Can You Spot the Best Deals in the Supermarket?

Can You Spot a Good Deal?

Do you think you would pass a test to spot the best deals in the supermarket?

Our latest research, launched today alongside our brand ambassador Rachel Riley, put consumers to the test and found just one in 10 of us could spot the best deals among a range of prices, weights, units and deals.

As a result, we’re wasting nearly four hours dawdling in the aisles while trying to work out the best value and could be losing money on more than £500 worth of products each year.

Apparently, it’s products like fresh meat, laundry powder and vegetables that make us the most deal dizzy, which isn’t surprising given these products are usually priced on weight or number of units.

We had a quick chat with Rachel Riley about the results of the test and she said “It’s easy to go into a blind panic about numbers and switch off when faced with prices, weights and units in the supermarket. But, the brain is a muscle, and to keep as much money in our pockets as possible, we need to be exercising it.”

So, to ensure you’re ready to grab the best deals on Black Friday tomorrow, take our quick test to brush up on your maths skills.

You can have a go at proving the results wrong and winning £100 by entering our Spot the Best Deals quiz here.


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