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As part of the buzz around the new name, TopCashback and TUI have teamed up to provide you with an exclusive series of travel guides written by travel blogger Matthew Hirtes for some of TUI’s most popular destinations – so whether you’re looking for a seaside excursion or a city break, our guides will point you in the right direction.

Our latest guide is for Thailand, Asia at its most amazing. And don’t forget, you can earn earn exclusive cashback  when you book your holiday in Thailand with TUI.

Attractions: Bangkok’s stunning Royal Palace dates back to the late 18th century, when the capital of what was then Siam moved here from Thonburi. Hit the north of the country for Chiang Mai and its Th Ratchadamnoen’s Sunday Walking Street market, a bubbling magic cauldron of sights, smells, and sounds. Northern Thailand is also home to Siam’s first capital of Sukhothai whose Old City (Historical Park) houses 70 square kilometres of magnificient ruins.

Beaches: South Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, including the totally tropical Railay which is located on a peninsula and only accessible by boat. Then there are the island beaches such as on the Phi Phi Islands which are white of sand and backed by rainforest, like Phi Phi Don’s Phak Nam Bay. And hilly, but far from chilly, Koh Jum’s Andaman Beach which a popular snorkelling spot.

Drinks: Cha yen will satisfy those with a sweet tooth, being an iced tea served with condensed milk and a spoonful of sugar. Similarly, if you’re after a more direct sucrose hit, one of the most popular street drinks sold by vendors is sugar-cane juice. National beers include Chang and Singha and there’s a sake-like rice wine called sato, along with a rice whisky known as lao khao.

Eats: Yam nua’s a salad which lists actual beef rather than beef tomatoes in its list of ingredients, along with chilli, coriander, lime, mint, and onion. A less spicy main course is pad thai, essentially noodles which are stir fried with chicken, seafood, or vegetables. They eat rice for pudding in Thailand too, with kao niew ma muang coconut cream syrup poured over sliced mango and sticky rice.

Events: Three early days in February (the 2nd to 4th in 2018) are given over to Chiang Mai Flower Festival with parades made up of floral floats and the crowning of the Flower Festival Queen. New Year’s Day, Songkran, in Thailand is always the 13th April but the festivities go on until the 15th with many locals returning to their hometowns to spend time with their elders. Another national holiday is Loy Krathong which typically takes place in November and involves making a wish after you light a krathong, a small banana-tree log decorated with flowers, which you then set afloat on the nearest river or pond.

Hikes: Hiking in the Chiang Mai Valley transports you to a variety of landscapes. Taking you from tropical fruit orchards to tea plantations. As well as providing you with a close-up jungle look.

Souvenir: Artisans of Benjarong, colourful hand-painted porcelain, have a long apprenticeship. Indeed, they can train for up to 15 years. These gifts are not just produced for the benefit of tourists either with Benjarong a common present given at Songkran.

Sport: Takraw is volleyball with a difference as players can only use their feet to serve and return. Mua Thai fighters also use their feet, as well as their elbows, gloved fists, and knees. Another traditional Thai martial art is Krabi-Krabong with combatants armed with sword (krabi) and krabong (staff).

Hotels: For a great family option, the Centara Kata Resort is an ideal choice – with activities for everyone and the beach just a short distance away. If relaxation is the theme of your holiday, the beachfront Cape Panwa Hotel, with its spa treatments and cooking classes, should top your list. And finally, the Sunsuri Phuket is tucked into a hillside and is just , five minutes’ walk from one of Asia’s finest beaches – the Nai Harn Beach. Its location overlooks a serene lake with a Buddhist monastery in the distance – providing an idyllic setting.

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Sophie Grayling

You’ll enjoy a holiday in which you turn that frown upside down as Thailand truly is the Land of Smiles.

Faye Golden

Travel light to beautiful Thailand with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. A great time to travel is in February/March when you know the weather in the UK will not be at its best! Go bed and breakfast as there are so many places to eat out which are really cheap.

Nickola Franklin-Barley

Don’t just stay in one place. Move around to discover everything Thailand has to offer. And eat as much Thai food as you can because it’s truly delicious.

Matthew Hirtes has been based in the Canary Islands since 2004. He uses it at a base to cover Spain and beyond for the likes of Condé Nast Traveller, Telegraph Travel, and The Huffington Post. Matthew's favourite cities worldwide are his metropolis of birth, London, San Francisco (keg parties on Ocean Beach), and Seville (love those free oranges).
Posted on 11 Dec 2017  |  Posted in  Travel
How I wish, maybe in another life time, imagine the sea life things you only dream of seeing.
The picture are fantastic, the information would certainly help with touring around Thailand.
  22 Dec 17 - 15:56

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