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The UK’s Most Generous Cashback Website We do talk about this a fair bit – but then, we feel this is something to be very proud about. In fact, we’ll say it again - at Top Cashback we are the UK’s Most Generous Cashback Website.

But what exactly do we mean by this? Well, when we launched in 2005, we were the only site to offer 100% of your cashback back to you whilst not charging any admin fees whatsoever. After all these years we still charge no admin fees for our Classic account members and only charge a small £5 per year for our Plus account members.

What is more, we are so determined to maintain our crown as the UK’s Most Generous Cashback site, we have continued to offer a better and better deal to our members whenever we can. We always ensure that we offer the best end deal to our cashback members.

Thanks to our members, we are now one of the largest cashback sites in the world. This means that we tend to get the best cashback deals from our merchants.

In fact, we are so certain of our competitiveness, we have introduced a 'Highest Cashback Guarantee'. In the unlikely event that another cashback site has managed to negotiate a higher cashback rate with any retailer, then we will refund the difference out of our own funds.

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  • Free to join
  • Get up to 5% bonus on most cashback rates
  • A wide variety of payout methods including Paypal, BACS and High Street Gift Cards with bonuses of up to 10%
  • Faster Paying Merchants
  • Highest Cashback Guaranteed
  • Over 4,770 Online Stores
  • Fair-play policy
  • Invite your friends and earn £10 for each
  • We won’t sell your email address
  • In-store cashback with selected merchants