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Tesco Broadband and Homephone Reviews
friend icon I feel the speed is really good, disappointed cant get cashback on new installs though. lot faster than o2
  pnpsuknet | 20 Sep 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon im on tesco llu c&w. and its fantastic great speed
  martin62 | 30 Jan 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Its now nearly 9 months and I am still waiting for the cashback....not only that but the router is not the best, although it does do the job albeit slowly...don't think I'd rush to take cashback out with Tesco again, and will probably look to move my service provider when I can
  WOOD5473 | 01 Jul 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Slower speeds than O2 service but is acceptable. Service is good if you use your own router. The router provided caused nothing but problems changed to my own Belkin and not a problem since. Penny pinching with the supply of a poor router has given them a poor reputation.
  | 01 Oct 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon It is evident that Tesco Broadband and Homephone does NOT pay any cashback. Transaction tracked instantly at correct amount in Oct 2013 with expected payout in 16 weeks. It proceeded to ''Confirmed'' after 12 weeks (I wonder if others had their cashback advance to Confirmed). BUT, I'm now in 16 weeks + 4 months and as it is the norm, not to say the absolute reality, NO CASHBACK PAYOUT. If you check the ''Tesco Broadband and Homephone'' TCB page, THERE ARE NO EVIDENCE THAT THIS SELLER HAS EVER MAKE ANY CASHBACK PAYOUT (The tracking stats are N/A, and there is no ''We received cashback from this seller in xx month for transaction in yy month'' that is evident on other sellers TCB pages. I urge TopCashBack to chase the existing payouts and consequently remove the Tesco Broadband and Homephone afilliation. About the service it is good, the CC is exceptional, but not paying out cashback is a NO NO again for me.
  chemeng | 31 May 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Super slow broadband, rubbish modem. Cashback didn't track got it by manual claim now well past payable date and still no cash back do not buy this product especially if taking into account cashback as you won't get it.
  | 15 Jun 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Tesco do not pay the topcashback rate as you can see from many other reviews. I am in discussions with them now and if responsibility is not taken then I shall be contacting the office of fair trading I'm in central London and the internet conneciton is pretty good but if you want your cashback then dont use tesco.
  jennieot | 31 Jan 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Wish I had read these comments before signing up .. I have had in the past b.t
  jaynelaval1967 | 17 Sep 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Cashback initially did not track & subsequent claim has now been declined. Line speed quite slow at times & drops occasionally.
  lancsexile | 10 Jan 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon Very poor joining service last year and still have not received cashback even after quite a few nudges! Poor poor poor.
  jazzuk777 | 25 Jul 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon I have not received any cashback from Tesco and when contacting them about this issue they pass the buck and state that they know nothing about cashback and it is nothing to do with them and as it is due to an affiliate company. I advised that lots of other companies have paid cashback even with affiliates. Six months later Tesco refuse to acknowledge cashback offers. The product itself was poor, as router was always crashing, as older technology. Also calls were more expensive and I was also overcharged on the deal they offered as they offered discount though did not deduct this from final bill. Only when I checked did they apologise and amend bills. AVOID.
  Topcashbackclaim | 14 Jun 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Do not expect cash back for telco bb - either manual claim or automatic.
  wellsjp | 16 May 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon Not received Cashback and have contacted Tesco Customer Services who state it is nothing to do with them and is an affiliate service who they cannot contact. Also service is very poor as internet crashes regularly (never had problem with previous provider). Furthermore I have been given a code to activate the free voicemail service, this does not work and have tried it from two phones. Informed Tesco of this and no explanation as to why does not work. Avoid Tesco phone and broadband package. There are better options available for similiar price.
  Topcashbackclaim | 03 Jan 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon These guys are awful. Please do not sign up to their broadband, it is unusable at peak times and constantly drops its connection. I live in London on an LLU exchange and can get 20mbit with o2, with Tesco this is just 12mbit. They penny pinch on infrastructure, which I now know is shared with other ISPs that use C&Ws wholesale product. So I cancelled after just 10 days and 2 months later havonly just got my original telephone number back as c&W retained it when I cancelled. Absoulte disgrace.
  turdis | 14 Jul 2012 Report Abuse
friend icon I've had Tesco broadband since Jan and have had nothing but problems. I'm on first name terms with most of the customer service staff - but they still can't give us a reliable service. Cashback tracked quickly but it's now 7 weeks overdue for payment. To add insult to injury, just got an e-mail about proposed price rises! I can't wait to move back to a proper supplier.
  lynns21 | 16 May 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon I've had Tesco Broadband for 6 months now, and experienced nothing but problems. Line speed is unstable and badly managed, customer service is apalling and those manning the phones have their hands so tied that they simply cannot sort problems out. The router that comes with the package is also incredibly cheap rubbish - I am now on my 3rd router and it still isn't working properly. Tesco network engineers also appear to have no clue how to assess and set-up an ADSL line appropriately according to your line capabilities, so be prepared for a line that states that you are getting 15-20 Mb download speed, but in reality is barely 2 Mb and continues to drop out and stall regularly due to the allocated speed simply being too fast for your BT line to handle. All in all the worst broadband service I have ever experienced, avoid Tesco like the plague and simply pay that extra few pounds a month for a proper service from someone like O2.
  Jezmond | 16 Feb 2011 Report Abuse
friend icon Tesco Broadband installed Oct 2013 now March 2014 and still not payable. Not a great range on the modem.
  giles1984 | 12 Mar 2014 Report Abuse
  | 17 Sep 2013 Report Abuse
friend icon You will need a BT line, no use if you only have a Telewest Cable phone for example.
  mateypeeps | 16 Nov 2010 Report Abuse


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