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Posted on 24 Mar 2014 Posted in  Business Advice

 Primus Saver Business

This week Primus Saver are offering up to £120.75 cashback on their business phone and broadband deals, here's why you need to consider Business Broadband for your business:

Broadband is a key component for any business both large and small.  A good broadband business deal can help grow your business and improve efficiency, so it is important to get the right one. Unlike a consumer deal, a business broadband deal provides a generous monthly usage limit, offers more flexibility with packages and often includes dedicated business support team.


With the growing dependence on the internet it is essential that your Business has reliable, fast broadband. Although buffing is annoying when you are watching your favourite TV show it is far more damaging when your work force are struggling to access the internet on a Monday morning.

Consumer broadband suffers at peak times, with business broadband you’re not going to have to share your connection with as many users, meaning you won’t be sitting around waiting for your pages to loads at the busiest times of the day.

As a business you’re likely to have more than one person using the internet at one time, this too can be a problem with consumer broadband as caps on your usage will slow down your internet speed. With business broadband you won’t have these caps plus your upload speeds will also be higher, meaning you can transfer data to your customers faster.

Reliability and Customer Support

Consistent and reliable phone and internet connections are essential for most businesses. Reliability and a dedicated business support service is a key advantage of Business Broadband. If something does go wrong with your broadband it is important that it can be quickly rectified so not to impact productivity. Primus Saver has a dedicated Business Support team to ensure you and your business can run to full capacity at all times. The team is located in the UK and you'll have your own dedicated account manager, to ensure a smooth service should you need any assistance.

Primus Saver offers both 38MB and 78MB superfast fibre broadband, unlimited data allowance and a dedicated business support team to ensure you and your business can run to full capacity at all times. With price leading propositions and £120.75 cashback this week, Primus Saver is a great provider for any size business. Shop now as these great offers won’t be around forever. Packages start from £9.99 a month with the first 3 month for free. Their extensive range enables you to choose a package that is best for your business, from standalone broadband to more comprehensive packages with unlimited calls and data allowance.

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