5 Things You May Not Think About Taking To Uni


You’ve just had those A level results and your next step is moving onto university. Moving away from home is one of the biggest steps to independence anyone can take and can be very hard to remember everything you need to pack. Whether you’re planning to visit home every week or only go home in the holidays you will more than likely need the following items on your checklist.

First Aid Kit
Whether you’re a bit of a home cook or a massive party animal – no one plans to injure themselves, but, from time to time things happen where you might need a plaster for a sliced finger or a bandage from a fall from those 8 inch killer heels.
Make sure you invest in a good quality kit with all the basics to cover any eventualities from painkillers and plasters to cold symptom relief.
You could pick one up from Boots with upto 8.4% cashback*.

Tool Kit
One of the biggest unnecessary costs to students is reductions to their deposits for simple damages around their Halls or Student Houses. Just small accidents can lose you a lot of money at the end of your tenancy which could be avoided with just a basic tool kit. Make sure it includes the usual items such as a screwdriver, hammer and an adjustable spanner and possibly even some small decorating tools such as filler and a small tester pot of paint (when you know what colour your walls are). It is known that some Student Accommodation companies can charge around £300 just for redecorating your room for a small blemish in the wall.
To avoid these costs you could pick up a cheap tool kit from B&Q and earn upto 4.2% cashback* in the process.

Alarm Clock
You may wake up after a full 8 hours with sunlight beaming through your window nice and easily or you’ll more likely be using your phone alarm at home with your mum popping her head in every 5 minutes to wake you because you’ve had nothing to do all summer, but when you move to uni, from day one in freshers, things will be different! You’ll be burning the candle at both ends and getting by on just a few hours’ sleep because you want to have a good time and maybe impress your fellow freshers but you’ll also be keen to get into uni in the morning – until, that is, you sleep straight through your alarm or learn to turn it off in your sleep! The best way to avoid this is to invest a bit of money into a decent, loud alarm clock and place it at the other side of your room, this way you’ll have to get up to turn it off (hopefully before the annoyed light sleepers are banging on your door to turn it off).
Wilko have a great range of alarm clocks at great prices and with upto 4.2% cashback* you can’t go wrong.

Mattress Protector
You might think mattress protectors are for children and just for inconveniences in the night, but these are actually a handy tool for students too – and not because students wet the bet (although this could happen when you come home from a night out, crash in your clothes and don’t wake for 16 hours) but for other unfortunate events such as when your having drinks in your room and the brightly coloured beverages get thrown across your bed or when you’ve fake tanned to heavily one night, come to change your bedding and theres a big orange silhouette of you on the mattress! Unfortunately your accommodation provider will charge you for a new mattress when things like this happen. Not only does a mattress protector prevent you marking the mattress, but it also forms a barrier between you and the person who slept in the bed before you, and the person before them… and the person before them!  With upto 5.25% cashback* you can protect your mattress and save from Mattressonline.

Mini Fridge
Often, when moving into student accommodation, you’ll have a shared fridge, and more than likely things will be used or go missing which can get annoying when it happens time and time again. Save yourself the stress by getting a mini fridge for your bedroom. This way you’ll be able to keep your desirables in your fridge and the less important stuff that you don’t mind being used or no one will use it anyway can go in the communal fridge. This can save a lot of arguments within a group of housemates, especially toward the end of term when your loan is running out!
These are available with upto 4.2% cashback* with minifridge.co.uk.

*Disclaimer- Please note that all the rates and offers are up to date at the time or writing.

Posted on 21 Aug 2014  |  Posted in  'How To' Articles, Tips & Updates, 'How To' Articles, Student Hub
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