About TopCashback Compare

What is TopCashback Compare?

TopCashback Compare is a comparison tool that allows you to compare prices for Insurance, Broadband, Mobile & Energy products from a wide range of suppliers.

What are the benefits of TopCashback Compare?

TopCashback Compare not only allows you to find a great price for your Insurance, Broadband, Mobile & Energy, but you also get cashback too. Simply head over to our TopCashback Compare page select the product you are looking for, run through a quote and wait for the price to pop up!

How long will it take for my cashback to show in my account?
Once you have made your purchase, there are a few things we will need to check like making sure your policy starts ok and you haven't cancelled so it will take on average 6 weeks (upto 8 weeks) for the cashback for your purchase to show in your account.

Will the price I pay have the cashback amount deducted?

No, you still pay the same price, but then the cashback amount will show in your account.

Does it cost anything to use TopCashback Compare?

No, nothing at all. TopCashback Compare is free to use: we don’t charge any fees.

Why is the cashback rate different on TopCashback Compare to rates elsewhere on TopCashBack?

The cashback rates you’ll find on TopCashback Compare may vary from elsewhere on the site even for the same insurer or supplier. It’s nothing to worry about, the rates you can get with TopCashBack Compare are agreed with the companies that provide Compare for us (see below). These companies have their own relationships with Insurers and, Broadband and Energy suppliers. Some of these will be the same providers you’ll see elsewhere on TopCashBack, where you may find different offers and different cashback rates.

You can decide which is the best deal for you.

What happens to my details when I get a quote?

The details you enter in the quote form will be used by the product, or service, provider to provide a quote to you. They will only pass the data needed to the merchants they deal with to get the prices for you.

If you click through to a provider from the results page, you may find that you get a separate email from them supplying the details of your quote – they are simply summarising your quote for you so that you have a record of it should you wish to purchase.

Who are Seopa, Confused.com, Decision Technologies & Moneysupermarket.com?

These are the companies that provide the TopCashback Compare services for us, they host and maintain the quote forms and return prices on behalf of their panel of providers. If you decide to continue with one of the quotes, they handle passing you information on to the insurance, energy or broadband provider you choose.

Don’t worry about your details going to them, it is all secured and handled in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

You can find more information about how we handle your data within our Privacy Policy https://www.topcashback.co.uk/privacy

You can also find our providers Privacy Policies below:-





Our providers may from time to time contact you by mail, telephone, SMS, or email to provide information that may be of interest to you, including their newsletter, special offers and details about the services they offer. They will give you an opportunity, in the first TopCashback Compare email sent to you, to choose not to receive marketing by email, before you submit your personal information.

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Did you know?

"TopCashback is expanding globally in other countries, but is still entirely UK owned. "