The 'estimated payable speed' of my cashback has passed but it is still not payable?

The Estimated payable speed that you are given for your cashback is only an ‘Estimated’ time for when we would hope the merchant pays the cashback. We base the Estimated payable date on various factors. This is to try and give a realistic time period for when we would expect the cashback to be paid.

We try to give members an indication of when payouts are likely to be made by including a Tracking Statistic box on each merchant’s page; this gives details of average payout speed and payout performance, plus information regarding when we last received payout to pass onto members. The Tracking Statistic box is on the right hand side of each of the merchants' pages.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the cashback will be paid on the Estimated payable speed as we do have to wait for the merchant to physically pass the funds on to the Affiliate Network, who will then pass this on to us, so that we can then award the cashback to our members.

We can appreciate that it is frustrating when a transaction passes the Estimated payable speed however, please be assured that as soon as the funds are received, this will reflect in your account.

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