How to Haggle Like a Pro

He Who Dares, Rodney, He Who Dares

We all know that feeling of wanting to haggle, only to be held back by the sense that it’s a bit cheeky or will make things awkward, so instead we keep quiet and pay the price.

But our annual Haggling Index shows things are changing. We surveyed more than 2,000 adults in the UK and found people are being bolder and more fearless with their haggling attempts.

There has been an 11% increase in the number of us who feel determined and a 15% fall in those who feel embarrassed to try haggling. And it’s paying off. The 56% of us who regularly haggle are saving, on average, £477 each year – £20 up on 2018 and £62 up on 2016.


Posted on 27 Feb 2019  |  Posted in  'How To' Articles, Tips & Updates
My parents managed to get their house for £100,000 less than the asking price by being bold whats the worst that can happen is what my mums always said they may say no but no harm done but if u get a yes ur laughing & Save a load of money 2 🙂
  27 Feb 19 - 21:07
If you intend to barter just say will you take ** Instead of *** If they say no say ok and walk away slowly more often than not they will call you back to accept your offer
  27 Feb 19 - 18:56
Going into second hand shop and asking for £50 off couch. And that was that.
  27 Feb 19 - 16:04

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