Behind the Scenes Update

Hello Everyone

Sorry for not updating everyone more frequently after our last Diary Blog.

Firstly, I would like to say, we are really appreciative of all of the support we have received. We really did expect a much more mixed reaction, but the support received has been virtually overwhelmingly positive and we really would like to thank everyone for that.

When we raised the issue publicly, we were extremely worried by the prospect of another site effectively forcing us to change our great advertised offers over and again, unless we took some action. I’m pleased to say that (as suggested by a number of posters onto the blog), we have taken legal advice and it seems that there are indeed anti-competitive laws against this type of behaviour by a dominant competitor.

I do have to apologise though – our solicitors don’t feel we should post too much more information (although I don’t think there is necessarily anything legally stopping us – but the advice is not to – so we feel it best to listen). Just to keep you informed though, I should say that we have been busy and sent off letters stating the facts of the case to relevant parties. With any luck, that will be the end of the matter and we can all move on with our work and continue to provide the best service we possibly can.

Once again, thanks for everyone’s help on this matter. You have all helped to guide us with your comments.

Best wishes to all.

Posted on 24 Aug 2009  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
Rabb5it, I have noticed similar goings on before - one of the major accommodation providers prices increase if you go via TCB (probably any affiliate). I think an offer on a bb website disappeared in the same way.

Tip: only if the offer/Tariff is better than the cashback, open the site via TCB, leave it open, then open it via a new tab/Window & Buy.
  17 Jul 10 - 21:05
I read some negative views of Scottish power & The cashback process. Here's something I have just discovered. Using comparison websites & Confirming with Scottish power's website, my cheapest tariff is Online Energy Saver 9.

Using TopCashbacks link, this tariff is not listed. The cheapest for me is more Online Energy Reward Dual Fuel which is £50 more.

I then phoned Scottish Power sales & The girl told me that Online Energy Saver 9 had been withdrawn 'a long time ago' When I pointed out that it was listed on their website she just said 'we don't sell that anymore.'!!!

To conclude, Scottish Power doesn't seem to know if it is offering this tariff or not and they are not giving the full range of tariffs to TopCashback purchases. Is TopCashback aware of this?
  12 Jun 10 - 10:32
Scottish power link not working any ideas?
  27 Apr 10 - 17:54
I have just jumped ship from the above- and completed my first trade here - I much prefer the categorisation and search facility for retailers on tbk.

Yes there is a certain amount of arrogance at q - their new website is a disaster, I suspect that TCB should be able to benefit from a number of disaffected users.
  03 Dec 09 - 08:38

As I have been waiting many months for my scottish power payment I would be reluctant to advise anybody to go to them. Rft
  06 Nov 09 - 10:27
Good for you boys. The legal route is exactly right. Yours is the only cashback site I use and i'll continue to do so.

And to anyone who thinks this could be a pr stunt, any pr practitioner worth the space they exist in would not come up with something like this as a stunt. We have ethics too and are absolutely not in the business of making things up to gain an advantage - if there is an advantage to be gained from this, which I doubt. If that's what you think then you fundamentally mis-understand what people who work in pr and marketing do for a living.
  12 Sep 09 - 12:16
Good to hear that things are being sorted! I hope things are settled very soon.
  09 Sep 09 - 09:29
I am relatively new to cashback, and very impressed so far. It's so easy to use! I am very glad you highlighted this issue as I feel it is symptomatic of a bigger issue.
I feel that people are turning more and more to smaller online businesses as you get a better level of service. I feel the internet has to some extent allowed consumers to regain control of the market.
If you get good service you can go back, if you don't there's plenty of choice to go elsewhere.
This sort of bullying and attempting to control what we the consumer is offered is exactly what we don't want to allow to happen.
This isn't just about what is happening in this instance on this site, it is about protecting our right to choose the best offer that is genuinely available- not the one that one company thinks we should be offered! Since when did 'you're not allowed to do that because it means you'll get more customers than us' become fair business practice.
I am happy to support Topcashback in this fight, as it will set precedents that will affect out freedom of choice in other areas too.
And I would like to thank all of you at Topcashback, not just for the chance to get free cash though that's always welcome, but mainly for this peek behind the scenes, and the chance to voice our opinions and offer our support. I believe we are all sick of greedy bullies controlling markets. We want freedom and choice and fairness, and being kept informed allows us to make our own decisions about what suits us.
  08 Sep 09 - 11:04
Excellent news.
  07 Sep 09 - 22:02
'Keep your head,whilst all others are losing theirs' Dear Topcashback and all your supportive team,you definately have the 'right approach & Attitude'.This is reflected in your honest and open info regards'other affiliates',who will in future 'rue the day' they tried sway the market their way!!!
You are a successful site,with abundant member support,which undoubtedly they did not appreciate before initiating that issue.
I am a fervant supprter as are evidently all your members.Keep focused and smile with heads held high!!!!!!!!!!
  03 Sep 09 - 12:10
I see that you are now offering £150 cashback for Virgin again , have you made some progress with your dispute , or is this just coincidence ?
  02 Sep 09 - 21:22
I have to say I think these dirty tricks are disgusting, I have a fairly good idea who it is as I am sure many others do, and because of this from this moment on TopCashback is the only site I will use from now on, plus when there has been problems with chasing up cashback, your company is much more reliable, please keep up the good work, and thanks to Olly, who has chased up any of my missing claims in the past, with news like this you can only get stronger and bigger, I am closing my account with the other company now! Good luck to your future, our no 1 cashback site.
  29 Aug 09 - 00:38

I think its highly unlikely any Legal action has been sort or is being taken. Instead I see a clever piece of marketing by a company looking to gain an advantage in the market place ( all be it very sly and maybe un-ethical).

It happens everyday in the business world, thats why pr is such a big business in its own right.
  26 Aug 09 - 17:00
Big fan of TCB, and I have to say you've handled this well. Good effort with taking a strong stance - hopefully should prevent it happening again.
  26 Aug 09 - 11:20
Good fight it all the way!!
  25 Aug 09 - 20:15
Thanks for the update. Sounds sensible to just go the legal route, rather than the mudsllnging (tempting though the latter might be)
  24 Aug 09 - 22:01

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