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First Impressions


For most people starting university, the situation is this.  You’re in a new and strange city, surrounded by people you don’t know. Thankfully, the majority of students are in the same circumstances!

Your first week will include enrolling, signing forms, collecting keys and a lot of moving and unpacking. Once your parents have (finally!) left you to unpack, why not leave your door open? It’s a great way to meet the other people on your floor in passing. Once you feel you’re done, why not knock on a few doors and introduce yourself? Or head to your kitchen or common room? This is where you can start to have a chat and a brew with your new, all-important flatmates.

You will be given an itinerary, so once introduced; perhaps head down to some activities as a fun ice-breaker. For the evening, your Students’ Union will most likely be holding some sort of moving-in party, which is definitely worth going to. Again, ask your flatmates if they’re going and go together!

My biggest piece of advice though, is this. Don’t worry! Everyone will nervous and a lot may be shy too. Try and forget about the things that may hold you back and just put yourself out there! You only have your ‘first day’ once.

Fresher’s Fairs


Your university will hold a Fresher’s Fair where both national and local companies come together to ‘sell themselves to you’. The fairs are great for starting collections of pens, notebooks and freebies in general.  You’re more than likely to have takeaway companies and supermarkets give away free food too.



Your university will hold an activities fair in which the societies, clubs and teams will hold stalls to try and persuade you to join. Even if you’re not completely convinced by the society, put your name down anyway. They’ll invite you to a free taster session, which will probably involve fun introductory games. It’s a great way to meet people and get a feel for the society as a whole, so it’s going worth to! I joined two teams when I started university, and I found it great as I made good friends with people who have similar interests and hobbies!



Don’t worry, it hadn’t been forgotten…! For some, this is the dreaded and most nerve-racking part of starting university. However, your lecturers know this. A lot of faculties will hold a ‘Meet and Great’, or something along those lines. Mine entailed an introduction to the course, a unique team-building exercise and was finished with nibbles, AKA, free food. Who can resist! 

Out And About

Unless you’re lucky enough to own a car, most of your shopping and travelling will be done by foot or bus, so it’s best to get out there and explore! Try and find out where all your nearest supermarkets and bus stops are to help you. Check on your itinerary to see if there are any tours of town.

Put Yourself Out There


My biggest piece of advice is this. Whether you’re exceedingly shy or an outgoing extrovert, it doesn’t matter! What matters is the first few weeks of university and how you put youself across. Put yourself out there, buddy up with everyone, ask questions, chat to your lecturers and try new things! After all, these are the people and places you’re going to spend the next three years of your life at. 

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