayfever. So for the majority of the summer months I resemble an asthmatic hamster that’s just run past a pepper mill. I am not blessed with the body of a goddess and so the idea of wriggling on my denim hot pants is traumatic for me and anyone else involved. To add to all this, I am of a pale complexion and five minutes in the sun and I resemble a Frazzle (remember those bacon crisps).  All in all, I’m no summer lover.

As soon as the Strictly Come Dancing adverts appear, a slight dewiness on the grass of a morning and the mere mention of “oh the nights will be drawing in” I am excited. Autumn is a precursor to Christmas, and to all the things I really do love about life. And it turns out, once you mention the heretic statement above of “I hate summer”, many people secretly confess the very same thing! So grab your scarves, throw your flip flops out the window and enjoy five minutes of reading about the treats of the colder seasons!


Slow cooker food

Ah! Just writing it has made me feel all snuggly in my chair! Using the slow cooker is a tasty and economical way to get a good meal in the winter. Cheaper cuts of meat can taste equally yummy once slowly cooked in a lovely juicy stew plus if you top it off with dumplings or some crusty bread then you’ve got a meal to really fill you up! Not only is it tasty for your team but it’s really thrifty to be able to use any leftovers as lunch the next day.  If you don’t own a slow cooker then it might be a plan to invest in one. Although there is an initial expense you will reap the rewards of the investment.

Here are 3 of the best –

1 - Crock Pot SC7500IUK £44.99* – best for an all-rounder and get cashback at Currys

2 - Russell Hobbs 3.5L Slow Cooker  £27.00* – best for couples and small families plus get 4.72% cashback at Tesco Direct

3 - Morphy Richards 6L Partitioned Slow Cooker £39.99* – best for larger families wanting to cook a variety of meals at the same time. Also get 1.57% cashback at Argos

The idea of knowing when you return from work there is a hot & economical meal waiting for you genuinely makes me happy – just think when you open the door of that smell wafting its way to you a la Bisto Twins style!


Winter TV

I’m sure many people would argue that you ought to do something more educational with your time but to be honest I love a bit of winter TV and this year looks to be a bumper year for documentaries, period dramas, and of course, the ubiquitous Strictly Come Dancing & The X Factor. Downton Abbey has returned to our screens along with Sherlock, Doctor Who and new series Peaky Blinders on the BBC. All of these shows provide great value for money entertainment when it’s lashing it down outside and the thought of a night on the tiles would be rather a wet & expensive affair!

Christmas – yes I said the “c” word

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year”, well it is according to ‘60’s crooner Andy Williams and to be honest me too. I love Christmas and thankfully I’m surrounded by people who do too. Christmas can loom in the distance like a tinsel festooned expensive creature during the autumn months but it doesn’t have to! Why not jump on the craft band wagon and make each of your relatives a present? There are loads of kits around or helpful instructions online. Or, how about setting aside an amount each week from now onwards to help towards the Christmas bill?

And as cheesy as it sounds, enjoy the winter months and remember that it’s the thought that counts!

*Please note that prices and cashback rates were correct at time of posting this blog, however these are subject to change and should always be checked on merchant page and website before making any transaction.

Posted on 16 Oct 2013  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary, Tips & Updates
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