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This year’s Premier league season has all the ingredients to be one of the best to date with managerial changes left right and centre, transfer speculation around the biggest names changing daily, and the introduction of goal line technology are just a couple things in store for us viewers. 

With the retirement of Sir Alex from Manchester United, the return of the ‘Special One’ to Chelsea and the introduction of the ‘Engineer’ to Manchester City, it’s anyone’s’ prediction who could win the league, especially with Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool all biting at their heels to fight for that top spot.


Cardiff City will be making their first appearance in the Premier League after winning The Championship. They are joined by the ever humorous Ian Holloway and his Crystal Palace team alongside the experienced Steve Bruce’s Hull.

Last year, Wigan’s ability to win the FA Cup yet still get relegated, and the whole bottom half of the Premiership not being safe from relegation until the last several games highlighted the increase in quality we have seen in recent years. It’s this increase in quality, dramatic twists and turns, constant speculation and unpredictable results that keeps us coming back for more each week.

We are also fortunate enough to have an amazing level of coverage for the Premier League this year, from the games themselves to the post-match analysis. This is great for someone like me who has spent the last two years at University when funds are not always at their best. Despite living in close proximity to Old Trafford and the Etihad Stadium as a neutral, attending match days are few and far between. As a result, relying on watching Match of the Day and Super Sunday with my friends to get my football fix has become almost a ritual over the last two years at University.

Man City

One thing I learnt within the first week of being at University is how much opportunity there is to play and watch any sport in general, within the best social and competitive environments (not just in Football). For example my University has a choice of 45 sports clubs available to join, from Shaolin Kung Fu to Lacrosse and many more are being added all the time. The best way to get involved in one of these clubs is to visit the University fresher’s fair. Here you will find all the relevant sports societies with their own stalls. This gives you the opportunity to talk to the coaches and captains who run the teams. Maybe you have played the sport for 10 years or maybe you have only just heard of it, whatever the case the fresher’s fair is the place to go to get involved.

Joining one of these sports clubs can give you the opportunity to socialise with people at your University, as it allows you to meet people with the same interests as yourself, something you don’t always find with the people you have to live with in student halls. Throughout the year you will be given the chance to play matches and tournaments, go on evening socials and in some cases go on an end of year tour.

I’m aware that not everyone likes to play sport and there are a considerable amount of people who thrive of the enjoyment of simply being a spectator. Well rest assured, the sports clubs provide great opportunity for this as well. The Varsity Rugby match originally between Oxford and Cambridge that started in 1872 is now an event replicated across many universities who are considered rivals and is competed in many sports including Football. The varsity event is a great opportunity to support your University in the stands, in some occasions the matches are played at impressive venues, such as the Sheffield Varsity Football match being played at Hillsborough Stadium.


Events like varsity are not week in week out and usually take place towards the end of the year.

On the whole, getting involved with a sports club whilst at University is a fantastic opportunity to have a great time throughout your time of studying. Whether it be playing or watching, there will always be the chance to make great friends through sport at University so what are you waiting for?

Enjoy the Premier League 2013/14 season and good luck at University!

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