Children's Christmas Gift Guide: All Ages, All Budgets

Posted on 02 Nov 2021 Posted in  Gift Guides , Games & Toys, Christmas Ideas
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The dust has settled on Halloween and Christmas is fast approaching. Are you thinking about what your precious bundles of joy would like from Santa? But only if they have been good of course. To help you out we have put together this handy gift guide for children of all ages to give you some inspiration.

Baby and Toddler

Looking at getting the perfect gift for your tiny human… How about a gift that you can take photos of and show in 20 years’ time whilst cooing over how adorable they were? not only has up to 5.5% cashback but also has a brilliant selection of personalised baby grows, fleeces & wraps that should do just the job.

Is your young one obsessed with animals or just generally needs another toy to hug and cuddle for comfort? Then what about a stuffed animal? With a wide variety of animals to pick from you can select their favourite and we are sure that they will stay in their lives for many years to come. Who knows you may even find yourself wanting one with up to 2% cashback at John Lewis

If you want to integrate play and learning, an essential life skill, then this Little Live Pets Gotta go Turdle toy is exactly what you need. Your little one can feed him “magic turtle food” and watch as he gobbles it down. Once he’s full, Shelbert will sing a “gotta go” song, prompting your child to place him on the toilet and let him do his business. You can pick Shelbert up at Selfridges with up to 7.7% cashback.

3-6 years old

At this age their personalities are starting to shine through, and the word ‘no’ is becoming more frequent in their vocabulary. To help make bedtime a little easier how about a star light projector to settle them into a good routine of starry skies and sleepy eyes. Check out Etsy for a fantastic selection of light projectors as well as up to 4% cashback and order now so that it reaches you in time for Christmas.

By this point we are sure that your little monsters are thoroughly enjoying their toys. So to help them with sorting and creative skills how about this Melissa & Doug Pattern Blocks and Boards from Bright Minds this encourages unstructured play and with the different shapes and sizes can help to nurture their imagination. You can get up to 5.46% cashback.

6-12 years old

Does your child have a sweet tooth? Then why not get them a slush puppie machine so that they can have an ice-cold treat when they bring their friends round. It can even double up as a fun thing on the side for family parties… just make sure that you’re on your best behaviour and keep the alcohol away. You can get up to 13.2% cashback at IWOOT.

Looking to spend more quality time together? Then why not purchase a game that the entire family can play. You’ll find that the hours will fly by and that they’ll be accompanied by lots of laughs & smiles. Just make sure that there is no cheating going on. There's lots of board / party games to pick from but you can’t go wrong with Monopoly. If you’re looking for something a bit simpler then you can find a variety of Top Trumps cards on a range of topics & subjects at IWOOT.

If you would like Santa to drop off something creative & constructive why not invest in a Lego set to give them something to build and to keep them occupied. It can also stand as a proud trophy of their creative achievements once they have completed building it… From Marvel to Unicorns, you’ll be sure to find something that the small ones will love to build. Get yourself up to 3.3% cashback on all online Lego purchases.


Unsure as to what your tricky teenager wants? Are they always on their phone, out with friends or stuck in their rooms?

If they're into sports then why not buy them some sports gear? A great idea is thermal clothing for the colder months when they are playing sports or exercising outdoors. Sports Direct have a great selection of colours, brands, and thermal accessories to keep them toasty. If they are complaining of aches and pains (most likely growing pains) then a massage gun would be a great purchase to help in recovery. Plus, with up to 6.5% cashback you're sure to save some money.

Another great option is an experience day from Red Letter Days with up to 20% cashback. This way you can get them out the house and select whether you would like to do something as a family or whether you want to let them choose who they take on the experience with them. It can be anything from sky diving, a spa break or something beneficial such as getting them started on learning how to drive or cooking lessons. It’ll be an experience that they’ll never forget that’s for sure.

If you are in two minds over whether they will like a gift or not, then why not play it safe and go for a gift card at one of their favourite stores. With our very own TopGiftcards you can get both a present and get cashback on your purchase.

Christmas Gift Guide Competition

For the chance to win a kids bundle worth over £60 follow the instructions below. This competition will run from 3:00pm on the 2nd November until 3:00pm on the 9th November. So, make sure to enter, and good luck TopCashbackers!

TopCashback Kids Gift Guide Competition

If you’ve got any gift ideas or have found any great deals, then let us know in the comments.

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Baba_Ann5114 Nov 21 - 08:18 Lego jigsaw puzzles
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Confirming I was going to be a nanny ❤️
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Even more fun than building models.
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Paulio904 Nov 21 - 19:03 Skateboard
Gwanny007 04 Nov 21 - 11:59 Shelbert 🐢 🚽 🤣🤣🤣 X Some imagination toy makers have lol x