Avoid Scottish Powers price hikes switch and get up to £80 cashback

Posted on 09 Jun 2011 Posted in  Tips & Updates

Avoid Scottish Power's price hikes: switch and get up to £80.80 cashback with TopCashBack

With this week's announcement that energy giant Scottish Power's gas and electricity prices will surge by an enormous 19% and 10%, respectively, in a couple of months' time, if you're one of its 2.4 million customers who'll be affected, act quickly to switch to a cheaper tariff and get up to £80.80 cashback via TopCashBack.co.uk.

What's more, regardless of your supplier, if you've never changed energy provider before it's likely you're paying over the odds; so you should see if you can get a cheaper deal too.

Right now, and exclusive to TopCashBack, npower is offering new customers £80.80 for a dual fuel switch on its 'Go Save' tariff, or it's £40.40 for the 'Sign Online' tariff instead. Single fuel switches will get £40.40 or £20.20 depending on the package chosen.

Yet this exclusive deal ends on Sunday (12th June) so you'll have to get in before then to secure it.

Alternatively new customers can get:

  1. Up to £60.60 cashback for Scottish and Southern Energy
  2. £55.55 cashback on a dual fuel switch to E.ON (or £25.25 for a single fuel switch)
  3. £20.20 cashback on a dual fuel switch to EDF Energy (it's £10.10 if just opting for its electricity)

But it's a good idea to use an energy comparison site first to establish who your cheapest provider will be, as it'll depend on usage and where you live.

The good news is these offer cashback on TopCashBack too, provided you decide to let them do the legwork and make the switch happen.

You'll get:

  1. £32.32 at EnergyLinx for dual fuel switches, or £16.16 for a single
  2. £30.30 at uSwitch for dual fuel switches, or £15.15 for a single
  3. £24.24 at Confused.com for dual fuel switches, or £12.12 for a single
  4. £18.18 at Which?Switch for either a dual fuel or single switch
  5. £14.14 at Energyhelpline for either a dual fuel or single switch

Although Scottish Power's charges increases won't take effect until 1 August, it may take a while to move over to your new provider so it's worthwhile making the change now to minimise the chance of the switch becoming effective after the price leap.

Why use TopCashBack if you're going to switch energy supplier?

Not only do these cashback amounts include 100% of the commission the providers and comparison sites are paying us but there's a minimum 1% TopCashBack bonus thrown in, as a reward to our members. And depending on how much you use the site each month, you could be eligible for up to a 10% top-up.

What's more, when the time comes to cash out, if you opt to be paid with Amazon vouchers we'll give you an extra 5% boost.

Just remember to clear your cookies (these are little pieces of information left on your computer by sites you've previously visited) before you use our links and switch to help ensure your sign up gets tracked on our system. You can usually do this just by going to your internet browser's 'tools' menu and 'clear browsing data' option.


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