Who we are

A company based on fairness

Treating people fairly is the heart of our business and our Fair Play policy. In a world where profit can seem like the only goal, we wanted to create and run a business based on different values.

Do as you would be done by

- Charles Kingsley

Since we first began, we have been aspiring to do what's right by our members.

We believe it's important to enjoy the work you do - if we are happy, only then can we expect our members to feel happy too.

Working at TopCashback

Everyone who works at TopCashback is viewed as equal and has the same opportunities to grow and develop.

We invest in our employees. There are lots of training programs that run frequently in which employees can get involved and are one of the many ways that we push our employees to become the best versions of themselves.

Lots of companies talk about valuing their employees, but we see ourselves as one big family where everyone is valued and has an important role in what we do.

That's why we are a Living Wage Employer, meaning we pay our team a meaningful wage to cover the demands of modern-day living.

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