Xmas Treats Cashback Giveaway

Posted on 27 Nov 2017 Posted in  Top Games

Our Xmas Treats Cashback Giveaway kicks off today, and brings the return of your favourite little flying friends. Catch our elusive little hummingbirds, and you could win one of over 60,000 instant-win cash prizes worth up to £100, or our top prize of £3,000 cash. So, there’s plenty of treats up for grabs this month, just in time for Christmas.

Here's how to play:

Entering is simple - all you have to do is log in to your TopCashback account (or join if you haven’t got one yet) any time during the competition and look around for our little hummingbirds. They can appear on any page, but to give you a head start we’ll be releasing daily clues that’ll lead you to find one hummingbird each day. Once you’ve caught one there’ll be loads more to find so keep searching…

Each flying hummingbird you catch will gain you one entry in to the mega prize draw to win the top £3,000 prize. Some hummingbirds will also have a festive surprise in their basket – simply find matching items to win the instant win prizes.

Instant win prizes:

There are over 60,000 instant win prizes, which range from £0.10 to £100 each. To win, you'll need to collect between 1 and 4 matching items which some hummingbirds will be carrying around with them (like Christmas trees, snowmen and so on). As you collect these items they will be added to your Prize Board, and once you’ve got a matching set, your instant win cash will automatically be added to your TopCashback account within 48-72 hours.

Mega prize:

A larger prize is also up for grabs for one lucky member; the ultimate treat of a £3,000 cash prize! (That makes it a combined prize fund of £17,500 up for grabs over the next few weeks.)

Each hummingbird you collect will count as 1 entry into our mega prize giveaway, and at the end of the game we will select one lucky winner at random for the mega prize.

Buy to Win Prizes:

For the duration of the competition there will be a section of Buy to Win retailers in which 20 players get the chance to win £100. If you transact throughout the duration of the game, then you will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win £100! If you want to increase your chances of winning, then get your friends involved too.

Share your progress on Facebook or send a tweet to gain 5 more entries to the £3,000 MEGA prize. At any time during the competition, you can check your Prize Board to verify the number of entries you've received so far. More entries give you a better chance of winning the final prize. So, keep coming back each day during the 1st December to the 24th December 2017 to collect more treats, increase your chances for instant wins, and gain more entries for the mega prize draw!

The competition will end on 24th December 2017 at 23:59.

Terms & Conditions Apply

juliette3923 Dec 18 - 14:13 Casper - beds!
TwinSandy26 Dec 17 - 13:46 Most unfair. Why bother to get symbols up to one short of a prize and then nothing??
Haileylvickers24 Dec 17 - 23:55 Spent nearly the whole Christmas Eve looking through hundreds of sites to get nothing. Wasted day and evening
rk50524 Dec 17 - 23:52 This game is similar to the flamedeer one on hotdealsUK, which was also a massive waste of time.

People really need to feel they have a chance of winning, especially when its at such a festive time, and people are wasting time trying to win.

I think its slightly unfair - you should have had a better blog, more tweets and on facebook right up till the end - you have been quiet the whole week.
Silverfox50424 Dec 17 - 23:35 Complete waste of effort to win absolutely nothing. A scam.
Vikulya24 Dec 17 - 23:15 So unfair!
Vikulya24 Dec 17 - 22:51 So true! Yet sooo unfair!
jaklh24 Dec 17 - 22:36 Thank you TCB for the fun and the winnings
moc147124 Dec 17 - 21:17 .... For the first two weeks TCB allow you to get symbols up to one short of a prize. Then for the next two weeks they just give one prize draw entry for each hummingbird.

The game is correctly set up to give away the maximum number of prizes as outlined in the terms.

Yes, this will mean not everyone will win. We never promised this to be a 'everyone is a winner'. I am sorry you have decided to think that. There is nothing in the terms that reflect this and I would advise you to read through the terms if you choose to partake in it in the future.

Best wishes,
dillon2324 Dec 17 - 00:12 Groupon
rooneal24 Dec 17 - 00:08 Groupon
signuptoday23 Dec 17 - 10:53 Wouldn't have been able to figure it out otherwise.
Caroline_roberts23 Dec 17 - 00:07 Red letter day answer
Triciak823 Dec 17 - 00:04 Red letter days
dillon2322 Dec 17 - 00:09 Curries pc world
Disneys22 Dec 17 - 00:02 :-)
Vikulya21 Dec 17 - 21:11 Sky, Hilton and ebay
jasvinder_digwa21 Dec 17 - 20:56 Fake
jasvinder_digwa21 Dec 17 - 20:55 I found one m&S
Member74948608240121 Dec 17 - 15:28 Found one in worldstores
abilamb21 Dec 17 - 13:00 I just found one in My Protein. Good luck and merry christmas
Fiamma21 Dec 17 - 09:40 Bathstore
Tatheer21 Dec 17 - 01:04 Debenhams
rooneal20 Dec 17 - 19:06 Sorry katttt its happened to me once its gone thats it ,hope u get another
Katttt20 Dec 17 - 18:42 Just got a hummingbird but closed the window by accident before I could click on it! Do I have to click on a certain number of pages or wait a certain amount of time before I see the next one? ...Bet it was carrying that last snowflake instant win I need...
eifs1320 Dec 17 - 16:01 Found one in Damart
dillon2320 Dec 17 - 00:18 Ernest Jones
dillon2320 Dec 17 - 00:18 Ernest Jones
georgeg119 Dec 17 - 23:24 Found one today in Argus carhire.
lorag199019 Dec 17 - 22:17 I've found one on Clarks today!
Teri80119 Dec 17 - 15:53 I'm enjoying all the Christmas fun and if I win whoop whoop if not so what I didn't spend anything to enter
browny111219 Dec 17 - 12:03 I can't believe people moaning about not winning...It's just a bit of fun folks with the bonus of a win if your lucky enough.
Keep it up TopCashback 😊
ar258819 Dec 17 - 06:59 Disney store
dillon2319 Dec 17 - 05:57 Disney Store
Naomi198219 Dec 17 - 05:16 Disney
Naomi198219 Dec 17 - 05:15 Disney
Tatheer19 Dec 17 - 02:00 What’S the answer?
HarleyQuinn_19 Dec 17 - 00:14 10 Instant Win Prizes So Far & 35 Prize Draw Entries. Would b Nice 2 Win 1 Or The Other Lol.
Kellya418 Dec 17 - 09:12 Found one in george
Jenniferwaldie198718 Dec 17 - 07:14 I won an instant prize and it hasn’T come up in my account. Can someone please get back to me
Tatheer18 Dec 17 - 02:51 Very
rooneal18 Dec 17 - 00:07 Very
moc147118 Dec 17 - 00:05 This competition is a total joke. I am one symbol short at several prizes (including £100) and all I get now is a prize draw entry.
What a pathetic "prize" and seems fixed. Take the opposite of a bow TCB.

miniomonis17 Dec 17 - 22:25 Allbeauty
mandricel17 Dec 17 - 21:29 Kiddicare
Helzbellz17 Dec 17 - 13:50 Nasty gal and more than insurance iv found them on today
lynsgarden17 Dec 17 - 09:02 Unless I win of course! (I won a whole £1 yesterday with my third 'present'!)
Mohammed_Islam17 Dec 17 - 01:30 Nasty Gal
babycham0617 Dec 17 - 00:06 Nasty gal
babycham0617 Dec 17 - 00:05 Nasty gal
Matman8616 Dec 17 - 21:46 I closed the tab at the bottom of the page now can’T access the game.

Any idea how I get into game page ?
rooneal16 Dec 17 - 10:22 Jd Sports & M&S =Hummingbirds
buddspad16 Dec 17 - 09:11 Does anyone know how to get missing cash from Topcashback itself?
£2.50 Cashback Bonus - Summer Special from July still pending?
They only list retailers visited for missing cash.
Seems to be no general enquiry link?
Cheers Martyn
Hey Martyn,

Please drop us a support ticket so we can look into that for you.

Best wishes,
rooneal16 Dec 17 - 01:02 Todays clue moonpig
Mohammed_Islam15 Dec 17 - 19:57 Just got pde on ebay
rooneal15 Dec 17 - 16:41 Found one in all beauty.Com
mandricel15 Dec 17 - 16:35 Interflora
Alcrowther15 Dec 17 - 13:46 No Xmas treats advert on mine it's vanished
rooneal15 Dec 17 - 13:20 AllBeauty.com = Hummingbird [Yes all im getting is prize draw entriesat the mo]
rooneal15 Dec 17 - 12:58 Booking.com [ Humming bird]
Teri80115 Dec 17 - 11:57 Just prize draws recently probably last 3 days
petalaf15 Dec 17 - 10:25 Is it just me or is everyone just getting prize draw entries in all the humming birds lately?
petalaf15 Dec 17 - 10:21 Nike and Nike id
painter115 Dec 17 - 09:08 Hi everyone, does anybody know the answer to todays clue? 15th
Teri80115 Dec 17 - 08:53 I found a extra hummingbird
rooneal15 Dec 17 - 01:15 Equifax
Lotd =Look of the day
Humming birds found in these places today
rooneal15 Dec 17 - 00:25 Nikeid or Nike store[ Humming bird]
Tatheer14 Dec 17 - 17:12 Feel unique
Tatheer14 Dec 17 - 16:41 Found one gingerbread man in Tesco direct
Padby14 Dec 17 - 14:38 In fitflop
nimmish14 Dec 17 - 11:21 As of yesterday I have had no Xmas Treats Banner when visiting the site on mobile, so unable to see progress or get treats.
However, I have just visited the site on desktop and the banner is there. So to those with the same problem I would recommend trying to access on desktop.
Please ensure you are not using the app as this will not work.

Best wishes,
Kellya414 Dec 17 - 10:38 Found one booking.Com
rooneal14 Dec 17 - 09:08 Another little bird on talk talk for everyone
rooneal14 Dec 17 - 09:03 Found humming bird on Hilton Hotel & Resorts :-)
rooneal14 Dec 17 - 08:59 Like to say thanks to everyone who shares the clues and where to find those elusive little hummingbirds,hope you will all be winners .
Whitechick14 Dec 17 - 04:11 John Greed Jewellery
babycham0614 Dec 17 - 03:52 John greed jewellery
SaveSaver14 Dec 17 - 00:05 The Xmas treats banner at the bottom of the page? I can't get the clue without it nor can I see my progress. Please help.
Please ensure you are logged in on the mobile or desktop site as the app doesn't work with the game.

Please then clear cookies and cache.

Best wishes,
Coco12345713 Dec 17 - 16:20 Ralph Lauren only got a pde
DEBBIE3413 Dec 17 - 15:25 I’Ve just been in daily clues and there is a new one. Ralph Lauren
katielorna8813 Dec 17 - 11:02 I've found a bird on reebok today but not on m&S any more anywhere ??
treynolds18213 Dec 17 - 10:52 Mine is saying todays is Ebay which we had on 1st Dec. I looked and found Marks and Spencer is todays daily clue but nothing comes up....
We updated the clue in the afternoon and that was the official clue for the day.

Best wishes,
Motara_z13 Dec 17 - 00:07 Marks & Spencer
Member1451695120112 Dec 17 - 22:21 Found quite a few birds today and now none for ages. Is there a limit on how many you can find per day or are only a certain amount released per day?
There's no maximum per day :)

Best wishes,
Katttt12 Dec 17 - 17:58 Haven't encountered a random hummingbird for ages! Sure I was finding more a couple of days ago...
dellsmum412 Dec 17 - 13:24 H Samuel
babycham0612 Dec 17 - 00:31 H Samuel
painter111 Dec 17 - 17:41 Answer is three mobile sim contract
indianajon11 Dec 17 - 17:17 … It just just disappeared about 15mins ago
Please ensure you are logged in and clear cookies and cache to bring this back.

Best wishes,
Motara_z11 Dec 17 - 12:42 It is 3 today, didn't work at first, worked after a few hours!
Hope that helps.
DeeS_11 Dec 17 - 08:45 Just like others have said, the hummingbird is not appearing. I'm sure I have the right answer and it's worked all the other days. What's going on?
Hey Dee,

Please revisit the page if you are sure you got worked out the clue. It will still be waiting for you.

Best wishes,
antheacarol11 Dec 17 - 07:52 Hello I am just don't see the answer for todays clue I thought it was 3 but no bird
Can anyone point me in the right place pleas?

If you are sure you are on the right clue please revisit the page as it will still be there.

Best wishes,
martydud11 Dec 17 - 06:54 Talk to tim
DavidBoro310511 Dec 17 - 06:52 I also have same problem ... I have the correct answer but the hummingbird is not coming up in the page?
Hey David,

If you are sure you got the correct merchant please revisit this page.

Best wishes,
jadeso11111 Dec 17 - 05:52 I have the correct answer but the hummingbird is not coming up in the page?
Hey Jade,

So far the clues have all appeared on all the correct pages. You can revisit old clues if you didn't collect this.

Best wishes,
foxy071110 Dec 17 - 20:36 Can you tell me why the banner re this competition has stopped appearing at the bottom of the screen, I can't get to the daily clue and my dashboard of what i've found via the hummingbird so far, it's been working fine up to today - any tips please, i've cleared my browsing history, logged out of website and back in but still no joy been trying all day.

Please remember this can't be played on the app. Please ensure you are logged in and clear cookies and cache. Should it not bring it back please lodge a support ticket.

Best wishes,
kaczor444410 Dec 17 - 00:57 M and m direct
Dominator09 Dec 17 - 12:13 Six pde's off the belt? I better win the big prize then lol
babycham0609 Dec 17 - 01:47 The answer is ... I saw it first
Tatheer09 Dec 17 - 00:53 What’S the answer?
Tatheer08 Dec 17 - 02:58 The works
Found one also in Groupon
Tatheer07 Dec 17 - 01:50 Fitflop
djd06 Dec 17 - 17:27 Euroffice
shieldmaiden06 Dec 17 - 17:17 10p! Thanks :d now. For the others.....
Jamilah8506 Dec 17 - 16:23 Today's clue is Euroffice
Jamilah8506 Dec 17 - 16:20 Yes there are more hummingbirds, you just have to go through all the exclusive cashbook deals. I usually find 2 or 3 a day in there, and always usually on sites you've heard of before for example Ebay, Teso, Expedia etc.
tonyamandalogan06 Dec 17 - 15:10 Do the hummingbirds appear in other places apart from the daily clues?
I've tried so so many but i've never come across one.
They do appear in random :)

Best wishes,
katlynn06 Dec 17 - 13:42 Banner has quit showing up as well.
Please clear your cache and try this on a different browser. If it doesn't work please detail your browser in a support ticket.

Best wishes,
Adele4606 Dec 17 - 09:03 I have cleared my cache and cookies, and the banner is still not popping up. I've never had a problem in the past, and can see that many are having this issue.
Hi Adele,

While a couple of members are posting this in reply to the blog it's not something our members speaking to us via support tickets or any other medium are informing us off.

Therefore, for the members this is affecting we believe this is due to something we have suggested - e.G not being logged in.

However, if you have cleared cookies and cache and are logged in and still not seeing this please move over to a support ticket and report this as a bug.

Best wishes,
Tatheer06 Dec 17 - 08:04 What’S retailer is it?
chxrrsy06 Dec 17 - 03:13 Won £0.10 today hoping for more soon! Will keep playing!
lolyrf06 Dec 17 - 00:45 All of them is entry to the Mega Prize Draw.
Its demotivate me

Dose any one tried to change ip address or login with different device and look for them to see there is more chance to get them!!!!!??
Drainy05 Dec 17 - 17:39 Despite clearing cookies. Worked on every other games? Why is this
Please submit a support ticket so we can help as we are unable to offer a discussion as we could via support tickets.

Best wishes,
k19fty05 Dec 17 - 17:25 Not getting the banner on my screen to see the daily clues. Cannot play the game, which is so frustrating......
Please ensure you are logged in. Please then clear cookies and cache. If this still does not work then please submit a support ticket as this is the only way we can have a one to one discussion with you to help.

Best wishes,
Tatheer05 Dec 17 - 14:42 Talk talk
Nbrooks8805 Dec 17 - 13:16 I can't play the game, please help?
Please clear the cookies and cache on your browser and it should bring this back.

Best wises,
GregO05 Dec 17 - 13:01 Sometimes is not working 😐
Hi oszczedzamywUK,

In order to assist we will need you to be a little more specific about what is not working for you.

Please submit a support ticket detailing the issue you are facing so our team can assist you.

Best wishes,
jaff7405 Dec 17 - 12:13 I can't find banner with daily clues. I have cleared everything also
Can you try a different web browser for me please? If that doesn't work please submit a support ticket detailing the browser you are using.

Blog comments are not a great way to have a direct discussion to resolve your query and so please do keep these to support tickets.

Many thanks,
basilsfriend05 Dec 17 - 11:34 Where do I look for the Daily Clues please.
You can find the daily clue by clicking on the xmas treats banner :)

Best wishes,
Matt from TopCashback
MJ_23105 Dec 17 - 11:08 Hi,
I haven't been able to get the banner with the daily clues.

I've cleaned all the cache and cookies data but it hasn't changed anything.
Please can you try a different browser for me please?

If this doesn't work please clear cookies and cache and if that doesn't work please submit a support ticket detailing the browser you are trying.

Best wishes,
missacs198405 Dec 17 - 09:35 After clearing cookies & Cache as requested, this still doesn't work. Never had issues playing previoys 'treat' games.
Please issue a support tickets so the team can look into this and help you out.

I do believe it will be something on your device and the best way to go through all the possibilities with you is over support tickets and not through comments on the blog.

Many thanks,
RacheEvWard05 Dec 17 - 07:44 Not working
If you clear cookies and cache it should make it appear :)

Best wishes,
Ballist1105 Dec 17 - 02:32 Please advise how to restart hummingbirds
If you clear cookies and cache it will make the banner appear.

Best wishes,
stevenpd05 Dec 17 - 01:12 Solve the clues but don't get the hummingbird!!!!!!
It could be you are not finding the correct clue, I have tested the Hummingbirds for the clues we have had so far and they are working as expected.

Best wishes,
clairefriend04 Dec 17 - 22:30 Thank you TCB great bit of fun puts the happy into Happy Xmas I look forward to playing this everyday ☆♡☆♡☆♡☆
deniseweddell04 Dec 17 - 18:32 Won't let me play
If you are logged in and clearing cookies and cache doesn't work please lodge a support ticket and expand on your issue so our team can help.

Best wishes,
samuelshort04 Dec 17 - 16:48 All Beauty!
tangler104 Dec 17 - 09:54 It's not showing on my page after 4 days..
If you clear cookies and cache and ensure you log in this should work for you.

Bets wishes,
Jamilah8504 Dec 17 - 09:02 I found hummingbirds in ebay and Expedia.
grana196304 Dec 17 - 05:46 Won a £1 woohoo!! Merry christmas everyone😀😀
djpots03 Dec 17 - 23:02 Just wondered how many Humming birds you can get in one day!??
There is not a maximum number you can find a day.

Best wishes,
liambones03 Dec 17 - 22:46 Not working for me either
If you clear cookies and cache this should work for you :)

Best wishes,
Lisagoldilocks03 Dec 17 - 17:12 The works!
ronrudhall03 Dec 17 - 17:11 Try going to ebay, tesco direct,look of the day
ronrudhall03 Dec 17 - 17:10 Try going to ebay, tesco direct,look of the day
shopfever003 Dec 17 - 16:51 Can you play this on mobile please?
You can on the mobile site, just not on the app.

Best wishes,
Idomeneo03 Dec 17 - 15:58 Also not working for me
If you clear cookies and cache before logging it this should work :)

Best wishes,
missskint03 Dec 17 - 15:38 Not working for me on pc or mobile for 2 days ....
This will not work on the app but using the mobile and desktop is ok. Please clear cache if it;s not appearing.

Best wishes,
kjurka03 Dec 17 - 15:34 I won £0.20, thank you ! :)
jyhwang0503 Dec 17 - 13:30 Hilton
Jd Sports
Rachelf10003 Dec 17 - 13:23 Hi i'm using Chrome and it's not working for me (has worked all the other times).
i can assure you this will work as long as you are logged in. Please ensure you clear cookies and cache if it's not appearing.

Best wishes,
June195203 Dec 17 - 11:53 Not working ????????
If you clear cookies and cache it will make it appear as long as you are logged in.

Best wishes,
djd03 Dec 17 - 11:33 What were the first 2 answers please?
You can find these on our Facebook and Twitter accounts :)

Best wishes,
HKPL03 Dec 17 - 11:09 I never win anything yet but hope se I will do this time
tinasme03 Dec 17 - 09:56 Not loading on mine too

If you clear cookies and cache it will appear for you but it will not appear if you are not logged in.

Best wishes,
Andrei1303 Dec 17 - 08:13 Not working :(
If you clear cookies and cache it will make it appear but you need to be logged in to your account.

Best wishes,
Tatheer03 Dec 17 - 02:25 Look of the Day
mrloft2902 Dec 17 - 17:20 Bar doesn't load for me either, not on desktop or laptop
It you clear cookies and cache it should bring it back.

Best wishes,
jcrowe8602 Dec 17 - 13:39 Game does not load on my account but does on a friends.
If you clear cookies and cache it should make it appear :)

Best wishes,
DAWN544802 Dec 17 - 12:59 I can't see it??!!
If you clear cookies on your web browser it should sort this out for you.

Best wishes,
Katja8202 Dec 17 - 10:36 Good good
MommyPerry02 Dec 17 - 10:13 Won 20p thanks TopCashback. Only 2nd day 😀
Pinklady5401 Dec 17 - 23:42 No game coming up?
If you clear cache it should make it appear.

Best wishes,
Holjac01 Dec 17 - 22:39 Game not working on mobile. Not happy ☹️
It will not work on the app but in your mobile browser it will do :)

Best wishes,
Karenmich01 Dec 17 - 22:29 When does this start
It started on Friday Morning :)

Best wishes,
Bailee8601 Dec 17 - 21:04 Nice little 10p first day
jyhwang0501 Dec 17 - 20:31 Hilton
Lochiel01 Dec 17 - 19:57 Why do so many people complain. Get a life, it is just a game - TopCashback didn't have to do this, just a little light relief. Good on ya TopCashback!
Nic01 Dec 17 - 19:44 Thanks TCB love these games 😊😊😊😊
Neave201401 Dec 17 - 19:10 Made order via your site, hummingbird game not working nor has my Cashback been acknowledged!!
Please remember cashback take take seven days to appear. The Hummingbirds will appear on the daily clues at at random. They will not appear in the same places for everyone.

Best wishes,
Sor0ps01 Dec 17 - 18:11 Not working. Cannot play the games.
If you clear cache it will make the game appear but if you have any further issues please issue is a support ticket so we can take a look.

Best wishes,
Member115380030141501 Dec 17 - 18:08 Not working on mobile
It will work on the app but if you clear cache it should work on your mobile browser.

Best wishes,
bennymecherry01 Dec 17 - 17:37 Good one
myozone01 Dec 17 - 17:24 Tweeter link not working ...
Please can you drop us a support ticket and expand what you mean by this so we can look into it? I have tested the share function and this appears to work as expected.

Best wishes,
Amy_stannard01 Dec 17 - 17:20 Firstly how do those of us are blind suppose to tell if there is a hummingbird aorund in the first place? I use apple iphone 5 s with speech software and when I try to find out the list of 20 buy to win sellers the link does nto work?
i will certainly pass over your feedback about this as I can assure you we will always make the site as accessible as it can be.

I can confirm the list of buy to win merchants is as follows:

Marks and Spencer,
M and m Direct,
Sports Direct,
The Body Shop,
H Samuel,
Not On The Highstreet,
Toys r Us,
House of Fraser,
John Greed,
The Works,

I have sent this list to you via email too and so hopefully your software can pick this up.

Best wishes,
peonylady01 Dec 17 - 12:11 I thought this was starting today?
i can confirm it did start on Friday :) If the banner isn't showing for you clearing cookies and cache can help.

Best wishes,