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The speed with which they deliver seems to a be a very popular reason why TopCashback members have given Farnell element14 positive feedback. Many customers have commented on how quickly they received their order, with one person stating: “Order placed by 17:30 (and) received next day.”

Other members have been delighted with the good product selection offered, with one saying they wished “every retailer was like Farnell”. One person says they chose Farnell over other suppliers due to the cashback amount offered, while feedback also praises the fact cashback tracks well and is paid out quickly, with one review describing them as “one of the fastest payers”.

This, perhaps, goes some way to explaining why Farnell have a five-star Trustpilot rating. Customers who have been using them for decades have left great reviews for reasons such as products generally being available for free next day delivery, the fact they can be relied on for good service and because help is always there when it is needed.

One person who has been using them since the 1980s says Farnell offered excellent quality at reasonable prices, while another review has been posted by someone who says they can “identify with speed and accuracy exactly what I need”.

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Farnell Reviews
friend icon Cashback tracking has become an issue and purchases often now not tracking
  Loxy | 10 Jun 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Be careful if you are buying something expensive: they will deny you the payback with arguments, like "wrong order number".
  JanSch | 31 Jul 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon I have been using topcashback when placing orders with farnell since october 2013, initially everything was very good quite quick payments and all transactions tracked. However, lately cash back being refused saying I provided the wrong reference. This is not true and I always write down confirmation number, I currently have 15 orders being disputed! they also were offering a higher cash back ammount if the order was over £400, they have only ever paid the basic ammount of 5% even when the order placed was over £1000! their service is very 'hit and miss' if you are prepared to do a lot of work to keep track of your 'earnings' then fine but otherwise it looks like they hope you will go away and not persue the 'missing' ammounts. Not a good merchant for cash back!!!
  Hazel909 | 06 May 2014 Report Abuse
friend icon Farnell owes me £0000s
  roosie | 11 Dec 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Most often does not track properly. 3 Orders place june 27th not one of them tracked even though it said your visit has been recorded.
  dcpmicro | 02 Jul 2019 Report Abuse
friend icon Bought through tcb, the purchase did not track, on lodging a claim, darnell claimed that we had cancelled the order, with no appeal. Liars!
  Cherrytart | 26 Nov 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Cashback stopped tracking in june 2016. I have several orders in dispute but keep being fobbed off with excuses as to why they have not paid out. Before this everything worked perfectly so I don't know the reason for the change
  SamHine110871 | 05 Feb 2018 Report Abuse
friend icon Warning! the only option for payout is bank transfer! all other stores/vouchers are excluded! so the 5% gain is offset buy all the restrictions on the payout i:e: bank transfer only!
  26TP | 17 Sep 2017 Report Abuse
friend icon Beware this has stopped tracking now
  Loxy | 30 Oct 2016 Report Abuse
friend icon Can't trust farnell to pay cashback. I've spent several thousand over 3 or 4 orders and they have declined cashback without valid reason, even saying I cancelled ordered when I did not. I've the invoices and reduced bank balance to prove it! now inclined to use their main competitor instead.
  ianmilliken | 13 Oct 2015 Report Abuse
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