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Top Movies 2016

Coming soon……… more movie magic in 2016!

Yes it’s a new year and while those resolutions to hit the gym harder than The Rock and Van Diesel combined may have fallen flatter than a bad joke at the Oscars, you can always resolve to give your eyes a prize and watch as many exciting movies as possible in 2016. (Now there’s a resolution even I can keep!)

As 2015 ended breaking box office records with the largely triumphant return of Star Wars to our screens, 2016 must’ve been waiting in the wings, scratching its chin nervously thinking how on earth it was going to follow that. Well it didn’t have to think for long as it had a number of cunning ideas up its sleeve. Ideas that would make Tony Stark’s Iron Man gadgets look as interesting as a completed Sudoku puzzle.

Winter Wonders - It’s snow time!

2016’s first cunning plan is to turn Leonardo DiCaprio into an 1820’s frontiersman, send him out into the snowy American wilderness and attack him with a bear! It sounds a little brutal on poor Leonardo doesn’t it? Well it’s a good plan as The Revenant is released this month to those gentle murmurs called Oscar Buzz that are often heard around this time. This film is receiving excellent reviews and boasts some stunning cinematography, to the point where on just seeing the snow filled trailer I suddenly felt extremely cold, had an urge to build and huddle next to an open fire and burnt a great big hole in the carpet!

Also playing in the snow right now is Quentin Tarantino and The Hateful Eight! I’ll admit that I’m not always one to hear the name Tarantino and feel a desperate need to buy a ticket (though I do invariably enjoy his films) but this one may be different. The idea of eight wild-west strangers taking refuge against a blizzard in stagecoach stopover and realising they may not all come out alive was cool anyway. But throw into the mix a soundtrack from Ennio Morricone, the man who brought the classic spaghetti westerns of Clint Eastwood to life, and you can saddle my horse and pass me my hat because I’m off to the wild west! The only question is will it deliver?

2016 backs up these heavy weights in February with the next offering from the Coen Brothers in Hail Caesar! The guys that brought us Burn after Reading and No Country for Old Men are back, accompanied by George Clooney in what looks to be another quirky tale, this time a comedy about a kidnapped movie star. That same month look out for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. I’m personally looking forward to this film. It could be brilliant or brilliantly awful, but I’m yet to see a story that wouldn’t be improved with zombies! Who wouldn’t want to watch Bambi: Zombie Apocolypse?!

Springing the Surprise!

Once the winter passes, 2016 twists it’s moustache in a devilish fashion and unleashes its next cunning plan to surpass 2015. Bad guy versus good guy is so old fashioned it thought and so it set the good guys on each other. First up the Dark Knight takes on the Red Pants in the simply named Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Will Batman’s kevlar armour and super cool gadgets be enough to take on the man that’s so tough he can get away with wearing his underwear on the outside? We’ll find out in March. Then in May, it seems the sometimes frosty Avenger alliance between Iron Man and Captain America may be about to boil over in Captain America: Civil War. Early posters released show the two hero’s facing off in what’s sure to be another few hours of fun from Marvel Studios. Can’t wait until then? Why not buy your kids (but really yourself) a few action figures, set them upon one another and see who comes out on top! (Get a little cashback in the process if you go through TopCashback to buy!)

In between these battles of the comic book giants, Disney bring to us the live action version of the classic Jungle Book story in April. It will be interesting to see how they approach this film. The original cartoon was a classic Disney affair full of songs and fun, but on watching the trailer to the upcoming live action feature, it seems to be going for a little more of a serious action take.  Check out the trailer and let us know if you think this new approach will leave us astounded at its brilliance or longing for a cartoon dancing bear.

Summer Madness – Bringing out the Big Guns!

Now the special effects of a lot of the films mentioned already will have already wowed us by the summer, but 2016 isn’t finished yet as it has its arsenal of summer blockbusters waiting in the wings. This summer brings Warcraft, Independence Day: Resurgence, Star Trek Beyond, Tarzan and Ghostbusters to name a few. It’ll be a lot of fun finding out which of these mighty heavy weights really delivers a punch and which ones need new noses! But while I’m excited to see what these films deliver, it’s Steven Spielberg’s The BFG that has me really curious. Coming out in the summer with the afore-mentioned titans, The BFG has the potential to be a ‘little’ gem. But there’s also the challenge of taking on such a beloved book. I confess The Hobbit films have scarred me a little on the books-to-film front. Don’t get me started on The Battle of Four (I mean Five) Armies!

December Delights – 2016’s Grand Finale

Now even with all of the above films (and that’s only a select few) 2015 is probably sitting back saying “Yeah not bad 2016, but I still had Star Wars.”

Well 2016 can say “Snap!”

Like Santa, Star Wars will be back in December with Star Wars: Rogue One. Set in the same universe, a whole new and separate story line will begin with brand new characters. But couple that with the release of Assassins Creed the same month and 2016 has left 2015 grinding its teeth in frustration.

Now the success rate of video games turned into films is not the best, (Prince of Persia could’ve been so much better in my opinion) but Assassins Creed has the potential to be a winner and I’m looking forward to seeing how it transfers to the big screen.

There is loads more great films set for release this year. Marvel will bring us Doctor Strange, Pixar bring us Finding Dory, but what films are you looking forward to this year? Who do you think will win in the super hero dust ups? What films do you think would be improved with zombies?

Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming year of film and while you’re here, why not check out the link below? It will take you to a nice offer for an unlimited card subscription at Cineworld that could just help you keep that resolution of watching as many cool films as possible this year!


I’ll be back soon with more film fun but until then, see you at the movies!

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