Apple Watch Series 3 - With EE

Apple Watch Series 3 with EE

The Apple Watch Series 3 is here, bringing more technological advances to your wrist, and by doing so, further breaking the ties to your phone.

This isn’t just a smartwatch – it’s a fully connected, 3G and 4G enabled device that allows you to make and receive calls, send messages and use apps (all with the same number as your mobile) without the need to have your phone nearby.

That’s all thanks to a niftily redesigned SIM card which is now just 1/10th of the size of a regular sim, and an antenna system that uses the watch’s screen to send and receive data.

Apple Watch Series 3 with fabric strap

While Apple Watch Series 3 looks similar in design to the previous iteration, there are a few changes to look out for.

You can now get the watch in a greater variety of colours, with the addition of a new gold aluminium finish, along with silver and space black stainless steel models.

Apple have also rolled out a new black ceramic model. And finally, if you so wish, you can find the Apple Watch Series 3 in Nike and Hermes editions. So there’s always plenty of choice.

Apple Watch Series 3 in Ceramic Black

Apple Watch Series 3 is currently exclusive to EE, thanks to the fact that EE are the only network to have the technology in place to support the watch’s mobile-less connectivity. And EE have made it incredibly easy to pair the watch up with your mobile contract.

With no upfront cost for the 38mm edition, and a £29.99 payment required for the 42mm edition, you can get unlimited data on your Apple Watch Series 3 for just £25 per month. And because it shares your mobile number with your phone, you can leave your phone at home without worrying about being out of touch.

Posted on 26 Sep 2017  |  Posted in  Deals & Competitions
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