Top Week £3 Cashback Bonus

Cashback Bonus

Top Week is here, and to celebrate we have an extra special cashback bonus. All you need to do is make a purchase of £5 or more, on any brand, and you’ll get the cashback from the brand plus our bonus of £3. But, you need to activate the offer.

To activate the £3 Cashback Bonus, head over to our activation page, activate the promotion and once you make your transaction the bonus will appear in your account. When your cashback is payable, your bonus will be too.

Posted on 02 Nov 2018  |  Posted in  Cashback Diary
So how long does it take for TCB to pay this £3 bonus? It's been 7 weeks since purchase now, the bonus was confirmed soon after. As it's a bonus from TCB I assume the usual story about having to wait for the merchant to stump up doesn't apply.
  24 Dec 18 - 12:34
  The bonus should track within seven days of the purchase tracking and progress at the same speed as the transaction it relates to :)

Best wishes,
Didn't work for me either. Rubbish indeed.
  09 Nov 18 - 19:00
I activated the offer and even got a message to state it was activated, I made a purchase for more than £5, but the purchase amount under earnings is displayed as zero, which does not make any sense. The correct cashback amount is displayed as pending, but the bonus is not displayed?
  06 Nov 18 - 16:21
Purchased item which was eligible (well over £5 value) on Ebay and £3 bonus was declined! Wont let me send for review s not listed.
  06 Nov 18 - 00:16
I agree it was not easy to activate the offer, I went through this blog then had to click again when another page came up. It was not as easy as it looked and I can understand why some people gave up. However I did get it to work late last night with a purchase from m&S which showed in my account very quickly, and the £3 bonus was showing in my account today. I am sad for those that missed out on the offer, perhaps TCB should look into why so many people had difficulty with it.
  05 Nov 18 - 13:54
It no work
  04 Nov 18 - 21:52
Not working for me either, even from the activation page!!!
  04 Nov 18 - 20:42
Activation button not working!
  04 Nov 18 - 20:40
Love it, all tracked and just waiting for it to be payable now well done #Topcashback #£3bonus #Thankyou
  04 Nov 18 - 14:53
Activate button does not work!!!
  03 Nov 18 - 19:46
When will the £3 be added??
  03 Nov 18 - 16:27
Topcashback you have stated above that the activation page is the link?? Is that the link to what companies I can use to get the extra cash back?? Or is it with any company that's listed on TopCashback??
  03 Nov 18 - 16:12
  The activation page is the link to the bonus. You will still need to click through as normal.

Best wishes,
Gabriela Gubala
Does it have to be 1 product for 5GBP or can be few of them for the total amount of 5gbp?
  03 Nov 18 - 11:09
Can I buy any product including food/Cosmetics, etc?
  03 Nov 18 - 10:59
Read the instructions people! "Head on over to our activation page"
Activation page is a link and the activate offer button is there :)
  03 Nov 18 - 09:28
Not working
  02 Nov 18 - 22:45
Unfortunately the link is not working at the minute, can this be fixed please?
  02 Nov 18 - 21:08
This is the 2nd so-called special offer that hasn't worked; the last one was with George at Asda - still waiting for that one to come through!
  02 Nov 18 - 20:44
  Please do get in touch if you need a hand with this bonus.

If you purchase doesn't track we will award the bonus if the claim is resolved successfully.

Best wishes,
Logged on at 19:56 activation no working
  02 Nov 18 - 19:56
Great way to get extra Cashback by claiming £3 offer.
  02 Nov 18 - 19:39
Didn't work for me either
  02 Nov 18 - 18:35
Activate button not working for me either
  02 Nov 18 - 17:19
Activate button not working for me either!
  02 Nov 18 - 17:01
When will the £3 be added?

  02 Nov 18 - 15:53
  If this has not been added in yet please do get in touch.

Best wishes,
The activate button wouldn't work to submit the offer of the £3 bonus.
  02 Nov 18 - 13:25
Love the offers like this £3 cashback bonus - well done TopCashback
  02 Nov 18 - 11:15
These extra special cashback bonuses are a great way to increase cashback earnings. Thanks.
  02 Nov 18 - 09:50

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