Introducing Money Guides (powered by TopCashback)

Posted on 28 Apr 2023 Posted in  Utilities, TopCashback Tips & Updates, Travel
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Introducing Money Guides (powered by TopCashback)

As we’re sure you already know, TopCashback is the UK's leading cashback site. Our goal has always been to help you save money. This usually takes the form of things like exclusive cashback rates, discount codes and special offers.

However, we’ve recently added another string to our bow. This is where our Money Guides come in.

The brand new Money Guides section of the TopCashback site is the place to go for advice and inspiration when it comes to money saving.

Each guide is packed with actionable advice to help you save money. We cover everything from budgeting advice to saving money on cinema tickets, back to school supplies and more.

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What can I expect to see?

Whether you’re looking for ways to boost your income by taking on a side hustle or want to reduce the cost of a necessary expense like your grocery shop, there are tips and tricks to learn.

For each topic we cover, whether that’s train travel or secondhand fashion, you’ll find useful advice, tips and resources all grouped together in one complete guide. We’ll be frequently revisiting all articles to make sure they’re kept up to date too.

The Money Guides cover a broad range of different areas. These include (but aren’t limited to) Income and Budgeting, Travel, Food and Drink and Sustainability.  

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What can I get out of these Money Guides?

With new Money Guides being published each month, you’re bound to discover heaps of interesting and useful information.

What’s more, all of our guides are objective and unbiased, with the key focus being helping you to save money.

None of these Money Guides are sponsored in any way, which means we don’t accept payment of any kind from brands in order for them to be featured. As a result, you can rest assured all of our recommendations are genuine. We will only ever give you tips that we think might genuinely help you save money. If we say something is great… we mean it.

We also want to hear from you. Our comments section is always open for you to let us know your thoughts. Is there a trick we’ve missed? Have you tried something we’ve suggested and had some success? Or, maybe you have some ideas for topics you’d like us to cover?

Head over to our Money Guides site now to find out how you can start saving money today.

Peter_Simmons1 August 2023, 16:18 Try clearing your cookies
Anitathellama23 July 2023, 13:06 Has someone been able to access the customer service link recently? Or the claims section?

It shows me this message.

This page isn’T redirected you too many times.
Try clearing your cookies.
Anitathellama21 July 2023, 21:22 Hello Phil

The link appears to be broken, this is what appears when I click on this.

This page isn’T redirected you too many times.
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Can you please try clearing all cookies and cache as well as close other web tabs and apps as this should help -Phil
Anitathellama20 July 2023, 16:18 I can't access the link for claims and customer service so I have had to post this here. Can someone tell me how can I log a claim?

You can lodge a missing cashback claim by visiting the customer service section of your account and by clicking on the missing cashback claim button

Best wishes
elainecll15 June 2023, 19:06 Can I claim back walk-in purchases? Here use can claim via receipt how about now?

On card instore cashback would track within seven days after activating an offer and a purchase is made.

If you are having any issues please lodge a claim via the process mentioned on the instore cashback page as our team can take a closer look

Member9661091466245 June 2023, 04:11 When will inrecive my cash back

You can see an estimated payable date on the desktop earings page by clicking the + Button on cashback.

If you need any help please submit a support ticket and our team can take a closer look

timmillea18 May 2023, 15:19 I receive enough junk mail already Head over to mse for the best tips.

You can change email settings on your account to select what emails you would like to receive from us on your profile.

If you need any help doing this please drop us a support ticket as our team can take a closer look

Best wishes
madhels17 May 2023, 18:38 Sounds very good.
Radoz16 May 2023, 20:38 Very Good
rampantlou16 May 2023, 15:54 Could be a good idea
smiff9915 May 2023, 15:57 Sounds very interesting and rewarding
DazLFC7915 May 2023, 14:09 Interesting, I think it would also be worth rewarding members for idea submissions too if they are of worth to other TCB members. That way there will be greater engagement
LeeStrong15 May 2023, 13:11 Having a look through now, thanks TCB. :)
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