Xmas Treats Cashback Giveaway 2019

Posted on 03 Dec 2019 Posted in  Top Games

Our Xmas Treats Cashback Giveaway kicks off on Monday the 9th, and brings the return of your favourite little flying friends. Catch our elusive little hummingbirds, and you could win one of over 56,000 instant-win cash prizes worth up to £100, or our top prize of £1,000 cash. So, there’s plenty of treats up for grabs this month, just in time for Christmas.

Here's how to play:

Entering is simple - all you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) any time during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

Each flying hummingbird you catch will gain you one entry in to the mega prize draw to win the top £1,000 prize. Some hummingbirds will also have a festive surprise in their basket – simply find matching items to win the instant win prizes.

Instant win prizes:

There are over 56,000 instant win prizes, which range from £0.10 to £100 each. To win, you'll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching items which some hummingbirds will be carrying around with them (like Christmas trees, snowmen and so on). As you collect these items they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.

Mega prize:

A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £1,000 cash prize! (That makes it a combined prize fund of £17,000 up for grabs over the next few weeks.)

Each hummingbird you collect will count as 1 entry into our mega prize giveaway, and at the end of the game we will select one lucky winner at random for the mega prize.

Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain 5 more entries to the £1,000 MEGA prize. At any time during the competition, you can check your Prize Board to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize. So, keep coming back each day during the 9th December to the 24th December 2019 to collect more treats, increase your chances for instant wins, and gain more entries for the mega prize draw!

The competition will end on 24th December 2019 at 23:59.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Betsyboo5908 Jan 20 - 13:30 Apparently madders23 it was somebody with the name of Town (see Phil's answer to my earlier blog). I agree we should see a list of all winners of the prizes £20 upwards.
madders2307 Jan 20 - 23:41 Still no clue as to who won last giveaway. Anyone want to shout out if it was them?

The Grand Prize winner was Toan

Best wishes

Mr_D07 Jan 20 - 19:26 This is the last time I participate in these events... They are not fair and imposable to win... I would like to see a list of people who have found all the clues and the number of people who received a £100 treats! Everyone who found all clues as a minimum should have received £100! Just another scam...

I am sorry you feel this way. The prizes are given to members at random to make this fair for all and we do work on giving the most prizes we can to ensure wqe give as much as possible during a game.

I will pass your feedback on and we would hope you have fun again in a future game

Best wishes

Betsyboo5905 Jan 20 - 16:42 Yes I know that I haven't won Phil. However, would still be good if, like I say, those of us who don't do social media, (and I am not the only one), were made aware who the lucky winner was. Several people have asked the question. You have put it on here with previous games, why not this time?

I have checked this further and the winner was Toan

Best wishes

Betsyboo5903 Jan 20 - 09:41 Looks like those of us who don't do social media will never know!!!! Shame on you TCB.

I am sorry you are unable to see the social media post but the winner was also contacted via email which means that if you did not receive this then unfortunately you did not win this time.

Best wishes

Opsec101 Jan 20 - 16:37 Who won??
Banksey01 Jan 20 - 07:24 So, who won the top prize?
PMill4631 Dec 19 - 18:14 I don’T do social media either. The winner should be amounted on these pages.
Betsyboo5931 Dec 19 - 15:17 What's wrong with announcing it on here? You usually do. The game was played on here, the winner should be announced on here. Not good enough TCB, we don't all do "social media"!!!!
Betsyboo5931 Dec 19 - 14:53 So what's wrong with putting the winner on here? You usually do. Not all of us do "social media". Not good enough TCB. The game was run on here, the winner should be announced on here!!!!
Betsyboo5930 Dec 19 - 19:54 So Phil who won the big prize? We are all waiting and hoping. When are you going to announce the winner???

The winner has been announced and you can see this on our social media pages

Best wishes

Coupon_Cally28 Dec 19 - 20:04 I won 10p woop woop!!
Mr_D28 Dec 19 - 19:35 This whole giveaway is such a scam, I am a high spending TopCashback client and I got 1 treat for all the high prices, did not win any of it... How many of you got a £100 treat prize?

I am sorry you think this but we do want members to see this as a bit of fun.

The prizes are always given at random to make it fair for all members so this is all just down to luck.

Best wishes

Jason4k28 Dec 19 - 18:36 Haant been announced?
Sinead199128 Dec 19 - 14:21 When will the winners be announced
Betsyboo5928 Dec 19 - 13:39 Get in the queue Mike, it's got to be me this time surely!
MIKE JAGGAR28 Dec 19 - 12:47 I'm still awaiting the message from TCB confirming that i've won the £1000

But i'm not holding my breath.........Lol
shelby230128 Dec 19 - 09:57 Where do we find out who won?
cazzy220228 Dec 19 - 06:45 Who won the prizes can’T seem to find out
ecoyle3228 Dec 19 - 00:07 Would like to know who won
SquishyMissy27 Dec 19 - 17:35 Who even won the top prize? The banner has disappeared before the announcement was made, and this is both on my laptop and phone so I know it's not a cookies issue :/

We have announced this on our social media pages

Best wishes

Johnnie1uk27 Dec 19 - 13:38 Who won the top prize £1000
Betsyboo5926 Dec 19 - 10:12 Feel the same only 10p won, not worth the effort but it's kind of addictive, you always hope you are going to win big. Would be nice to hear how many people won big prizes but they never seem to put anything on this blog.

We do want members to see this as a treat and we do get a lot of positive feedback about the game which is why we continue to give this to members.

We have posted about our grand prize winner on social media and you should be able to see winners by clicking on the banner too.

Best wishes

ANDREA JAGGAR26 Dec 19 - 07:53 Yes it was a just a 10p win for me too. Better than nothing, but I could have got that from either a Snap & Save purchase or a holiday quote on IceLolly

DEfinitely wont bother playing next btime unless improvements / Modifications are made to the game.
My time is more valuable than 10p - sorry TCB

I am sorry for the luck you had this time round but we do advise that this should not be seen as a time exchange but as a treat we like to give members which includes chances to win great prizes.

We will take feedback on board and we hope you have better luck in future.

Best wishes

Hazel Wheatley25 Dec 19 - 19:45 I won 10p wippy woo !
Alan821024 Dec 19 - 23:29 Well I can't say what I truly feel about this, but why did you waste my bandwidth (you'll get the gist), emailing me, today, the 24th December, 2019, at 16:47:02, when I have got more important things going on, so have only just found this, after trying to make sure we had all we needed for the rest of the festive season, and wrap the wifes prezzies, now ordinarily it's a reasonable period left to run, hell i've had faster notice of 48 hour events than this, and if it had of been a 48 hour event I would have washed it aside without a seconds thought, but it started 15 days ago, so it would seem I am being penalised for not having enough money to allow me the luxury of spending more time here buying things I can't afford ?
Please the next time you do anything like this, please do Not, bother telling me about it. 💩

I am sorry to hear this. If you are serious about not recieving certain emails please check your email preferences on your profile page

Best wishes

LDG7024 Dec 19 - 22:03 Bit rubbish all over, do Topcashback disclose the winners?

We have announced our grand prize winner which can be seen on our social media pages and by clicking the banner on site

Best wishes Phil
Brette24 Dec 19 - 17:44 Won 30 pence so 5 same as 5 mins on free cashback sites
Louje24 Dec 19 - 16:37 Haha 100 PDEs is about standard for a daily player who shares to Facebook for the period of the game...I don't get how people get the time to click for 12hrs of the day...I've got a wife,kids and a full time job to hold down, so one site visit a day is all I got time for. And i'll probably win or not win the same as someone who lives on here. It's good fun. Always go in with the attitude that you won't win anything...Then when you do it's great! Thanks Top Cashback for putting these games on. I enjoy them and I generally win no more than 50p (:
Louje24 Dec 19 - 16:31 Haha stinky board this time around...Just need one of everything for a prize...Lol good fun as always though (:
antheacarol24 Dec 19 - 15:31 Love lucky dips and this is what it is.
Happy Car and New Year everyone 🎄🎄🎄🤶🏼🤶🏼🤶🏼🍷
ANDREA JAGGAR24 Dec 19 - 14:45 Rhubarb23

If you've got 100 pde's i'd say you are the desperate one and lucky you for winning £20 and £5
Rhubarb2324 Dec 19 - 12:34 RSF87

I totally agree with you. What are all these people moaning about. It's a game, I dip in and out and have never got more than 100 PDEs in total. I've won £20, £5 and and usually get at least two of the smaller prizes in previous comps. This time i've won 50p and 10p. It's a game.... Stop being so desperate and enjoy it for what it is.
ANDREA JAGGAR24 Dec 19 - 09:44 Todays = Now tv but its another prize draw entry
RSF8724 Dec 19 - 09:21 Those spending hours upon hours then complaining about not winning are ludicrous. I have 21 entries, have won £1.20 and maybe spend 5 minutes a day on this without taking it too seriously! If I wanted a reward for hours of effort i’D just go to work! Some people are trying way too hard!
Andimh9624 Dec 19 - 08:41 I find that if you find a hummingbird, leave the site and come back later you are more likely to find the next one much quicker. I always search for the the random ones before the daily clue, so I have 2 to start the day off, then return later for another search.
Mazzm4124 Dec 19 - 06:44 I agree, people are kind and give lists of sites but the only ones which work for every one are the ones which are daily clues. I tried a huge list and got none!!! But hey ho it was fun when you did get one lol.. Fed up now though given up.
LyLyT524 Dec 19 - 03:37 Agree..Just got another pde euro car parts :(
Netherspark24 Dec 19 - 00:29 How I think it actually works is: You can't win, at all, unless your account is specifically flagged. You could get an infinite amount of birds and you would always be one token away from winning.

So when the event starts a selection of accounts will get flagged as potential winners. Everybody else literally cannot win.

I can assure you this is not the case. The prizes are awarded to members at random and its down to luck to win a prize.

Best wishes

Motherbrain24 Dec 19 - 00:07 What a surprise yet another pde
paulofcroydon24 Dec 19 - 00:03 Now tv - Final Clue
Betsyboo5923 Dec 19 - 22:54 Another few hours of clicking not a bird in sight yesterday or today. Looks like 10p is my lot as time is running out. Well done to those who have won £5, £10 and £20. Would have been good if you could have given some clues to the rest of us where you found the birds. As i've said before I have been playing since day 1 and have put hours in click, click, clicking for 10p but I am not bitter. Much!!!!
sharadk23 Dec 19 - 22:29 Pde at HQHair
BentTwiggy23 Dec 19 - 20:53 Anybody else wondering how almost £15000 has been given away? 15000 pde maybe

The Instant win prizes are different to the grand prize draw.

We do have a lot of members playing which can add up to lots of prizes being won.

Best wishes

Cateycat823 Dec 19 - 20:44 Thank you Betsyboo59, that's exactly what I said - that i've been playing since Day 1 and have got to get 1 symbol on any of the sets to win any money. I now have 617 pde's but not a penny won yet! Xx
Motherbrain23 Dec 19 - 20:34 Just got a snowman on Exante - thanks Andrea :)
foleyshikari23 Dec 19 - 20:06 Hotels.com just got a pde
ri_b10123 Dec 19 - 19:49 Just won £5 thanks TCB!
Merry Christmas Eve Eve to me!
Ken Appleford23 Dec 19 - 18:34 This post was great
SquishyMissy23 Dec 19 - 18:07 Andrea jaggar: your comments to Phil are very accurate, it's so frustrating to spend ages looking for a bird and if you do actually manage to find one it only ever seems to be a pde. Plus it's very annoying when you do find prizes you'll get to where myself and probably a fair few others are, with basically one left on every prize and only the 10 and 20p won. Yes it's free money which is nothing to be sniffed it but honestly the amount of time spent just for that, and you're right on the pde's, they're basically worthless haha

I am sorry you feel this way and I will pass your feedback on.

We do intend the game to be a little fun for all members as a treat and do make this as fair as possible to keep it fun.

As the prizes are given at random this does need a bit of luck and we do hope you have better luck in future

Best wishes

Saqib201823 Dec 19 - 17:41 Great but late
SYLVIA KITSON23 Dec 19 - 17:23 Thats really helpful Andrea, thank you
Betsyboo5923 Dec 19 - 16:43 Another few hours of clicking and not a bird in sight!!!! Where are they hiding or have Topcashback taken them off??
janepwr23 Dec 19 - 12:57 Thanks for your list andrea jagger
ANDREA JAGGAR23 Dec 19 - 10:55 If anybody is interested, i've been compiling this list of "Kingfisher" sites - hope they help you

Exante, NowTV, Policy Expert ,LoveEnergy, Vodafone b/Band, Reebok,Card Factory, Talk Talk b/Band, Gap, Iceland, Urban Outfitters, River Island, b/Gas Homecare, Currys pc World, GearBest, Little Mistress, Hotel Chocolat, Hotels.Com, Booking.Com, George Asda, The Works, Euro Car Parts, Clarks, Expedia, Travelodge, Pre-Loved, Staples, Look Fantastic, Buy a Gift, sse Energy, Vitabiotics, Shoeaholics, Size, Sky b/Band, Shepherd Friendly, MyVitamins.Com, Thorntons, Ticketmaster theatre, Banana Republic, Dreams, Tommy Hilfiger, More Than (car), Budget Life Insur, Elephant (car), Diamond (car), bcp Airport, q Park City, Argus Car Hire, Interflora, Blacks, eBay.

If anybody has any others please let me know - Thanks
Cfarnswo23 Dec 19 - 10:09 Candy cane on eBay
LyLyT523 Dec 19 - 08:02 Correct,spend nearly half night to look for....Just pde only...Sad
ANDREA JAGGAR23 Dec 19 - 05:35 BetsyBoo

I,ve only managed a 10p win despite playing from day 1.
Very disappointing
SYLVIA KITSON23 Dec 19 - 05:26 For what its worth I won 10p before I quit playing and stopped clicking in the hope of finding birds.

All I got was Prize Draw Entries.

I did over 2000 clicks and spent hours doing it.......Never again for me
MIKE JAGGAR23 Dec 19 - 05:20 Its another pde with converse today
Radoz23 Dec 19 - 00:34 Todays daily clue-"converse"-got a pde
hkareno22 Dec 19 - 23:41 Although I managed to found 14 treats but only won 10p so far.
Jaden122 Dec 19 - 22:24 No hummingbirds tonight where are they all? What's the use of playing else?
amirahmedk22 Dec 19 - 21:25 It is getting boring make us win prizes for Xmas please

The game prizes are given out at random so we would not be able to make the hummingbirds do anything else

Best wishes and good luck

Radoz22 Dec 19 - 20:58 George...Pde
Betsyboo5922 Dec 19 - 20:02 Andrea Jaggar - I think Cateycat8 said she has been playing since day 1 and has 599 pde's not 1599. Rees11 - just as a matter of interest how much have you won using this scheme of yours? Me? I'm still at 10p!!!!
ANDREA JAGGAR22 Dec 19 - 18:34 Phil (TopCashBack)

This game needs modifying / Improving.

1. Reward those players that do the most clicking - after all TopCashback relies on clickers to click

2. Do away with the 10p win and make the smallest win 20p.

3. Enlarge the total prize pot - reflecting the total number of TCB members / Participants that are expected to play.

For example 20,000 TCB members needs a prize pot of £20,000

4. Next time make the clues harder too and have considerably less (worthless) Prize Draw Entries
Hey Andrea

We will of course take your feedback into consideration for future games and we are always changing or improving the game as regularly as possible to give the maximum fun aswell as being fair to all members.

Best wishes

ANDREA JAGGAR22 Dec 19 - 18:24 Blimey Cateycat8 you must be desperate to win

1599 prize draw entries - maybe yiu are trying too hard.

I've only won 10p
Cateycat822 Dec 19 - 17:36 So frustrating - have been playing since day 1, 599 pde entries and haven't won a single penny. I'm one symbol away on each category from winning some cash but can only find sporadic birds with pde's now. Aaaaaaaaaaarrgh!! Xx
ANDREA JAGGAR22 Dec 19 - 05:30 Its buyagift today but it was another pde
Betsyboo5921 Dec 19 - 22:06 Rees11. Thanks for the advice but I always log off and clear all cookies after finding a bird and wait at least half an hour or so before logging on again but last night there wasn't one bird in sight at all. Spent all night and not one bird!
SquishyMissy21 Dec 19 - 22:00 Swaite just to say I think those were all the most recent daily clues
curran6721 Dec 19 - 20:53 Just love this
yjd 21 Dec 19 - 19:30 @Rees11, thank you so much for the detailed explanation. You saved another soul asides @Betsyboo59.
khanjamal1234521 Dec 19 - 19:07 Got all from the post below me (so thanks for that) also got snowflake from jd sports
rees1121 Dec 19 - 18:48 Betsyboo59 I have learned over the last couple of years in this promotion/Giveaway, when you find the flying bird on a merchants page it’S best to log out straight after and log back in an hour later.
If after finding the bird you continue to keep looking, it can be about 100 to 200 clicks later you will find the 2nd bird and if you keep looking the same happens and you end up clicking on 1,000 to 2,000 merchants tabs so by taking and hour break after each bird you will find more birds in a day with less clicks. I find a bird within 30 clicks each time I log in, start off click on offer the work down the page, after you find 1 log off then back an hour or more after and click on offers again but go to bottom of page and work up, 3 login click on a category and work down,4th login a different category, 5th login a different category and so on. After clicking all categories you repeat and you find more this way
Good luck all
swaite7221 Dec 19 - 17:52 I haven't played for a few days so these all worked for me today
janepwr21 Dec 19 - 10:07 Quandoo for a gingerbread man
Motherbrain21 Dec 19 - 06:01 Today's clue is Quandoo and I got a snowman!
ANDREA JAGGAR21 Dec 19 - 03:01 Zavvi = Candy cane prize
paulofcroydon21 Dec 19 - 00:02 Quandoo Restaurants - 21-12-2019
LyLyT520 Dec 19 - 22:21 Just found one urban outfitters
Betsyboo5920 Dec 19 - 22:08 Sorry to moan but that's another full night spent click, click, clicking and not one bird! How people manage to win decent sum's of money is beyond me. Still just 10p won!
Member74956841444320 Dec 19 - 21:55 Getting no where fast 😭
Jaden120 Dec 19 - 21:42 Try Expedia got a candy cane only need one more for £20
janepwr20 Dec 19 - 21:06 Ebuyer for a pde
mattjdavis20 Dec 19 - 20:34 I've just had a snowflake on Currys
Betsyboo5920 Dec 19 - 19:46 Well done cossy 1981 hope some of my posts were useful for you. Unfortunately for me, despite playing from day one and spending hours on this I have won the grand total of 10p!! Can't find birds anywhere. Any clues folks??
ANDREA JAGGAR20 Dec 19 - 19:20 A lot of clicking but these are all birdies

Card Factory
Argus Car Hire
Betsyboo5920 Dec 19 - 17:04 Well done on your win cossy 1981 hope some of my posts helped. I unfortunately, despite playing this from day one and for hours at a time, have accumulated the grand total of 10p!!!!
yjd 20 Dec 19 - 12:54 Please ignore the double posts. I couldn't find the first after posting and had to repost and see the two.
Tuty20 Dec 19 - 12:38 Sportdirect
yjd 20 Dec 19 - 11:59 @Andrea Jaggar, found a present in MorethanInsurance and a pde in Expedia.

@Cossy1981, congratulations and Merry Christmas to you and your family.
yjd 20 Dec 19 - 11:54 Congratulations @Cossy1981. Merry Christmas to you and your family too.

Found a present in 'Morethan Insurance ' and a pde in Expedia.
cossy198120 Dec 19 - 11:32 After partaking in previous competitions and only winning paltry sums of money I did consider skipping it this time around. I have however with the help of your good selves acquired four candy canes and won £20. Thank you to all of the people on here who have taken the time to share the hummingbird hits and Merry Christmas to you all.
ANDREA JAGGAR20 Dec 19 - 11:32 Ha,ha,

Finally found one................Travelodge
ANDREA JAGGAR20 Dec 19 - 11:05 It looks like the birds have gone a.W.O.L today.

Anybody found any today ? And if yes, where ???
Jaden120 Dec 19 - 10:46 Pde again for today's clue 20cogs I wonder what area is having the cash prizes. There ought to be more smaller cash prizes than pde's

We do listen to members and have acted upon feedback from previous games. We will take this on board and we wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game.

Best wishes Phil
Cfarnswo20 Dec 19 - 10:07 Gingerbread man on Expedia
Creditcrunch7020 Dec 19 - 07:14 It appears when you click on the Xmas Treats banner at the bottom of the page.
Bobvoyer20 Dec 19 - 00:25 How do you get the prize board up ?
yjd 20 Dec 19 - 00:25 Got a candy cane on 20Cogs
Radoz20 Dec 19 - 00:08 I got a pde on 20 Cogs
HanC8720 Dec 19 - 00:03 Today’S is 20cogs, I got a gingerbread man
paulacheadle19 Dec 19 - 22:06 Just found one on preloved
yjd 19 Dec 19 - 21:10 I found a Christmas tree on Staples after reading comments.
yjd 19 Dec 19 - 21:02 Found a Christmas tree in Staples now after reading comments.
Jaden119 Dec 19 - 21:02 Pde's pde pde pde everyone's a pde Where's our little hummingbirds 🤔
Member27109569714719 Dec 19 - 17:48 Just starting
Betsyboo5919 Dec 19 - 14:27 Staples but only a pde. Hummingbirds hiding today I think!!! Still don't understand why some people get them on certain sites and others don't. Nothing for me on Yours clothing, Iceland or Card Factory mentioned by other players.
yve196719 Dec 19 - 11:07 I haven't had a Humming bird for nearly 2 days, boring

Please try our daily clue which you can find on our social media pages as this may help with finding a hummingbird.

Best wishes

Member107936839305919 Dec 19 - 10:13 Shoeaholics
DainaSmite19 Dec 19 - 10:08 Hmmm very frustrating, only one bird and that on daily clue, have cleared history, switched devices and still nothing....

I am sorry you feel frustrated, the hummingbirds do appear at random except the daily clue. Please keep trying and we wish you the very best of luck.

Best wishes

Member107936839305919 Dec 19 - 09:31 Jd and George worked for me
Jaden119 Dec 19 - 08:49 Back to more pde's, won 20p and looks like that's all its going to be this time again.
MIKE JAGGAR19 Dec 19 - 03:40 Also click

EBay, Blacks, Card Factory, George at Asda, Iceland
MIKE JAGGAR19 Dec 19 - 03:20 Won £1 with today's jd sports
yjd 19 Dec 19 - 00:12 Today's clue is jd Sports
yjd 19 Dec 19 - 00:05 Jd Sports
paulacheadle18 Dec 19 - 17:59 Your clothing just gave me a candy cane
Member34366545240418 Dec 19 - 15:57 Thanks Radoz got a snowflke
Radoz18 Dec 19 - 13:51 Bcp Airport Parking,i got a snowman
annie_ke718 Dec 19 - 12:05 Hardly any birds for me today :o(
But shouldn't complain cause won £5 the other day, thank you. My biggest win so far...
sharadk18 Dec 19 - 05:35 Today's answer is uswitch
Leonie9817 Dec 19 - 22:15 O very sorry, I didn't get nothing on groomers on line, I just stumbled across it and thought it was odd a company would have that name, sorry for misunderstanding, try argus I ws lucky with that, got a snowflake, good luck.
SusieAsp17 Dec 19 - 21:45 Tommy Hilfiger brought a bird, only a pde but it may work better for someone else.
Robeczek17 Dec 19 - 21:19 Christmas is very good time.
Betsyboo5917 Dec 19 - 19:34 Haven't had much time to play today but when I have there hasn't been a hummingbird in sight. Still nothing for me at Card Factory nor at Groomers online despite numerous attempts. Wonder if there are a specific number of birds allocated to a particular site and once they've gone you won't get one no matter how many clicks you do? Seems strange when people have posted sites they have found birds on, when I gave gone on there has been nothing.
Member107936839305917 Dec 19 - 15:56 Banana republic
Leonie9817 Dec 19 - 15:40 Groomers online, not to sure about that one, what a name to have!
DainaSmite17 Dec 19 - 08:32 Bloom.uk = Pde
Allsole = Pde
Suit direct = Pde
Coggles.com = Pde
Studio8 = Pde
Virgin Media Business = Pde
GEOFF KITSON17 Dec 19 - 05:32 Tassimo another Prize DRaw Entry :-(

But Iceland gave me a Candy Cane too. Thanks for the heads up
MIKE JAGGAR17 Dec 19 - 05:24 Today = Tassimo Coffee

But Iceland Foods and Dreams Beds produced a Candy Cane and a Present
Brette17 Dec 19 - 00:17 Today's clue is Tassimo coffee
SusieAsp16 Dec 19 - 23:12 Budget Life Insurance just worked.
Motherbrain16 Dec 19 - 19:21 Log out and then back in again
gilescheaster16 Dec 19 - 16:45 I've accidentally hidden / Switched off the game banner...How do I get it back?
doodlebug12316 Dec 19 - 15:41 Really people stop moaning - it's meant to be a bit of fun and if you win anything it's a bonus.

If this is you let getting in to the christmas spirit I pity you.

Thanks TCB for added a few minutes chill time to my busy days.

Merry Christmas to you all at TCB and thank you for another years good service 🌲🌲🌲
Betsyboo5916 Dec 19 - 15:05 Q-park city, now tv gave me pde's today. Anybody got any other clues. Card factory not doing anything for me despite clicking on it numerous times.
Chris12121216 Dec 19 - 14:39 There is a full list of winning locations on mosation on facebook. It is a money savvy chat site and is up dated often. I have 448 pde's and 9 prizes worth 30p but I did win £20 last time.😊
GEOFF KITSON16 Dec 19 - 14:11 Anybody found any random birds today ?

Struggling to find any - so any clues / Pointers or help much appreciated
Njjumeaux16 Dec 19 - 11:59 Betsyboo59 - I try many of the clues given on this blog but not a lot of them work for me. Mine was literally a good bit of luck from just the daily clues
tiarafi_16 Dec 19 - 11:16 Loving the game thank you TopCashback..
I’Ve had a small win but still hoping for one more snowflake or candy cane....
It’S great to have a few minutes of distraction every hour or so...
Good luck everyone and happy hummingbirds 😀
MIKE JAGGAR16 Dec 19 - 06:03 Try card factory

It was a pde for me but u might be lucky
Member67566852871116 Dec 19 - 01:29 16/12/19- hollard and barrett
Betsyboo5916 Dec 19 - 00:03 Holland and Barrett but yet again a pde!!!!
Rhubarb2315 Dec 19 - 22:45 Latinosoulboy.
A simple solution to your ramble, would be not to play the game, get back in your cupboard and firmly shut the door.
Betsyboo5915 Dec 19 - 21:15 Been trying Card Factory on and off all day but nothing for me at all. Just got a pde on Policy Expert. How on earth did you manage £10 Njjumeaux? Be good enough to pass some of the clues on please.
DCG115 Dec 19 - 21:00 Stop bein negative if you don't want don't play
Stop the crying snowflake its a free game
If you win you win cost you nothing
If you don't win still cost nothing

Stop complaining or don't ply its up to you
Leonie9815 Dec 19 - 19:33 Why you all so negetives, this free and if you won the £1000 bet you wouldn't be complaining then, if you don't like it then don't play, simple really.
SYLVIA KITSON15 Dec 19 - 19:14 Card Factory was a pde for me
Njjumeaux15 Dec 19 - 17:52 Won £10 yesterday - the most i've ever won on these games is 50p :)
Cateycat815 Dec 19 - 13:37 303 entries into the draw for the main prize but only 9 symbols found so far. It is a bit crazy. Pde's all day long...
Creditcrunch7015 Dec 19 - 12:28 Got nothing from Card Factory but pde from Banana Republic.
ANDREA JAGGAR15 Dec 19 - 11:17 Card factory = Snow flake
Latinosoulboy15 Dec 19 - 11:15 This game is rigged. They don't want you to win anything. Topcashback are the winners with thousands of extra advertising revenue. All I see are pde's. Apparently it's random! Really??? It's about as random as Ryanair's random seat allocation when you don't pay to sit together on a flight booking. They deliberately stick you in a middle seat and at opposite ends of the plane. Everyone here is moaning all they find are pde's. Coincidence? Why, of course!! Xmas treats is an insult to members. Xmas cheats more like!

We do make the game as fair as possible which is why prizes are given to members at random. I can also confirm there are no aeroplane seats as prizes but a prize draw entry is a great chance to win a top prize of £1000.

The game is completely optional and if you do wish to disable the game please just click the cross on the banner.

If you change your mind please clear cookies as the game will then come back and we wish you the best of luck if you continue

Best wishes

Member34366545240415 Dec 19 - 10:16 Try sky broadband

SYLVIA KITSON15 Dec 19 - 09:41 Done over 1000 clicks and havent even won 10p.

We would advise to use the desktop or mobile site and to clear cookies as this should help. Please know that the hummingbirds do appear at random so you may not see a hummingbird all of the time.

Best wishes

Jazz201815 Dec 19 - 09:11 Chris121212
Thank you for your list of sites. They've been very helpful, all pde's for me but maybe the next one I try might be lucky! 😊
Betsyboo5915 Dec 19 - 08:44 Oh what joy!!!!! Today's clue Hughes and ----- yes another pde. Won 10p so far after days of clicking. Why do we all allow ourselves to get conned by Topcash??? We all know it's a waste of time. You would think there would be more easily accessed prizes especially at Christmas.

I am sorry you feel this way but the prizes are given out to members randomly. This would mean that it is just down to chance to receive an instant prize but at the same time receiving a prize draw entry should be seen as an amazing chance to win a Top Top Prize.

We do get feedback on the game each time around and do change things to improve for all members this does include the increase of certian prizes as well as making the game as accessible as possible.

We do wish you the best of luck for the rest of the game

Best wishes

Creditcrunch7015 Dec 19 - 08:08 I’Ve won £1.30 in total which is the most l’Ve won before by 50p. All won within the first few days but since then things have dried up and it’S been pde’S all the way.
ANDREA JAGGAR15 Dec 19 - 06:22 What a waste of time and clicks !!!

Haven't seen a prize for ages. Click after click and absolutely nothing and on the odd occasion a hummingbird appears - guess what its another pde

I've won 10p

I'm done with this

I am sorry you think this is a waste of time as the game is supposed to be a little extra fund for members and it gives us the chance to give great prizes to members.

Please know that the prizes are given out at random and the prize draw entry is something that gives you a chance to win £1000 so please don't be too down just yet.

We do wish you the best of luck with the game and hope you see more hummingbirds

Best wishes

Member34342704094815 Dec 19 - 05:47 Aa European breakdown cover, hummingbird got a star
paulofcroydon15 Dec 19 - 00:48 Hughes-direct 15-12-19
owen_brew14 Dec 19 - 23:00 I found two Christmas Trees today - 20p! I'll take it! Thanks TCB - my first time winning anything from these giveaways x

Congrats Owen, i'm glad you are enjoying the game.

Best wishes

Betsyboo5914 Dec 19 - 18:59 Haven't seen a prize for ages. Click after click and absolutely nothing and on the very, very rare occasion a hummingbird appears - a pde! Must be a lot less prizes this time. Anybody else been lucky enough to find any prizes????

There are a considerable amount of prizes awarded to members and its just all down to luck.

Please keep clearing cookies to help with the running of the game and we do wish you and all of our lovely members good luck for the rest of the game

Best wishes

Creditcrunch7014 Dec 19 - 13:46 Another day of pde’S.
Swindonforever14 Dec 19 - 13:21 Just got a pde at Hotels.Com
emmahingley14 Dec 19 - 10:15 Love energy
Shrinath2414 Dec 19 - 08:47 Todays clue..Monsoon
MIKE JAGGAR14 Dec 19 - 07:14 Another pde at Vodafone Home Broadband
SYLVIA KITSON14 Dec 19 - 07:04 Flipping heck Top Cash Back what's going on here.

I've not even managed a 10p win yet despite over 400 clicks. (Plenty of pde's unfortunately)

Either i'm incredibly unlucky or its a fudge !!!

I think you may be just unlucky as this game is random when it comes to prizes, plus don't forget about the chance to win a top top prize with the prize draw!

Best wishes

ANDREA JAGGAR14 Dec 19 - 05:03 Try reebok

It was a pde for me but u might get lucky
ANDREA JAGGAR14 Dec 19 - 04:32 Monsoon just won me 10p prize. My first win
Betsyboo5914 Dec 19 - 00:03 Monsoon today but you've guessed it, another pde!! Where are all the prizes Topcashback??
paulofcroydon14 Dec 19 - 00:01 Monsoon - 14-12-2019
Betsyboo5913 Dec 19 - 23:36 Tried a number of your suggestions Chris 121212 and absolutely nothing, not even a pde. Some of the sites don't even come up! Every time I say I won't play again but every time I get drawn in. So frustrating!!!!!
Helenski13 Dec 19 - 22:54 Thanks! Will try that.
Creditcrunch7013 Dec 19 - 21:21 Only pde for me today.
Chris12121213 Dec 19 - 21:07 Helenski? About every 20/30 mins if you clear history and cookies each time .😁
Helenski13 Dec 19 - 20:40 Is there a limit to how many Hummingbirds you can find every day?

There is no limit to the amount of hummingbirds you can find :)

Best wishes

Chris12121213 Dec 19 - 19:56 Dortmund & Mason, gearbest, policy expert, West end theater, dreams, verbaudet, azimo, love energy, easirent, tp toys, Tommy hilfier, eharmony, Radisson blue ed hot, Euro car parts, direct line car, skyscanner, confused, interflora, british gas landlords, hp, reebok, royal London life, shein, watch shop, bonus print, zavvi, blacks, my protein, buyagift, the works, cineworld, Miller's p&O ferries, ebuyer, esure, thorntons, now tv, hotel chocalate, currys, talk talk, Bristol airport park, accessorise, harveys, ticketmaster, more than, Mac cos, hoppa, rentalcars, uniqlo, shoeaholic, look fantastic, Airdrie car, tripadvisor, if sport, ebay, Daniel foot, groupon, River island travelodge, booking.Com, mankind, asda, morrisons, muscle food, clarks, shepherd friendly stok&Share, especially superdry, size
vixen16713 Dec 19 - 19:23 Prize drawer entry
MIKE JAGGAR13 Dec 19 - 18:33 Try talktalk broadband for a kingfisher

Was another p.D.E for me
MIKE JAGGAR13 Dec 19 - 18:21 Pde = Prize draw entry

Ie you enter a draw to win a larger prize at the of the lottery
Motherbrain13 Dec 19 - 16:46 Gap has a hummingbird :)
Motherbrain13 Dec 19 - 16:36 What does pde stand for?
atariq12313 Dec 19 - 15:51 I just won 10p !!
SquishyMissy13 Dec 19 - 14:48 I've just been finding pde's today... Have won 10p so far. River Island and British Gas Homecare worked, thanks Geoff. How are people doing?
GEOFF KITSON13 Dec 19 - 11:14 Try these

River Island
Brit Gas HomeCare
Currys pc
Aa Breakdown Cover
Betsyboo5913 Dec 19 - 07:51 Where are all the prizes? Nothing mostly but when I do get a very occasional bird it's a pde!
Member67566852871113 Dec 19 - 01:41 Today's clue- urban outfitters
paulofcroydon13 Dec 19 - 01:24 Urban Outfitters - 13-12-2019
SusieAsp13 Dec 19 - 00:09 Urban Outfitters today and a pde for me.
maz91113 Dec 19 - 00:08 Urban outfitters
Betsyboo5912 Dec 19 - 20:55 Not on Facebook so can't try that. River Island also for a bird but another pde for me.
Betsyboo5912 Dec 19 - 20:15 Geartbest (comes up with dollar prices but still got a bird), little mistress also.
Mazzm4112 Dec 19 - 17:56 I'm not having luck but thanks for that one!!
MIKE JAGGAR12 Dec 19 - 16:04 Struggling to find any "random" birds today - help !!!!
Found one at uniqlo

Anybody point me in the right direction please - birds needed
tiarafi_12 Dec 19 - 14:12 Hotel chocolat pde for me hope you get a treat 🤞
pembury7212 Dec 19 - 13:16 For me, hotels.com = Pde
Ianmasonde612 Dec 19 - 10:31 Booking.Com
SYLVIA KITSON12 Dec 19 - 05:00 Today = P.D.E = Etsy
paulofcroydon12 Dec 19 - 00:01 Etsy - 12-12-2019
SusieAsp11 Dec 19 - 20:24 Just won a £1, never won that much before.
Member107954519141311 Dec 19 - 20:12 Fat face
Member34366545240411 Dec 19 - 14:04 Try george
zhinaa11 Dec 19 - 09:54 Today's clue is Fat Face
ANDREA JAGGAR11 Dec 19 - 06:05 Try fat face
Creditcrunch7011 Dec 19 - 03:54 Just won a £1 😃
Member77684827245511 Dec 19 - 01:04 Today is Viator
Mello19411 Dec 19 - 00:19 The Works - pde
Rickypollen7510 Dec 19 - 23:25 Euro car parts
bri10 Dec 19 - 21:00 Bird on jd Sports.
Leonie9810 Dec 19 - 20:18 Good question I didn't get clarks either, but I did for expedia
xplayboy1990x10 Dec 19 - 20:06 I have tried curry’S Clark’S Expedia and there were no humming birds?
Mazzm4110 Dec 19 - 19:43 Is it different retailers every day? And for different People. I didn't get one with Clarks or Currys!
florinna333310 Dec 19 - 15:03 Today's clue: expedia
Leonie9810 Dec 19 - 14:22 Curry's got a humming bitd
Top_Frances10 Dec 19 - 13:19 Whoo! Just won 50p. Thanks TopCashback. :O)
Jaden110 Dec 19 - 13:08 Yesterday and today pde's anyone else having these and it's only day 2 🤔
Member106761548475310 Dec 19 - 12:42 Love cash back!
GoonersGo10 Dec 19 - 12:27 Buyagift, good cashback on offer too!
Woodslynda10 Dec 19 - 11:50 What's the clue?
Member13949018445110 Dec 19 - 09:55 Todays is Viator
Albie201810 Dec 19 - 09:26 Today’S is viator
plowmanator10 Dec 19 - 08:28 Not a clue what today's answer is!?
Toon_Willy10 Dec 19 - 08:24 Any ideas for today's clue ???
Tried all sorts without success !!
Help !!!!
FUCH51A510 Dec 19 - 07:51 Won 50p already, best start ever!
RAFIQUL3709 Dec 19 - 22:49 Sse energy
mattking10109 Dec 19 - 21:53 Why are my tweets not counting?!

This should be showing for you and if you are having issues please make sure adblockers are disabled and that javascript is enabled.

Best wishes

Linz horton09 Dec 19 - 21:35 Sse energy
janepwr09 Dec 19 - 21:16 First day pde already 😲
Lynz12309 Dec 19 - 20:58 What was the other daily clues
Jaden109 Dec 19 - 16:55 Off we go again good luck everyone
nicolaward09 Dec 19 - 16:46 Yes won 10p on todays clue 👌 Wonder if I win anymore,😉 Doubt it💖 It anyway
huwlew09 Dec 19 - 16:20 Clarks ;-)
cloot09 Dec 19 - 15:16 Just go a Bird at Vitabiotics..
jamieleesis09 Dec 19 - 12:05 Chin chin!
ROSLYNKELLY09 Dec 19 - 10:07 I did get this post
ncurzons9009 Dec 19 - 09:46 Sse Energy is today's clue
Gadabout195409 Dec 19 - 08:29 Iv logged in, doesn't seem to be working.
Debbiem2509 Dec 19 - 08:25 No banner showing on any of my devices, have cleared cookies and tried different browsers! Disappointed not to be able to play!

Please make sure you are using the mobile site or desktop site and to clear all cookies before playing.

If you still have issues please contact our team and they can take a closer look to help

Best wishes

RosHann09 Dec 19 - 07:18 Let the fun commence
Peckles3409 Dec 19 - 04:21 Xx good luck people xx
helenwillowcroft09 Dec 19 - 01:16 Unlucky me.
Member85051421630308 Dec 19 - 22:02 Xmas treat
Sildan1208 Dec 19 - 19:40 Fab good luck to you all
Dinker_Shah08 Dec 19 - 18:46 I like the post
Shazakhtar3108 Dec 19 - 17:32 Great idea
bubbamagoo08 Dec 19 - 17:08 Great idea
Csirish_08 Dec 19 - 16:07 Great game always play
lekbak08 Dec 19 - 15:59 Worthy ,if you don’T try ,you loose
Stu727708 Dec 19 - 15:57 Top banana
cathmort5708 Dec 19 - 15:21 Wonderful
Sharon Cullen08 Dec 19 - 15:18 Hope I do better this time around 🙏💓🤞
guskeith08 Dec 19 - 14:32 Good idea
theshed08 Dec 19 - 14:21 I'm in !
westcroftbound08 Dec 19 - 13:27 Just the job.
Member1785900132708 Dec 19 - 13:16 Oooh nice
jonemaa08 Dec 19 - 12:06 Fantastic
Member118139521193708 Dec 19 - 11:49 Nice one
Chr1st1neW08 Dec 19 - 10:55 I love those little hummingbirds!😁
michelletowler1008 Dec 19 - 10:08 Westlife