Children's Christmas Gift Guide: All Ages, All Budgets


Do you remember a time before the internet, where you would compile your Christmas list by circling the best toys in your parents’ catalogues? Long gone are those days, so to help you figure out what to treat your little ones or bigger ones to this year we’ve put together this handy gift guide.

Baby and Toddler

Studio – up to 11.55% cashback

Traditional wooden toys are not a thing of the past. Studio has some lovely offerings most with personalisation touches that give your gift that extra special touch for the extra special wow factor on Christmas day, plus no arguing over who owns what.

Wooden Puzzle

Award Winning Personalised Wooden Puzzle - £9.99

The puzzles are not only beautifully made but they can also be cleverly stored in the beautiful wooden box for easy storage. There are many different styles to choose from including princesses and dinosaurs plus personalisation is free!

Farm Playset

Personalised Wooden Farm Playset - £24.99

Not only is this super, super cute but it can cultivate children’s perception of colour, in the game to train the children hand, brain, eye co-ordination. Again there is free personalisation.


Toy Box and Desk

Personalised Convertible Toy Chest and Desk - £39.99

 Practical and looks beautiful this toy chest gives you somewhere to pop all those toys ready for dinner. It also swivels to double up as a seat or a desk, what more could you ask for.

Lightinthebox – up to 28.05%

Bath time doesn’t have to be dull this Christmas with an amazing range of fun toys from Light in the Box. We have to admit we are a little jealous they are made for children and not adults.

Dolphin Bath Toy

Dolphin Fish - £17.65

This is a creative toy to help with co-ordination and be fun. You little one can spend time trying to catch the fish rather than you trying to catch them to get into the bath.

2 in 1 Whale Spray Water Squirt Toy - £15Whale Water Toy

This bath time treat has it all! You can use the whale on its own as a spray toy or pop it onto the base for music and lights to dazzle and entertain. Safe to chew and super cute, this would make an ideal gift.


Crab Bubble Bath Toy

Crab Spit Bubble Machine - £29.13

This cheeky chappy has to be one of our favourites. He spits bubbles, plays music and provides so much entertainment, we might just order one for ourselves. Not only can this be used for bath time but also in the summer outside for double the fun.

3 to 6 year olds

Claire’s Accessories – 10% exclusive cashback

Claire’s have such a lovely range that can be used as stocking fillers or main presents. Whether your little one is happier in princess pink or is an edgy rock chick, Claire’s have something suitable. Here are our best picks:

Claire’s Club Range

Unicorn Outfit

Claire's Club range is specifically designed for ages 3-6 and is always one of the best-selling product ranges throughout Christmas, so it is sure to put a smile on your little one’s face. Carefully constructed to be suitable for the younger generation to grow up and find their own style safely. We love the Claire's Club Rainbow Glitter Unicorn Dress Up Set for only £12.99 which includes a three-piece set to let you child’s imagination transform themselves.

Floral Messenger BagWho can resist the adorable Claire's Club Ditsy Floral Crossbody Messenger Bag with 30% off it is only £8.40. The lovely polka dot and floral patterns that are super fun mean your mini-you will always want to wear it, freeing up your purse for your own belongings.


Make-up Sets

Pink Glitter Make-up Set

Claire's Club Mini Glitter Mega Case Makeup Set comes fully stocked with 8 eyeshadows, 2 lip glosses, 1 blush, 3 lip colour pots and 5 different applicators to use. Imagine all the different looks you can try out with this! It can double up as handy storage when the make up is used up so you can get two uses for only £15 as there is currently 40% off.


Frozen Make-up SetWho doesn’t want to transform into a pretty princess? We know we do so this Frozen 2 set is perfect. This set includes 1 lip balm, 4 eye shimmers, and 2 lip glosses in a clear blue purse and with 25% off brands it is only £10.50.



Wowcher – up to 8.8% cashback

Wowcher is fantastic for a deal and children’s toys are no exception this year. There are so many to look at and choose from with some amazing mind boggling deals.

Kids’ Toy Tools Set with Power Drill - £16.99

Toy Tool Set

Have you got a budding builder or just trying to train your child into the art of DIY for use later in life? Then this is the gift for you. It features a toy a builder’s helmet, a workbench, a hammer, a saw, pliers, a wrench, a tape measure, a screwdriver, nuts and bolts and it has the option of coming with a toolbox for a little extra too. Down from £39.99 you are making a massive saving with the cashback on top.

Kid’s Toy Hair Salon Set - £8.99Toy Hair Salon Set

As their hair grows your cherub is going to need some skills to keep up with the trends. This gift will certainly help maintain the barnet with one hairdryer, two combs, one clip, one perfume bottle, two sets of scissors, one bag and one cape. The hairdresser small talk is optional.

Wall Climbing Car Toy

Remote Control Wall Climbing Car Toy - £12.99

A remote control car that has a floor mode, yeah that is pretty standard. We hear you but how about a car that has wall mode too along with some cool lights and can spin 360 degrees! Well you will be the talk of Christmas with that and there are two colours to choose from.

6 to 12 year olds

Shop Disney – up to 4% cashback

Disney never fails to disappoint, with such a diverse range there has to be something that hits the right note to produce smiles. We could list so much more here but stuck to a few favourites for you to mull over.

Black Panther Gloves

Disney Store Black Panther Gloves With Battle Sounds - £20

Battle sounds! Ok we can’t contain the excitement on this one and pretty sure neither will the recipient of this gift. If these gloves don’t have you shouting Wakanda Forever then we aren’t sure what will.

Funko The Child Pop FigureFunko The Child with Sorgan Frog Pop! Vinyl Figure, The Mandalorian - £10.99

If The Mandalorian as it has in ours then your little darling is sure to enjoy any of the Pop! Vinyl Figure range they have. Our favourite must be Funko The Child because let’s be honest, he is just the cutest.

Nightmare Before Christmas Jumper

Disney Store Jack Skellington Sweatshirt - £30

If you haven’t introduced your child to The Nightmare Before Christmas yet then quite frankly you should stop what you are doing and hop to it now. Then they can enjoy looking stylish and fabulous in this sweatshirt, we especially love the back detail.

The Works – 10% exclusive cashback

The Works have a great range of gifts that can be fun and help your child learn something at the same time. Whether it is science experiments or building skills you will find something to keep them occupied here whilst you have to make the Christmas Dinner. Plus, they are so many to choose from that are in the 2 for £10 offer, we have listed some of our favourites here for you that are included:

4x4 Motorised Off-Roader Toy

Science Club Motorised 4x4 Off-Roader - £7

Test their engineering skills with this fun activity. They have to build the car before they can take it for a spin. Once built you can create really fun simple courses using books for hours of enjoyment.

Cosmic Bath Bomb Creation Kit - £7Bath Bomb Kit

Making your bath a fun colour is always a magical time. Now your little one can decide on the colour by making their own bath bombs for themselves and friends. The kit comes with everything you need including fragrances, colours and of course glitter!

Science Kit

Explosive Science Set - £7

Don’t be alarmed by the name this set will help your child learn the magic of volcanic eruptions, exploding balloons and more. Get them excited about science and educate yourselves together in a fun way.

Lego – 7% exclusive cashback

Foster their imagination and love of creativity with LEGO®. There’s sets for all ages, whether it’s a Christmas present for the little one’s (that the big kids can join in with), a new family tradition building your Gingerbread House or a magical countdown to Christmas with their amazing Advent Calendars. Here are our LEGO® top picks:

Harry Potter Advent Calendar

LEGO® Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar - £24.99

The build-up to the big day has never been so magical. 24 days of Harry Potter™ surprises, for the little fans to play with and recreate scenes from the films. Who really wants chocolate anymore?

Central Perk - £64.99

For fans of all ages, get the collectible model of Central Perk to celebrate 25 years of the legendary TV show. Play out classic scenes and be amazed by the authentic details - it will feel like you’re on set with the stars…

Lego Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House - £84.99

Say hello to your next family Christmas tradition. Packed with seasonal charm and intricate detailing this is a centrepiece for your home. You’ll want to make this house life-size with its glowing fireplace, candy-style furnishings and cosy interior.


IWOOT – up to 12% exclusive cashback

More gadgets and cool trinkets in one place than you can imagine, your teenager is sure to turn into a ray of sunshine and might even put down their phone for a while, even if it is only to charge it.

BurgerTime Arcade Game

Dreamgear Retro Arcade 6 Inch BurgerTime™ Micro Player - £14.99

If they like games then why not take you both back to the good old days of the arcade and buy a mini version. Peter Pepper is sure to keep you both playing for a while with his hilarious antics.

Marvel Iron Man Power Bank Lumina 6000MAH - £17.99Iron Man Power Bank

Low battery will be an excuse of the past for them not getting back to you with this snazzy power bank. If Marvel isn’t the big deal in the house there are some other versions available on site too.


Red Letter Days – 16.5% cashback

Indoor Surfing Experience

Red Letter Days have so many great experiences that will get your teen up and out of the house. From animal experiences to cooking lessons to even racing days there is something to please even the moodiest of teenagers. If you can’t decide you can always get the Teens Gift Experience Voucher for £49 and let them decide from lots of different activities.

Found any more great deals? Let us know in the comments.

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