How can I see the progress of my friend referrals?

You can see your progress by clicking on your Referrals and Links page and using the tab 'View Performance’ See Referrals Performance Page.

Once a member has clicked on your link this will show on your Referrals 'Performance’. Referred members that sign up are listed by their TopCashback username and sign up date once they start earning cashback.

Your bonus will not show on your account until they have earned £10.00 or more in eligible cash back at Payable status and both parties have authenticated their email addresses.

Your bonus will be listed as TopCashback Referral and the date of your friend’s sign up – you can use this to check which friend’s bonus has been added.

If your friend has not created a username yet, they will appear as MemberXXXX5567, perhaps ask them to create a user name via their My Profile page to help you to recognise them.

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