Mike and Olly Strive Challenge Update - Day 5

Posted on 29 Aug 2014 Posted in  Tips & Updates
Virgin Strive Challenge

After day 4 had set a new pace for the Strivers, they were hoping to have some amazing views of the Matterhorn on day 5 of their hike from Zinal to Gruben. Before setting off the Strivers were warned by the guides that this treacherous part of the hike was notorious for getting lost, however a nice early start got them on their way and by 10am they had reached 1,800m altitude.

The Strivers powered on and managed to storm up the col in super quick time enabling them to take a little time to soak up the surreal views of the alpine landscape before heading back down to the next valley and town. Having reached the valley Mike found a river to wash in, but as picturesque as it may have seemed, the fresh water coming from the mountains was also freezing cold and Mike found himself shaking from the chill half an hour later!

At the end of day 5, the Strivers found themselves back at yet another dormitory where they all got their heads down for the night to prepare themselves for an 8 hour 1100m ascent!

As you could imagine, a mission as hard as this puts immense pressure on the human body. I don’t think any amount of training could prepare anyone for the gruelling 180 kilometres the trek entails; it comes as no surprise that some of the team were struggling on day 5 with cramps due to dehydration and most people were suffering bad blisters. Regardless of this, the Strivers are battling on which shows great determination to complete the challenge and raise money for a great cause, Big Change, to help young people develop into productive and successful adults.

We’re also running other fundraisers in and around the office for Big Change to support what Mike and Olly are doing, but also we are giving you the chance to donate via Mike and Olly’s just giving page, or ‘Like’ our Facebook page and we will give £1 for every like by 7th September 2014.

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