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2015 Top Moments

It’s been a crazy year but we’re not quite finished reminiscing here at TopCashback HQ! From deciding a dress colour (making us question our future clothing colour choices) to the birth of the TCB Hummingbird, let’s take a look at our Top Moments 2015 and review just a few of our favourites…

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On the first line up how could we not put our infamous hummingbird rebrand?! Inspired by the symbolism of the hummingbird, we hope that you love our new logo just as much as we do! Moving on to 1D do we dare to mention any of the dramas in which surround this boyband? From the womanising ways of Harry Styles to the ultimate split, is it wrong to say that we’re hoping they will reform soon so that we can watch them dance and prance around stage one last time? Then get ready to say hello to the huge amount of savings that we all took advantage of…yes that’s right it the big, the bold…BLACK FRIDAY! A few retailers chose not to partake in this epic sales event but we hope you still managed to save a bundle whilst earning cashback! Last but not least in our first memory line up is the 5p plastic bag charge…but don’t worry we won’t be going into this one!

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Moving awkwardly and swiftly along from the 5p bag charge we enter the next stage of celebration, appreciation and determination. From losing the nations cherished Cilla Black to celebrating the women’s Football World Cup and although we didn’t quite make it we still stood strong supporting our rugby players as they battled their way through the Rugby World Cup! The next topic that we’re about to drop on to has had us questioning our clothing colour choices in all future changing rooms! Is it white? Is it blue? Even after confirmation we’re still undecided as to what colour the dress is and why our eyes are deceiving us – sneaky! Now love him or hate him you have to admit Jeremy Clarkson made Top Gear what we all know and love today, we just hope he doesn’t start punching for a better promotion in his new role anytime soon!

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Onto the final row of memories we’re taking you into a futuristic generation of travel – hooverboards! Revamping a skateboard into the modern world these have become the latest craze and we can only begin to imagine what the future holds for us (we’re rooting for time teleportation next!). The lady of the moment for 2015 award has to be given to Adele, not only has she broken the mould in terms of a typical modern musician image but her voice is something incredible that we all adore. It’s fair to admit that 2015 is full of even more amazing memories we just couldn’t fit them all in but these two films could not be forgotten that’s right we’re talking dinosaurs and robots! Jurassic park was back, bigger and badder than ever and if you dared to see it in 3D you could only imagine what it would be like to live amongst these giant, prehistoric creatures! The ultimate film however has to be Star Wars – globabally recognised as the biggest thing since slice bread, we were honoured to once again watch our favourite film stars battle it out against evil again with the goodies to prevail! Woo hoo! Last but not least was the beginning of something magical – that’s right the hummingbirds took over the website and invited our TopCashbackers to play to win prizes. From sweet Treats to Christmas Treats our hummingbirds took the website into a new age of fun that could be enjoyed by all of our members.


Wishing you all a very happy New Year and lets hope there a few good suprises still to come in 2016!

Posted on 31 Dec 2015  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
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